July UPdates and favorite bloggers this month.

Just about finished with my sewing corner for my daughter, can’t wait to share what we were able to design using items we already had in our home during our lock down. This is one of my little bears I believe I have shared with you all before The sweater vest it is wearing I made from an old sweater my daughter outgrew  when she was a little girl. Nothing gets wasted in our home.

“Hate has 4 letters but so does Love. Enemies has 7 letters but so does  Friends. Lying has 5 letters but so does Truth. Hurt has 4 letters but so does Heal.”

Alright, a promise is a promise.I did write that this month’s updates I would try to make it all positive. Lets see if I can accomplish this. There were some freaky and terrible things that happened in my life this month but all in all it was a pretty good month for a 2020 month.

My mother-in-law has not made any new visits to the ER for panic attacks. She would explain to my husband that she reacted the way she did with the anxiety attacks because all the people were wearing masks everywhere. It was her moment that she finally realized she was living in a pandemic. She is better now and even asked for some search a words since she finished all of the ones we bought her for Christmas. This is actually a good thing, she is getting back into a rhythm of her normal every day structure.

The fireworks stopped. We are back to getting a good nights rest. That was a little bit too much, starting at midnight and ending at 4 am. Poor cats were not enjoying that either. No fireworks for three weeks now and when one starts up the helicopters and sirens start and then they stop a few minutes later. So happy to sleep through the night now. Another positive. If it would have kept up we would have packed up and headed up north to the country where it is so quite the only thing you can hear are the elk.

My cousin is better too. She no longer has smell or taste but each day her sense of smell is starting to come back. Everyone in her family that caught the Red Monster did not go to the hospital, they had mild cases and were able to get through the fevers and aches.She was part of my prayer list last month where I asked you all to send prayers and well wishes her way for a safe and quick recovery. Thank you to everyone who did that and especially to God for answering that prayer.

Also Willow Creek Farms seems to be doing better this month. She was also on the prayer list last month. Think it is important to acknowledge  and be thankful for the prayers that do get answered. I didn’t read anything about sick animals for July like I did in June and her little boy seems to be doing so much better. He is at home recovering from his last surgery. He  only has one more to go next month. Although I am still confused with why this is all happening but I am not a doctor. They speak another language those medical people. Mr. Smile’s is getting better, that is happy news to me, poor little guy. Please continue keeping this family and their little boy Mr. Smiles in your prayers and well wishes. Thank you God and to the medical professionals for helping this little man.

My favorite homesteading YouTube family the Hollar’s(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDteqcogk74 )finally have a flushing toilet. The wife is pregnant and she just had the biggest grin on her face when her husband got their toilet installed. That is a big deal. I remember when we didn’t have a working bathroom at Our Little Red House when we were repairing it and fixing it up that first year. Our neighbor’s next door went on vacation and left their house unlocked so we could have a bathroom while they were away. I understand the joy the Holler’s have with that toilet, one of the best inventions around. So funny, some toilet humor and awkwardness for you all there.

I finally finished painting my Arizona room floor green. It’s a concrete floor .


The room was added on by the original owners. Our home here in the city was built back in the 1950’s. We use this room for extra storage, exercise equipment like my husband’s rowing machine and my old bike that we call the coat rack now.

Was able to find a new and larger pot for my fern. It is still struggling but hanging in there.

It is such a nice feeling when projects get finished and things are organized. When every little item has a home it makes cleaning up so easy.


I also spent time organizing some of my craft supplies that were given to me years ago when a little mom and pop hobby business closed.

This old china cabinet was purchased for under $20. I painted it all white and use it for storage. A lot cheaper then a small plastic storage organizer. The large plastic containers used to be filled with animal cookies. Keep those empty food containers, they are great for organizing.

Because I volunteer a lot with teaching kids arts and crafts, everyone usually heads to me with left over bags of arts and crafts supplies they no longer want. Being inside during this pandemic has given me the opportunity to finish that HUGE goal of mine of organizing those piles of donated supplies. There are some things that I have bought as well, they are not all donations. I have contributed to the hoard as well.


I didn’t realize how much I had. I needed a better system to start working on craft kits to sell. So many steps to designing and writing up instructions and just figuring that whole process out. I don’t even now where to begin. Doesn’t help that I decided to try to get something going in the middle of one of the worse years ever in my history of years. But this is me once again trying to turn a negative into a positive. Trying to put out some happy creative things to counteract boredom and too much screen time. Teaching and sharing those things that make me happy, might make someone else happy too. I also believe kids need more art in their lives. Hopefully I will be able to get something going.

I was especially shocked by the pile of beads I had. It was fun organizing those though. So glad I cleaned and kept all those empty glass jars of food we had over the year. Even little spice jars once emptied and cleaned are perfect for storing tiny supplies.


It was a giant mess that I had put off for years. Don’t throw away those empty containers, they make great storage containers for all us crafters and artists.


Now that everything is out in the open, it is  easy for me to see all the colors I have. I can  create beaded projects now without the frustrations of trying to find all my supplies. I made these aloe flower stalk crosses for my cousin in Oklahoma. Hope they got to you MarDean. Anyway, they are so easy to make. They are made from the flower blooms of an Aloe Vera plant here in my garden. Known to Native Americans as the wand of heaven I thought it would make perfect little crosses.


We visited a book store this month That’s a big deal in our home. I haven’t been to a new book store in over a year. I love bookstores.I forgot my camera otherwise I would have shared it with you all. So many nice books to look at. I love the used book stores we visit but nothing beats a brand new book that you read for the first time and then add to your library. Books are the best gifts to me. Next time we visit I will make sure to take photos and share that shopping experience with you all. No thrift store visits this month. Our state is in the red zone so I am still a little creeped out when going out. Although I fear some really ugly manipulating lies and twisted truths are going on in battle states right now. To keep us down.  But I will leave that out. Careful with my conspiracy rants that are keeping my whole family entertained at the moment.

We did our Christmas in July party. I bought everyone fun miniature toys and favorite candy treats. Our gifts were books from that book store visit.

Another home made wreath from pine cones I collected from a tree next to Our Little Red House. I needle felted little wool balls and added one of my aspen tree twig gnomes.

Took a trip to check on Our Little Red House (will post in more detail later).


Since the fire it was hard to get up there. The fire thank God did not reach the town or that beautiful forest in it’s surrounding area. The town sits in a valley surrounded by forest and high desert.

The  fire did destroy a lot but I am already seeing new growth sprout up. It will be back to normal again. Very strange walking around a black and burnt out desert. Some really unusual photo shots to be taken here. Unfortunately I did not stay long. It was an extreme heat day when I took this shot. Also I was not sure I was even allowed to explore here in the middle of no where with nothing around for miles just highway. It was so surreal walking around a dead desert. This was a first for me and I hope to also be a last. Never have I walked in a burned out and destroyed desert. I have only walked in deserts  filled with color and life.

Right now the whole forest is closed so unless you own property up there you are not even allowed in.There was a Sheriff guarding the road closure when we drove up. He let us pass since we had a place there.


With no rain in that area for more then 100 days they are protecting the forest .

Plenty of clouds come in throughout the day but it is so hot there is no rain, just some rain around the lake areas up high on the rim.

We had one day to work on some Winter repairs. Will have to go back to finish when we have more time.


When we drove back to the city we heard on the news that there was a train derailment and explosion in the route we normally take. Thank god we were able to skip the traffic and poisonous smoke when that happened.

A large line of black smoke in the distance in the sky. The radio announced the news about the train derailment so we were able to go a different way home to avoid driving into a mess.

The bridge has been up and outlasted newer bridges since 1912. It was just checked July 9 and is inspected every 30 days. It’s strange that this happened but it is 2020 after all. This is a well made bridge. What happened shocked the whole city. I remember this morning my husband wanting to leave early from OLRH but I told him to wait a bit longer to rest some more. He was up at 3 am, the drive back takes three hours but it takes an hour to pack. We figured if we would have left when he originally wanted to it would have put us there when the train accident happened. The bridge is in our normal route back to our home in the city.  Leaving later kept us away from the accident when it happened. Another guardian angel moment to be thankful to God for.

Driving back to the city even far away we could see a large line of smoke way in the sky from that area. The best news of all and the most shocking was that no one was injured. A woman riding her bike under the bridge barely escaped the explosion. This is a beautiful bridge that many cyclist ride under. During the holidays there are lights all around it. My husband and I used to have dates where we went bike riding together under the bridge area when we were teens. God was looking out for a whole lot of people that day. The incident is under investigation now. This is the biggest and most positive  from this month, the fact that no one was hurt in this accident. Watch the footage below, it is like something out of a movie.


Prayers go out to a group of doctors that have decided to take a stand in this country. When I watched a sloppy and blurry clip of a group of doctors trying to get their real life stories out with a screaming person in the back ground trying to speak over what they all had to say, it was all so surreal.

It was like being in a nightmare at first but so uplifting and encouraging what they all had to say. If you are able to get that clip up consider yourselves lucky because I heard all the big tech and media are pulling it down. Watching these doctors speak will fill your soul with encouragement.

Our country is in a battle but there are GOOD people out there fighting for us all to get back to our lives and no longer live in fear from sinister manipulating lies. This is just my opinion, still have the freedom to have that now.

If I were standing in front of all those brave doctors, who have started coming together from all around our country, I would jump up there and give them all hugs, even in a pandemic. I would especially give a big hug to the doctor from Alabama that couldn’t even finish with his message because he was choking up with tears all because they are turning the Red Monster into a political and greedy nightmare here in the USA. Not his words, this doctor struggled with his words because his pain runs so deep. A humble and caring healer and this new environment that is not necessary is breaking his heart.

I would give the Nigerian doctor a huge hug too. What a beautiful angel she is. Her beauty shines brightly from inside her, you can even see that beauty on a giant screen when you look in her eyes. All of them would get a hug from me, and I am not really a big hugger also I am deadly afraid of doctors so that is a big deal for me. Who’s to blame me though, especially in this country I call home and love. Lots of wicked things have and are happening in our big medical world here. There are good doctors out there, we need to pray they stay safe and are able to save many lives.

So my prayers and well wishes this month are for this group. That angels surround them, that they are protected in their courage and helped in the battle that they are standing up to. Something wicked and sinister is trying to hurt this country, THANK YOU, HUGE THANK YOU to those doctor heroes for being the first real solders in this fight against this invisible enemy.

May God keep you safe, may he always be by your side in saving many lives and speaking your truths and may he protect you and yours. You are all true heroes and some day I pray this country acknowledges what you have done this month to start turning our country back to the way it was. You stood up there united and spoke your truths…good for you.

It is one thing to see a doctor choke up struggling to speak because of the pain he sees everyday trying to save lives, to another doctor with her pretty scarfs talking about decorating your shields if you like with a big smile on her face after once again promoting medicine that benefits her mentor’s pockets while leaving another type of medicine out.

Such a powerful way of manipulating the conversation too…she is good with that twisting the conversation into her favor, I will give her that. But those other doctors in that group  who have been blocked and silenced have truths in their words and suffering in their eyes. This tells me that they are the ones I will turn to in this crises.

” The best thing about the worst time of your life is that you get to see the true colors of everyone.”

Since this months update is all about the positive, I figured I stick with all positives in my favorite posts from you all as well. If you are not on here and you have a really cool post you would like to share please leave in comments below with a link back. Also thank you so much for your likes, follows and comments.


A beautiful post about a little bird teaching a beautiful lesson on how important our lives are and how we should treat ourselves with love as well. Here is a quote from the post, just one of many great lesson in this piece Holly wrote.

“ There will always be forces working against us to steal our joy and flight in life. There will be times we will have to fight for our freedom and joy of our song.”

Thank you Holly.

Chandra– Pics and post.

Chandra had a tough month this July but she found some time in her heart to share a fun adventure from her past with us. A beautiful museum visit to an art glass exhibit. I love glass art. I will take huge colorful glass vases and fill them with fairy lights to turn on at night. Or I fill huge clear ones with river pebbles, rocks from my rock collection and faux plants then add a tiny filter and real guppies to swim around in them. Glass art and vases are so gorgeous. Check out Chandra’s museum visit, so many creative people out there.

Jeanneis on YouTube now….YES! Now we can all visit her in her kitchen like we are actually there, how cool. Good for you Jeanne. I love Fish and chips too.


If you ever need to read anything to help get through these times then this is the posts for you. It covers it all in a positive light and has a story about how even people with disabilities can accomplish amazing things. There is a link to several stories where people of all disabilities went on to accomplish their dreams and goals in life even when the odds were against them.

Pure Glory-

A beautiful lesson, inspirational and spiritual it is all about living the life and happiness that God wants for us instead of living a life to please others by following what you believe they want you to be. With the pressures of social media to all be alike this a very important message and post to read. Thank you Pure Glory.

Thank you everyone, you guys are really helping me stay sane and entertained during these strange times we are living right now. I love the positives I see in the wordpress family. Stay safe and happy where ever you may be in the world and pass on kindness to others as much as possible to counteract what is happening out there. We are all neighbors on this beautiful planet and we should treat each other with love and respect. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

I will be taking the whole month of August off and will not have access to the internet sometimes (might be up north where we have no cable, phone or computer) so I will be offline but I will have lots of fun pre-scheduled posts for you all to read in case you need a break now and then and just want to stop by my site for a visit. I hope when I come back you are all here and still posting. I have gone off line in the past and came back to some followers gone and no longer posting, that is so sad when that happens. Anyway have a Happy August and I will see you all in September.

My garden will also be closed for the month of August and September. Just way too hot out there right now. We are going into the worse months to be in Phoenix right now.


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  1. Sheree says:

    Enjoy the break

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Woooo….
    You are so much energetic and DIY person….
    You explain everything in a very calm and thought provoking tone…

    You are taking all of us togetherin your life journey and experiences…

    Thank you so much for making me a part of this wonderful post…

    It’s encouraging..

    And yes enjoy. We will be waiting for more such posts from you..

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you, you are so kind. I will be taking a little break for August but will be back to visit everyone’s sites in September. You and yours have a beautiful summer and God bless you all. As always stay safe out there.

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      1. All the best.. 😊😊

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      2. Thank you, to you as well.

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  3. Looks like you had some nice shopping trips and a great Christmas in July. I’ll be looking forward to your post about your trip up north too!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. THank you LIsa, signing off for a month, at least try to, but when I get a chance now and then I will check comments. It is so hot here we are thinking if heading up north. Have a great Aungust.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good luck. Breaks are needed from time to time!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, they are. I am back now but turns out once again I put too many projects on my plate so looks like I will be spending a lot of September trying to catch up too. Hope you and your kids had a fun summer too, I know you all did. You guys always have fun together. Your Kids are super cute too.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Your crafting is so inspirational! What a better time to start than now! 🙂
    I loved all the pics and updates on how your life is going! Thanks so much for sharing your side of the world! 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you Reneem have a beautiful day.

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      1. The same to you! Blessings!

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      2. Thank you Renee and God bless you too.

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  5. I love the idea of putting craft kits together for kids to do! That is so creative and inspiring! I hope you have a good August.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, have a beautiful August too.

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  6. Amen, and never throw our a jar or container because they will always come in handy when storing stuff. It is a shame about doctors who are trying to deal with this virus, find things that work and they are made out to be enemies. How is anyone who can help us an enemy?

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    1. Thank you Margaret, you get it. We both seem to agree on the same things. So true about the healers in our country, why are they not being allowed to heal people, that is what they went to medical school for. Doctors all over our country are being attacked for speaking their truths. How wicked it has become that we are made into the tests. It seems like we have become basically lab rats.Even the other countries are allowed to do what they want when it comes to healing but here in our country greed and power has infested our medical system and it has spread like a deadly cancer. The reason our medical system is so advanced here in our country is because the system is set up to test everything and anything on us here. All these procedures, drugs, etc…are wrapped up in the deception of it all being safe and good for us. Meanwhile there is suffering happening because of all the lies. So many medical lawsuits decades later on something that was approved by powerful politicians and corporation to force on us as good for us. “They” need human guinea pigs…a bit shocking I know. But there was and is a huge evil price to pay to being the best medical advancement in the world and that price is…us.
      Big prayers, lots of them…to help the true healers here in our country and out in the world. Battles everywhere right now. There is a spiritual battle going on I believe, and I know I am not the only one who feels this way.
      I am taking the month of August off but I have pre-scheduled post for the month. Have a beautiful summer and you and your family stay safe out there. God bless you all.

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      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I know from first hand experience that they are very interested in pushing the latest and touted greatest even if it isn’t good for the patient. The doctors are bullied into doing the big pharma bidding, patient safety be damned. If the doctor doesn’t or sees that it is not beneficial to the patient, then they are audited/censored/bullied. I went through 6 months fighting for a medicine that my doctor perscribed. Being told by a person who has never been to medical school(I know because I asked them) that this or that medicine would work better. ALL of which(except for one) my doctor had already tried, didn’t work, and caused me undue pain and suffering. The non medical person didn’t care. They were adamant that I was going to take what they thought was best. Despite a doctors, of almost 40 years, written objection. It took 2 years for my body to get over the damage, well most of it, and you never really know if it is over. Things can develop down the road due to their experiments. I finally won the battle but it shouldn’t be that way.

        Thanking God for hearing and answering our prayers dear friend. I am happy you will have some time off, and I look forward to your return 🙂 I thank God for continuing to bless you and your family 🙂

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      2. So many things and gifts to be thankful for. I am praying everyday and being thankful for everything I have, plus prayers that are answered and for the ones not, just thankful for the knowledge I learn from that. Everything has meaning and is a lesson. Or it is meant to make us strong for life’s moments. So many broken ones in the world are lost and just hurting. They go to places of hate and bitterness because they became broken when they searched out their happiness by seeking power and money instead of what really matters, which is love, unity, and peace.

        It is an epidemic right now, those that are lost and broken, and that is why I believe there are so many hurting. They have lost their trust, they have listened to so many twisted truths. Twisted truths that have turned out to be wicked lies in the end The medical one is the scariest of all. To take the weakest and most vulnerable and use them for greed is so evil.

        There are great doctors, and then there are really bad ones. The good ones suffer when they try to heal the proper ways, bullied, like you wrote above and some I believe have even been eliminated (although conspiracy theories, sometimes you wonder) it is a frightening time but we have faith and God. I just try to get through each day a little at a time, staying focused on the positive and trying the best I can to do only good things, but I am not perfect, I have my moments, but then I get back up and through my anger. I get upset with what I am witnessing. I just try to deal with this ugliness the best I can, meanwhile praying that I do not get wrapped up in the hate and anger myself. Pray that these doctors and drug people see what they are doing harms others and turn their own lives around to helping instead of hurting.

        Hope you are all well now. You have so many people around you that are good, remember that. I believe God puts us all in situations to be near like minded people, or we are there for reasons to help mend and love the broken ones too. To show them what it is like to be in places of love instead of hate. It is better there. Hope you had a great summer. I ma back on but I still did not finish all my projects for August. Stay safe out there and God Bless you and yours.


  7. Cheri, I’m glad you and your family are able to sleep now without the disruptive fireworks. It’s good to hear your cousin’s sense of smell and taste are coming back and that her family are again well. Looks like you’ve been busy sorting out your crafts – they do look rather nice. Sweet crosses and the children’s craft kits sound fun. Love to you and yours, be well and happy 💝 🌻 🏡 🎨 xo

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a beautiful summer, a fun one too. Looking forward to pumpkins now and just Fall season. It will be a nice change. I was able to get some projects done for August but not all. May be spending a lot of time making up for that in September. Have a great day and stay safe over there.


  8. Holly says:

    Sweet friend, you are such an inspiration. It’s such a joy to read your posts and see all that is happening in your life. Your kind heart shines through in all of your words. What a blessing you are! ♥

    I love what you’ve done with the Arizona room. You and I are in agreement. Organization feels incredible. Being able to simply find what you need, in its proper place, and having it all cleaned up, makes life that much sweeter. I’ve been working on getting everything organized around here as well. Thinking my husband is starting to come around to the joys of it too…?

    Praise God the fireworks have stopped. Bless your hearts! That sounds absolutely terrible. Not getting proper amounts of restful sleep affects everything – our moods, health, all of it. I pray you are now sleeping more peacefully than before, and are recuperating from the lack of it.

    I’m grateful to hear the good news about your family members as well. God is good, faithful, and merciful. Your prayers are powerful. It’s a beautiful understanding – that we are so deeply loved and cared for by Him. Everything that matters to us, matters to Him! Amazing.

    I’m also so sorry to hear about the tragedies that have been happening there. Oh my! That’s terrible. 😥 I can only imagine what it felt like to walk through a desert destroyed by fire. (sigh) I’m also saddened to hear about the bridge. Yet I am so grateful God spared so many lives that day, especially the lives of you and your family. Wow. We never know why our day could be delayed sometimes. God’s protection is amazing

    My prayer is you are enjoying your August off. It’s wonderful to me that you do this. We all need time to simply rest, recuperate and be still in the presence of our loving Father, now more than ever. I pray too that it is a wonderful time of reconnection with those you love, full of new precious memories.

    Thank you for linking to my post. You are beautiful, my friend! I appreciate you! 🤗💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. God is great. I am so thankful everyday. Yes, there are horrible things happening out there and I pray all the time that people are protected, that lies keep getting exposed and that we all stay safe. Prayers from us all are very powerful. So many out there praying even now as I type this up. Even though there are some prayers I will never see the answers to because there are times we all pray for a stranger we come across but know they are hurting and need a prayer, there are also prayers that we get to see the answers to and I am seeing so many. Our country is in a battle, broken ones are suffering and need to know love, God’s love, it is up to others to show and share what love and peace is about. Suffering and hate is a horrible world to live in. Best to continue spreading love where ever we can, it is what God would want us to do. This is why it is so important to get to know and love your neighbors. When we all stay united, we stand together and when we stay divided we always fall. Have a beautiful day, you and yours and God bless you all.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Holly says:

        AMEN! I couldn’t agree with you more, sister. 🤗


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