Shopping adventures during a pandemic


Usually I have some fun little mom and pop shopping adventure to share with you all.  I still have a couple I could share with everyone that are in my archives, before this pandemic started that is, but I thought it would be better to share with you instead what it is like shopping here two months after being locked inside.

After more then two months of being stuck inside our home, doing pick up orders, or at home deliveries, we started going out in the city to get prepared for the Fall. Now, you may think I worry about the Pandemic but that isn’t all that worries me about this Fall. For a couple years now I have been warning my family that the closer we get to our presidential election here in our country the worse things will get. Everyone around the world has been watching this hate play out from the very beginning. I fear for this Fall because each month that passes we are hit with more hate, and none of us are safe from it once we step out of our own environments.

This is no longer just a dislike or hate for our newly elective president, no, this is something much more sinister. Just my opinion, I am usually never one to get involved with politics, always for the people and their freedoms…we are all God’s children after all. Every sex, race, religion, we are all God’s children. What I am seeing unfold out in the world is like some evil movie, so sinister and disheartening. This is playing out world wide too, not just in the country I call home. It is like a war game now. Because of this new world we are living in at the moment, we are no longer really shopping for pleasure like we did in the past. I do hope to get back to my fun mom and pop store visits for you all soon. Sadly I do not know what the future has in store for us all.

After our lock down, the first place we went shopping to was a grocery store on the way to Our Little Red House. It was the day before the official opening up in our state after two months.

The grocery stores were always opened, even during the lock down but we stayed inside for two months to wait things out. This virus is sticking with us and we have to get used to outsmarting it the best we can. We still need to get out and live, We still need to make and keep money flowing so people can put food on the table. We just have to be extra careful and smart about how we go about that now.

It was strange walking into a store after not being in one for so long. I was distracted by all the arrows. No one was following the arrows and everyone was polite about it, being patient with each other, still keeping our distance. The majority of people wore masks but there were some that didn’t. Depending what store you were in, some stores only allow you in of you are wearing a mask.


Sadly we did not get to go shopping to some of the smaller mom and pop businesses that I wanted to visit because they were still closed.


Like this antique store up north on the way to Our Little Red House.


They had the cutest items out on their front porch like this carved bear.


And lots of farmhouse decor.


Then we stopped off at the Lavender farm to check in with them.


I have been to this farm before so I can do a post later on what it is like when opened but this day sadly they were closed. I enjoy shopping outdoors now more then ever, feel safer I guess.


The lavender farm has the best view from their back yard…this. Can you imagine waking up to that view from your back window every morning. I bet they see tons of deer and elk out there too, maybe even an occasional bear or two.


I got a chance to stop off at a small thrift store and picked up a giant coffee mug that I left up north at Our Little Red House, some craft supplies for a project I was working on back in the city and a planter. I was happy to see that others were headed to this shop as soon as it opened. I was one of the first ones in because I just happened to be in the area when they opened their doors. I get up super early to shop to avoid crowds.

We also went dollar day shopping at a Goodwill here in the city. I need to start preparing for Winter .


We bought sweaters, pants and long sleeve t’shirts . I can’t believe all the clothes I was able to find that were the color sticker for the day. .99 cents for designer jeans, sweaters, and long sleeved shirts. I was shocked to see everything I needed was the color sale tag for the day.


There were hardly any people out in the store. Everyone stayed far away from each other. Most wore masks and stayed in their x’s at the register when checking out.


I also noticed all registers had plexiglass added since the lock downs. This was not really a shopping trip to buy things like the little nick knacks I always enjoy buying, it was about clothes for the family and the Fall/Winter months coming up. If we have to leave the city and head up north to Our Little Red House the closer we get to our election then warm clothes will be necessary. I am hoping the chaos dies down some. It is always better to be prepared though.

My two grown kids had not been out in the city for 90 days and they were getting a little upset I could tell. My son just found out he is in the top 5% at his college and all he wanted to celebrate was a pizza from his favorite pizza place. So we spent an early morning shopping while wearing masks, spraying down with alcohol in between stores, and sanitizing with hand gel. All items we bought were tossed in the back of the truck to sit in the UV rays. The pizza was brought home to be broiled for extra precautions.


It was strange going into some of these stores in the city. You can tell everything has been locked down and shut up since March. It is still Spring in these stores. It like the twilight zone walking into these stores.


Everything was on sale to hopefully get ready for new merchandise but with how the Red Monster is around the world who even knows what factories are still in production and what new products we will see in the future.


I have been noticing that some people are asking where certain items are being made now and not buying from certain places. The mom and pops are starting to trend now but then the riots started and it was the mom and pops that were mostly targeted and burned down…hmmm. There is peaceful protesting and then there is planned rioting. Wonder why the small shops were the ones hit the hardest, seems like something may be up with that.


The mom and pop stores I wanted to go to, that were in the main part of the city were boarded up and closed because of rioters that night and the night before. The Mall my kids love shopping at in Scottsdale which isn’t too far away was also closed down and boarded up and not because of the Red Monster, no, remember we were officially opened in our state. They were closed because rioters had violently broken windows and trashed the place while stealing items. We went out early the next day to shop, to support who we could, the economy, the employees who need those jobs etc…but sadly the little shops were closed because of the theft and damage from the night before.

We now not only had the Red Monster to fear but also violence. It was very peaceful during the day and again, everyone was very polite and careful to keep distance from one another. I noticed a lot of mother’s and daughters shopping together.

When we got home we found out they declared a state of emergency for our state and also a curfew was set in place beginning at 8 pm. That night we all prayed for peace. My cousin who has a husband who is in the fire department and is in the middle of it all, was very worried for her husband that night of our first curfew.

The next morning we watched the news from the night before where officers and peaceful protesters were shaking hands and getting along. There were no fires, no violence and after two nights of peaceful protest and riots, there were finally no arrest. Our prayers were answered, at least here in the city I grew up in.

We will be out there shopping again, safely that is. Not my kids though, the less the better, but we will take them out early if they want to shop for something every now and then. To be caged up for too long especially when young is a terrible tragedy. I wonder how they will look back on these days when they are older and share these stories with others.

So shop early to avoid crowds, wear masks, gloves and glasses. And after you shop, disinfect everything, change clothes, and wash up. The new normal I guess. Here in Arizona we have heat warnings with temps as high as 110 degrees and the other day our Red monster numbers were the highest they have ever been. The Red Monster is still killing people and people are still getting sick and now we have riots. In all the years I have been alive, I have never known or seen a virus work like this. To not slow down in the summer months, to last so long…this is not playing out like a normal virus. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that.

I will continue to pray that time weakens it and the gifted ones out there that are working to find the tools to take this beast down are able to find that weapon before the monster’s alley’s with their greed beat them to it.

Stay safe out there everyone. Shop wisely, and be careful. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Copyright 2020 Our Little Red House © Do Not Use Photos Without Written Consent From the Author.



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  1. Child Of God says:

    Thank you, great post.

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you.


  2. simplywendi says:

    thank you for sharing……….the mom and pop stores are really hurting in our area so showing them some love is really important. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true, i hope things start turning around and they get more business soon and can make it through these times.

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  3. Have you looked to see where the numbers of the dying are from? Because here in PA almost 70 percent of those who died were in nursing homes. 70 percent. That means that the majority of us are not in danger of dying from it. It’s a good thing to remember. We don’t wash down any of our groceries anymore and have been told that it’s very rare to get it that way anyhow. It’s more from metal things (subways, etc.) and that it’s more rare to be infected outside. It’s if you are stuck in small rooms with people. We have eaten out and not recooked the food because that’s another pretty rare way to get it unless someone sneezes right on your food and you eat it within seconds. But I guess it is possible! We haven’t ordered out very much, though, since we aren’t totally sure.

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    1. HIPPA is federal law, just to explain.

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      1. Whoops, like I just wrote, I am usually not one to follow political laws or much of anything else but I have come across some stories out there that are pointing to a lot of lies. I just tell everyone to be careful. I know it is scary but it better to be informed.


      2. I forgot to add, did you get a chance to watch the clips I sent?. I will go ahead and delete if you have. Have fun out there in that garden with your kids, we are going into our sun days so our garden is very sad right now, can’t wait to see new photos from yours.

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      3. Yes. Thanks for the clips

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh, be careful, it is scary stuff to take in, but anymore who even knows what is the truth and what isn’t. I just want things to get back to as normal as possible. I love seeing photos of people out and about just being happy and living their lives. That is the most important thing, to live each day and enjoy that day too.

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  4. I can’t how big that store is that you are shopping at! It looks massive.

    I think we all need to start preparing for fall and winter. Our world has become a scary place and I can’t see an end in sight. I’m pretty happy staying out here on our little farm and just making a quick weekly trip to pick up groceries, medicine or other necessary items. But I worry for all of our families and a lot of friends that live in the cities.

    Stay safe!

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    1. Thank you Robin and I will try to stay as safe as possible. Sometimes even during the daylight hours here in the city I can feel the tension out there when out in it. Our city gets mean during the summer. Domestic violence and child abuse cases go up and there are road rage incidents all over the place. The heat does that to people. Throw in stress from being locked up, worry about pandemics and now this separation in our country and it is a bomb waiting to go off.
      We have had people offer to purchase Our Little Red House up north and we just got some more interest in it last week. It was meant for another flip, we have fixed up some homes doing this but we decided to hold onto it when I started noticing changes in our world. It is good to have a place to escape to. The funny thing about Our Little Red House is that my car died and instead of buying a new car to replace it we became a one vehicle family and instead bought Our Little Red House which was just a little over what a new truck would have cost. I am glad we did that. You stay safe too, it is getting weird out there.
      Oh, and that store where my daughter wanted to shop for a rug is gigantic. I think it is the size of a football field, I really do. It just keeps going and it is filled with tons of home decor. Usually around this time they start putting Fall and Halloween items out. I knew it would be the perfect store here in the city to go to when in a pandemic because of all the space. I took more photos but only shared a few. We also went right when they opened so there was barely anyone around except the employees up front.
      At Christmas time they have trees everywhere, it is like walking around in a Winter Wonderland with isle after isle of ornaments and holiday decor. Anything and everything you can think of to decorate you homes. A lot of wedding planners go there.


      1. Good idea to hold on to the Little Red House. At least for now.

        I’m envious of your gigantic store. 😅

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      2. I don’t know how they keep that thing cold, their electric bill must be super high. Even Walmart during the summer is humid and hot here.


  5. Binte Bashir says:

    It’s always so nice to read your posts. Loved the lavender farm. It might be a very nice and different experience to shop and stay at places like these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, yes, it is so nice at the Lavender farm and it is beautiful up in the woods.

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  6. Sad about the little shops getting hit hardest.
    You and yours keep safe xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that hurts my heart too. Hopefully things will start turning around for them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t like just how big the big corporations are now – they’re global! On an equal footing with governments. And the little businesses lose out. Now with the Corona Madness it’s really too much of a burden…


      2. So true, it is scary how fast it happened too. Things are changing though, a little at a time, as long as we keep supporting one another, looking out and being kind to each other, we will make it through anything. Those little shops are what built the world and actually do less harm in the big picture of things. Thank God, the majority of the people out there in the world know this to be the truth…for now that is but the big corps. are getting to our young. Lots of brainwashing going on and that is why I encourage more one on one time with our little ones, sharing our stories from the past and teaching them our traditions as well. More people are starting to do this too, it’s so just hard to see that now with what is on screen all the time but there are good people out in the world. Stay safe out there.

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      3. Yes, the enormous growth of those big corporations happened over a short time span really – Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. Also, look at China’s growth in the last 15 years! Everyone around the world relies on them because their parts and electrical goods etc are cheap. The communist gov. treats their people so poorly (I feel for those in Hong Kong).

        Yes, the foundations of our societies are built from those little businesses. Same here in the UK. We just have a handful of such businesses locally now. Everything is a ‘chain’ now. I wish I could support small businesses more but having to watch the pennies as I am too ill to work any more and being physically disabled I do admit I use Amazon for most things.

        Yes, I believe the common person knows this truth too and that the young are being brainwashed by the media into living a certain way.

        I like how crafting has come back in a big way. This is something I thank my Mum for, she always encouraged our creativity. I’m glad to hear you encourage/teach the young where you are about your way of life…to stay true to your roots.

        I think kindness is underrated, it’s such an important thing.

        It’s lovely meeting you 🙂
        Wishing you and yours all the best + stay safe too xo

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      4. Always nice to see someone else feels the same way we do in our home here. I also shop at the big chain stores when I can not find what I need, it was made that way of course , what can we do really but try our best to support local when we can, and you are absolutely right about what is happening to our young. It is nice to see that creativity is coming back, I like that. More children need to get off those screens and give their little souls a break from all that information online, such twisted lies and half truths, no wonder some of our young struggle with connecting with others. Yeah, I feel bad for what is happening in Hong Kong too. I used to have a follower that was from Hong Kong, Edmark Law, and I don’t think he posts anymore. Every now and then I check to see if he has a post but I haven’t in awhile, I will have to check, he was a really nice man and always had the best posts on all kinds of scientific posts and facts. I do hope and pray that things start changing around the world for the better. Everyone need to take a good long look at each other and realize we are all the same human being and we should treat each other with kindness.

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  7. ImprintNext says:

    Yes, it is usual to shop grocery for 1st

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Food is always at the top of the list, it is nice going out for fun things to see every once and awhile.


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