A home full of chickens.

Chickens have always been an important part of our lives here at Our Little Red House. When my son was a little boy my husband went out and purchased chickens for our son to care for. He loved going out early in the morning to check for eggs, to make sure they had food and water and to even sit and hold them sometimes. They became family pets.


Our dog and one of our chickens used to sleep together during the Winter in the dog house. That was over a decade ago and sadly that furry family member is no longer with us or that chicken. So many fond memories of the chickens we have had over the years. If you eat your chickens then I suggest you don’t name them.All our chickens we use for fresh eggs..


Because we have a bit of a chicken obsession here, we also use chickens in our home decor up north in Our Little Red House. Thought I share a few of those funny little items we have picked up over the years to decorate the little red house, like this chicken plaque that says the kitchen is closed.


It hangs over a pantry cabinet I redid. I added chicken wire instead of glass.

Kitchen closed, this chick has had it.

This sign sits up on a shelf in our Kitchen.


I have a couple of these egg holders. A friend gifted me with them. She gave me enough to give a set to my step mother too.


I picked up this ceramic chicken down at the town second hand shop. It was .50 cents. It was all white when I bought it. I remember picking it up on a day when there was a huge Monsoon storm coming in. It started raining as soon as I got back home and the lights went out for awhile. Nothing a few candles and a whole box of paints can’t fix. Listening to the rain and painting a chicken…come on, what’s better then that.


There is a tiny chip on the rooster with this salt and pepper set. I don’t care, they look so cute together. This was going to be a gift but then I noticed that tiny chip. I was going to fill a basket with fresh eggs in straw along with the salt and pepper set, some jams and kitchen tea towels. A fun farmhouse basket of sorts. Maybe even throw in a bundle of my favorite recipes tied with a pretty checkered bow.


This little quilt was given to me by our next door neighbor in the city. He just showed up one morning knocking on our door then handed me this. We sometimes share fresh eggs with our neighbors so they know we love chickens.


That’s it. I wanted to have a fun little clay DIY chicken craft to share with you all but I am just so busy right now. Maybe I will do a chicken craft in the Fall. We only have these chicken items up north in Our Little Red House because it is more of a country home, it fits the surrounding area. Do any of you have any unusual collections in your homes?

I am off for the month of August. Thank you so much for your visits, likes and comments. Have a great summer. Stay safe everyone, God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. Child Of God says:


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    1. You’re very welcome and thank you so much. God bless you and yours.


  2. Lovely fun chicken 🐔🐔🐔 collection. Especially love the little quilt 💝 and nice stories about the family, and chicken and dog cuddling up together. Wishing you and yours a good holiday 💝 Faith xo

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    1. Thank you, he was such a sweet dog. We miss him that’s for sure.


  3. Jane Fritz says:

    Love hearing about your chickens , LRH. That must have been quite the dog you had, to sleep with the chickens instead of chasing and eating them! 😏 Have a great August. Lots of peace and soul-restoring, I hope.

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    1. Fillipe was adorable and loved everything and everyone, we still miss him to this day and that was over a decade ago. Hope you and your family had a beautiful summer. Just one more month to get through over here with the heat, hopefully that is. I am looking forward to the Fall/Winter. You and your family have a beautiful day and stay safe out there.

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  4. Sweet! I have the same rooster and hen salt and pepper set.

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    1. You are my people for sure. We even buy the same things. They were to adorable to pass up on.

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  5. We have a lot of chicken fans around our area and I love the idea of just sitting and painting a chicken while listening to the rain. That sounds super relaxing

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    1. It is, you will love it. I hope you find a ceramic chicken to paint and get lots of peaceful rain too.

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  6. Love the chickens! Hope you are having a wonderful break! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Robin. I want to make some little clay chickens when I find some time. It was a nice break but not so fun. This summer was way too hot. It turned out the be the hottest summer ever. July and August were both record breakers when it came to heat and we haven’t had rain for over 100 days now. They are saying that September is also looking like it will be a record breaking month with extreme temps here. Very hard to get a lot done with these temps. They make you sick and you have to drink lots if water. Some stores don’t open until 10 or after to clean up more because of the virus. The only time to shop is early in extreme temp conditions but if the feed stores and stores aren’t open until 10 am and after it makes it hard to park, walk out in the heat to get into the stores, to be blasted by super cold air-conditioning, to go back out into the extreme heat and a vehicle that has been baking like an oven. It is exhausting to get through our summer months. I


  7. Momma Dash says:

    This is really cute the way everything is set up

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