In the garden…there’s no problem with the Aloe.

   Since I am off this month and the garden is basically closed for awhile…hey, I’m not going out there, I thought this month’s garden update would be a fun one about Aloe Vera. Right now, even though the news is reporting temps at 118 as the high today, it is hotter then that in the direct sun. The temps here can reach 130 degrees. Sadly this is the reason why during the summer months we have so many deaths here in our state. Summer in phoenix always has heat related deaths, not that other thing that always gets the credit…you know what I am talking about.Now days that other thing (RM) gets the credit for all deaths. Here in Arizona our summers are always deadly.

Please, if you visit this state here in Arizona, make sure to come during our cooler months. Unless you are a native you will never understand the steps we all have to take to get through our hottest months. It is no fun. To keep what I do have alive out in the garden during this time I have to get up before the sun and water everything, then water again in the evenings if it is an extremely hot day.

Right now the plants that do really well here in the desert are cacti (of course) Agave, peppers, and aloe. I will always have aloe somewhere with me throughout my life. This is all because my Nana taught me about the benefits of this plant long ago.

We use aloe for…



Facial moisturizers

Hair conditioner and detangler

If you use aloe for edible reasons make sure you know what you are doing. Too much aloe ingested and not prepared right can cause stomach problems. Also, before you use aloe, test a small section on your wrist to see if you may be allergic, or contact your doctor to ask if it is okay. I have never had problems but then I was raised using this plant.

My favorite part about Aloe are the flower blooms I get every year. I read it takes years before an Aloe produces flowers. They come in different colors too. My aloe blooms are a coral color. Hummingbirds love visiting our garden when the aloes are in bloom.If you get several blooms you have a very happy plant there.

After the blooms drop and dry up you can use the flower stalks for crafts.

 I make crosses with mine. You could even use them to make tiny garden houses for play scenes for the little ones in your lives. There is something about getting your hands in dirt that is so beneficial to us all, best to start your children when young to get out there and learn about and enjoy nature.

Aloe is a plant that has many nick names, my favorite is heaven’s gift. The natives refer to it as the wand of heaven. Did you know it is mention in the bible six times. Very famous plant the Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera is my favorite gift to give to people. I will fill little jars with Aloe gel to give out to others.

Or I take the pups (baby aloe) and plant them in tiny little pots to give out as well. Once you grow your own aloe garden you will have several pups when cleaning up and harvesting your aloe. It seems like such a waste to just toss the babies, so I plant them or pass them onto others to start their own garden of medicinal plants.

Now you know why I love this plant. If you live somewhere cold you will need to bring your Aloe indoors. It is poisonous to our furry family members so keep out of reach of cats and dogs. Happy gardening everyone.

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    1. Thank you Laura, Hope you had a beautiful summer, you and your family. I will have to check out what you have been up to, later tonight maybe. I am back on now but just have time to comment you all. Been a hot summer here on our end. Stay safe out there and God bless you and yours.


  1. That was some cool info about Aloe. I think my mom is allergic to it. If I remember right. I like it for sunburns and was looking for some last weekend when I got burned pretty bad.

    I know I would never survive in Arizona. I can’t handle the heat at all! Yuck! It gets in the 90s here and I’m about in tears because I feel so weak and weird. I guess you can learn to adapt wherever you are there, though. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That is sad your mom is allergic, I love it so much I can’t imagine being allergic to it. No, you would not like it here in the summer, especially this summer which was recorded as being the hottest summer on record for both July and August and now they are saying September will be as well. I love how pretty it is where you live, so green.


  2. I can’t handle the heat either!
    Cool info on the Aloe. I must water mine too much. I killed 4 or 5 plants last winter and the 6 or 7 babies that came up look like they are about half-dead. There’s a reason I am a vegetable gardener and a not a flower or houseplant gardener. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I need to get better with the vegetables. Sadly, it is just impossible to do that here in the desert. I am looking into what the Native Americans from our area used to grow that did well. Of course there was more water back then. Just a struggle right now, but I am not throwing in the towel that’s for sure.


  3. Niki says:

    I love Aloe and have some myself, I live in the UK though so they are indoor most of the year. I have just repotted my first baby plant and look forward to sharing them when I get more. Thank you for the fab information.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome Niki. Aloe is such a friendly little plant. I am terrible at keeping most plants alive so Aloe is a winner out here in Arizona because it stays alive well. Have a beautiful day.


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