There are so many signs all around us.

This old sign used to hang at the Burro motel, opened since 1949. They used to rent burros to gold miners. You can still find old postcards on Ebay from this old motel from Arizona history.

” A good laugh is sunshine in the home. ”

William Thackeray

When I am out shopping at all those little Arizona shops I always run across so many signs. Thought it would be a fun post to share with you all some of what I have seen over the years. I haven’t been out shopping for entertainment since the Red Monster came out into our world. These are all photos in my archives from past trips to those little shops around my home state. With the way things have been happening so fast with movies and books being altered and removed I believe some of these signs may well be on the list as well if things keep going the way they are. It is like we are all afraid to laugh, to have humor or to have deep conversations about those subjects that we used to be able to speak about freely. We are starting to be afraid of our freedom of speech in our country.

Antique shopping in Arizona is something my family and I do every July. We head up north where the temps are cooler during our hot summer months in the city.

Anyway, I hope none of these signs and little bits of history from these past years of me out shopping offend anyone. Just me laughing at the silliness of signs all around in our environments. Signs tell a little bit about our past and future. I have chosen to leave out the metal signs that have anything to do with weapons. Here in Arizona, we even have those types of signs.

I guess what I am trying to write here is that, I am sharing a little bit of history here in a way and that is it. It is just recording something that at one time existed and very well may be still hanging up where I took these photos. Most of these signs were for sale, maybe some were even purchased. This is my trigger warning, there may be some signs that might upset you…so skip this post. I just don’t know anymore with what is or isn’t offensive. Hope you have fun with this shopping trip from the past. I will be very happy when I feel comfortable enough to go shopping for entertainment again, I am still too afraid right now to do that.


This sign for some reason reminds me of an uncle I had as a child. He has since passed on but he had many girlfriends and wives over the years in his younger days. This would have been a perfect sign for him.


I almost bought this sign for a friend of mine. She had the prettiest horse around and she was always working with them.


I want a baby pig. They are so cute.


I think this could be said of all fishermen. How many times have we all heard about those giant fish that got away.


A whole wall of these would look so cool in a child’s room, or even a nursery. I like to decorate in unusual ways.


Not an actual sign but a really cool image of one that someone painted on a wall. Don’t you just love murals.


Okay, this may trigger some of you and again, it was one of those photos I questioned whether or not to share ,even though I think it is so funny. Hey, it made me laugh when I was walking outside this shop window.Not technically a sign but hanging up outside a shop window I had to get a photo. I have cousins who hate our president and I mean with a passion and several others who love him. This is just our country right now. So sad too, it used to be everyone got along and could talk about politics but now it seems like we are hanging by a thread with a civil war. I pray this never happen. Most people are good hearted and they want what everyone else wants in life…a peaceful, healthy and happy life.There are many people in the middle some where, only wanting the things that keep their lives as comfortable as possible. A good education for their children, food on the table and if sick then health care to heal them.That is all I will say about this very touchy subject.Again, we are loosing our sense of humor and we are loosing our courage to speak as well.I have chosen to share this photo, it can be enjoyed by both sides I believe. This would be the perfect gift for the holidays for that reason alone… for humor only please. What you all do with your gifted socks is up to you. And that is why this would be the perfect gift to break some tension during the holidays with family.


This can also be a sign that both sides can enjoy. Lots of broken families out there. Lots of scapegoats and Golden children situations. Whether you have a loving mom or not, everyone knows, that if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.


Some humor for what my Nana used to call the change or just a summer in Phoenix.


And since we are on the subject of Nana…


Another sign I almost didn’t share. So afraid to offend now days. This is actually kind of cute for those wiener dog owners out there. I used to have a couple friends who owned wiener dogs.


We do need more humor in our lives. I rather see a sign like this at a business then those  scary pandemic signs that are everywhere now. So many steps now to shopping.


A fun place to eat yummy bar-b sandwiches. I am not getting anything for sharing this giant mural and sign outside a restaurant, it really is good food.


They had all kinds of signs in here.


Having all these signs to read makes it a fun place to eat.


A couple here I liked. The hippies and rattlesnake sign.


That’s it. Do you guys ever come across interesting sign when out in the world? I would love to hear about some of your favorites that you have come across. Happy shopping adventures everyone. Stay safe out there.


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  1. The signs are hilarious!
    I saw myself in “I’m still hot, it just comes in flashes”
    Love it 🙂 !!

    Oh my, you have so many lovely second hand shops!
    I think I’d still go broke when I go through all of it 😉

    Hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to read your next post 🙂
    Big hug

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    1. So fun shopping at those shops. I do have to be careful too. I could do a whole post on the things I didn’t buy but wished I did as soon as I got home. Oh, just got your newsletter…also enjoy reading your families story and every time I see a photo of Emmy I miss her too. Even though I never met in person, Emmy had a very beautiful way of connecting with us all. Big Hugs back from all of us here in Arizona.

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      1. Oh my, what a blast you and I would have “plowing” through those shops together 😉 Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and hugs right back from the cool and rainy east coast 🙂

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      2. I miss the rain, we need some here desperately. We also need cooler temps. I am so looking forward to the Fall.

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  2. hahahaha I love it. Thanks for the laughs this morning!

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    1. Your welcome Margaret, hope all is well and you are having great Sunday too. We all need more laughs.

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  3. Your sign finds are hilarious! I love living vicariously through your thrifty shopping trips. ❤

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    1. My kids were asking the other day of we were still going to do our yearly antiquing day trip up north in July like we always do but the news here in our state is freaking me out. The numbers keep climbing up and people are still being careless. I told them we will see, I have to feel better about it and right now it is kind of scary out there. Plus, and I am not sure why this is happening but since the riots started we have been hearing fireworks in our city every night now. Sometimes they drive around and set them off in front of homes. They did this in front of our house the other night. I think they just throw them out their cars as they drive by but it is loud and does keep the dogs barking all night.


      1. Cities scare me now. I left the city 20 years ago and although I traveled with Al while he worked around the country, we always stayed in small towns. I loved thrift store shopping in those small towns, especially in South Carolina and Florida. We retired 4 years ago to a 15 acre plot in farmland. After this last few months, I dread going to town for Dr appointments and grocery pickup. We’re having local events already being canceled into late August, so who knows how much longer we’ll have to deal with this.

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      2. Singing to the choir. 😦 Glad to hear they are in a Christian university where there is less propaganda.

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      3. So scary what is happening in some of the universities out there. We are learning every day to the reasons behind that too…frightening.


      4. The PC brigade has gone too far…

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      5. Oh yeah, I totally agree. It is getting scary here in our country in some states with riots but they call them protest. So sad for the people who really do peaceful protest and everyone has the right to do that. These are mobs though that like to burn buildings and throw hard things at others and some people are even physically harming others…scary stuff.

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      6. 😦 I’m sorry you’re experiencing this…

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      7. It is mostly on television. Best to turn off the propaganda and hate they are pushing right now on all our screens. Here in Phoenix every summer the people who live her do get a bit cranky from the heat. We always experience some sort of hate related summer chaos every year here in Phoenix so that isn’t new. More road rages, domestic violence, child abuse goes up, all during our summer months. Of course our media here will just blame it on political tensions, which does contribute some but it’s mostly a regular old summer time in Phoenix. This is why my husband and I always told his family visiting from England or Italy to skip our summer months because it is not only too hot, the people get mean. Lots of twisting of things and lies being passed around right now to fit different agendas out there. I do fear the closer we get to our election the worse things will get. What I am seeing from the blue states is telling me that someone wants a civil war in this country. I will pray this doesn’t happen. So many good people out there in the world that this will hurt if it happens. When there is pain, suffering and chaos anywhere in the world it has a ripple affect that creates heartache everywhere on this planet.

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      8. whoops meant lies not lives…dyslexia thing.


      9. So you believe governments round the world are trying to divide us ordinary people up? Killing morale/psychologically is a real thing, definitely.

        I am near the edge but because of my physical health the only thing keeping me together is STILL SEEING THE BEAUTY in most things. I never followed the crowd and therefore labelled ‘odd’ 😀

        This situation with China, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran and Russia isn’t good.

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      10. It is strange how it all seems to be playing out the same way in just about every country, at least this is how we are seeing it on our news stations. Anymore who knows what is really happening unless we are there in person to see it. I never followed the trendy people and things either. I am more at peace with a small circle of friends and family and doing my own thing. I will always look for the beauty in every situation, it is better to live that way.

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      11. That is strange re. all the countries at it – the PC nonsense and even threat of communism? (I don’t know about that but that’s been going on in my country’s parties, Labour, which is traditionally a working man’s party – weird). The Jews are being picked on again.

        I prefer a smaller circle too.


      12. It hurt the whole nation who had accepted Prince Harry’s wife – then he quickly turned round and branded us all racists. Like where is that coming from? The royal family IS OUTDATED, he’s no better than someone scrounging off benefits when they’re well enough to work!

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      13. I have been keeping up a little with the Harry drama and it is so shocking to me. Him and his brother and family seemed so close at one time. Another family split over political and trending hate. Again, I am not there, so I don’t know anymore where the truths are. Think the whole world needs to sit down and have a heart to heart then hug it all out. When we communicate with each other better, then peace wins.

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      14. I get the feeling his wife is being spiteful, look at all that stuff against her own father who paid her expensive college fees and raised her alone? I was watching a video with her and her baby and the baby wants away, doesn’t hold eye contact. At the beginning everyone was welcoming to her and lots of young people went to see her. The Queen brought in a famous black reverend (sorry don’t know his name) at their wedding, they were accommodating. The brothers splitting up is strange, but I get the feeling Harry isn’t that bright and they are like children in adults bodies because of how they’re extremely sheltered from real life. I think Harry just wants to have a go at his family – I believe they had Di killed too.

        The different nations are competing for top-dog power. So we ordinary people live the life they dictate.

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      15. There are young people out there that are not set up to be unselfish when raising their young. Lots of narcissism going around right now because of technology and all those selfies and YouTube stars. It is hard keeping up with that kind of pressure for sure. Young kids now are growing up in a really cold, no empathy and me, me, me type of world. Not all of them though. The ones that have a good family structure, with good mentors in their lives that are taught empathy at a young age are the exceptions. Sadly most people who make their livings in front of cameras are mostly about themselves, again there are exceptions to every situation. Megan makes her living and most of her money in front of a camera, very good at telling a story through the way she talks, her body language and through her expressionist eyes that draw you in. That is her art after all. I don’t know about her family though. Most broken people were raised by broken people. Something was up with Diana, I thought she was a very gentle soul. She died too young. Now look at Prince Andrew and that mess. So much happens behind close doors.

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      16. I agree with you it’s generally a very narcissistic generation and to think they blame the ‘Boomers’!
        Prince Andrew was never much loved here because of his reckless spending unlike our lovely Queen who is more considerate – she takes the train instead of private planes. Charles seems nicer. But they’re not exactly raising their children themselves with their other interests and nannys. What he’s done taking part in raping girls is disgusting – his arrogance can’t see that the public can read his lies.

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      17. I always loved watching documentaries on the Queen. There was one about her garden and the honey she gets from her bees that she gifts people with. As a little girl she loved the surrounding woods and garden she always explored. She would see little deer and bunnies. She seems down to earth to me. I know there are a lot of people who may not like her but I think that may be because she is a Queen after all and there are lots of bitter faux princesses out there in the world. I don’t know the whole story with how it all works but I loved the idea of fairy tales and prince charming. I loved watching both Prince William and Prince Harry getting married and all that which led up to it. Kate is beautiful and she seems so sweet with her babies, very down to earth too. Megan is also really pretty but it is the beauty inside people that shines the most and from watching Kate, she glows with inside beauty. Diane also had that inside beauty. I hope their family heals and comes together, never good when ugliness takes over a family and breaks them apart.

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      18. I’d like to see the documentaries about the Queen, I also respected her parents. They were brave and actually stayed in London during the bombings in WW2.

        I love ‘Bambis’, I think my Twiglet looks like one. Bunnies too of course 🙂

        Yes, Megan is quite lovely looking but it is the inside beauty that counts. The media are now having a go at Kate – I don’t see why because her and William are doing their job well it seems. They’re criticising her ‘ambition’. The press are quite ugly here. They enjoy pulling famous people down.

        I loved Diana. She was both brave (highlighting the landmines) and silly (running around with different men and calling up the media to take their photographs). I liked her elegance and kind heart. xo

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      19. She was a sweet soul and always seemed kind. I believe she was but also could have her moments. Maybe she was only mean to the ones who were cruel. We all need to stand up for ourselves from time to time. The press is wicked here too. They love spreading gossip and hate it seems.

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      20. PS. I’m listening to Buddy Holly, such sweet music. Shame him and Eddie Cochrane died so young.

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      21. Oh I know, I will never get into a small airplane because of all those musicians who have died. Patsy Cline was really sad too.

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      22. Imagine how music might have been different today had those musicians lived on a natural life… 🌈 🎸 🎹 🎻 🎶 🎵

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      23. I know, that is so true.

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      24. Thanks for the interesting discussion my friend xo

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      25. Kindness and beauty are the antidote and brave people speaking up and supporting one another xo

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  4. Chandra Lynn says:

    These are great! I love humorous and weird signs too. I have a bunch buried in the photos on my hard drive. I always forget to share them.

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    1. It’s fun going around and seeing all the different signs out there in the world.

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  5. It’s dangerous losing the freedom of speech, leaves a vacuum for bad governments. Like it’s dangerous eradicating the parts of history that aren’t pretty (things erased thus therefore forgotten and likely to be repeated). These people need to realise that, unfortunately, us humans aren’t always pretty – we have our shadow sides. That is a part of maturity, to understand that. Then we can draw a line in the sand and go forwards, making things better. Pretending these things don’t exist doesn’t make lives better. Also, what’s happening to choice, to be able to laugh at something?! To have a different opinion? Isn’t that what makes us us, and makes us interesting?

    Baby 🐖 pigs are cute and the Trump socks made me laugh. Xo

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    1. So true. The world is calmer when we all get to be us. I will never be about violence of course but just having a conversation to agree or disagree but still love on another is such a beautiful thing. Hopefully we will eventually get back to that. The Trump socks made me laugh too. We all need to laugh more.

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  6. This is really strange Cheri, I cannot see my controversial?! comment I just posted on this post to you… 😮

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    1. Sometimes that happens. I do not know what that is about. I am no good at this technical world. I usually check back in a few hours or the next day and everything is fine.

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      1. Do you have a spam folder?


      2. I see, if it doesn’t turn up I can email you with it if you’re interested. It’s discussing things along the freedom of speech and the crazy things going on 🙂 xo


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