Using what you have on hand…DIY sewing corner.

So you all know I have been working on a sewing corner, well finally I can now say it is finished…maybe. You know how it is when you are a Creator, crafter, designer, artist…take your pick, you know we are never satisfied. We always change the look of our environment, all the time. It is just who we are. Hey, we even drive friends and family nuts with always offering to redo their rooms as well. We just can’t help it. When we run out of spaces in our own homes we just look to others homes to redo.

One time when my daughter was a teenager she was acting depressed, she said she was and I believed her, so I did something that shocked her. I went to the home store and bought some neon green paint. Then I painted a whole wall in her room that color.

She looked at that color and hated it. Then she started cheering up a little each day. Even laughing about that stupid color I picked to use in her room, something I never did before. I always left her room decor up to her, to do what she wanted to. But she was acting sad, so I shocked her with that neon wall.

Eventually after laughing and complaining to everyone, including friends at high school about her hippy mom painting her room wall an ugly green that glowed in the dark, she got excited about redoing her room one morning. She asked if she could go to the store so she could buy some new paint to redo her room. She was very excited about all the plans she had to decorate her room. The first thing she said was that she was “getting rid of that ugly neon green.”  

Turns out there is some study out there that bright colors cheer us up…so that green wall worked. At least this is what I told myself, have to gives us some mom credit sometimes, makes us moms feel like we know what we are doing when in actuality we are clueless. Good moms, just try the best they can, hoping and knowing there will be mistakes. Those mistakes are covered in love, lots of love.

Anyway, back to my sewing room adventure. Because we are smack dab in the middle of some horrible events happening out there in the world, I thought it would be nice to create another happy space in our home.

One of my many pin cushions I made.

This post is going to be one of those where it has to be written in parts. There is just too much to cover and I am trying to shorten some of my posts, I tend to go a little over board. I had an another post to share with you all, garden updates, what we have been up to over the summer etc…it is 5 pages long, a long rant and prayer list that includes subject matter on what is happening in our city and this country.

My daughter saw how long it was and said ” Mom, I think you may have lost your mind…this is 5 pages long.”

I answered her back and said “You might be right about that.” I am definitely too sensitive for the world out there right now, but I still have my sense of humor at least. If any of my followers would still like me to post that 5 page rant and prayer list for the whole world just let me know in comments below and I will hit that old publish button. It’s a long one though. Okay, back to my sewing corner project. Maybe this is why my posts are so long, too many distractions.

First things first…the idea behind this post. A couple months ago I decided to create a sewing corner in my husband’s old office that we were basically using as a storage shed. With no garage and hardly any storage in this home from the 50’s, we ended up turning one of the 5 bedrooms into a “throw everything in it companies coming” room. If you guys don’t have a room like that, I bet you at least have a closet or even a tiny little drawer. No judgement or shame from me, hey, I’m human too. I have a mess at all times somewhere in my home. I always tell my kids a beautiful mess in a home means it’s a fun house.

It was time to fix that problem. That old office of my husbands has two Day beds in it, with one behind the other, as well as a lot of our art but at least I got that corner organized. Now my daughter, and maybe even my son if he wants, can go in there and create away as they say.

I started this project during our state lock down from the pandemic, so I had to use what I had available around me. I think Ikea was closed, not essential I guess. Darn it, I love shopping for wall organizers from that store. I had to figure out how to design my own wall organizer using silly items laying around our property. This is when it helps to be a bit of a clutter bug, hoarder sounds so bad.

One of the items I had a ton of were some old wooden shutters that my neighbor across the street gave me before he moved. I had the perfect idea for them.

I also needed items to store things in.

I remember this old magazine my kids bought me one Christmas, rolled up in my stocking, it was filled with all kinds of ways to organize.

A page from an old magazine my kids gave me. I am a fanatic when it comes to old boxes, tins and anything that can be used for organizing and storage. This photos of organizer clutter gave me some great ideas for my own sewing corner.

It was called where women create…I think.

Another magazine page of a mom working in her own creative space. We all should have a space in our homes where we can just be creative, even coloring, or journal writing are ways to help us de-stress from life’s stressful moments.

Sometimes with damaged and old magazines I will cut out photos and pretty art pages to use in my decoupage projects, this was the case with this old magazine. My family knows this, that is why they ask me anytime they want to throw something out if I want it before tossing. Maybe I will want to make it into something…never know. I still have some cut out pictures from that old magazines they gave me.

I just love those creative spaces artists always have in their homes. Usually stained with all kinds of colors, what I call beautiful chaos. Sometimes, if the artist is super fun you will not be able to find them in that mess because they blend in so well because they too are covered from head to toe in paint. What fun would that be?

Alright, so this is what I needed:

A wall unit of some sort to store all my sewing supplies.

Extra containers and boxes for storage.

Something to store tiny scraps of fabric in.

A place for my patterns I design,

A place for cardboard storage.

Little containers for small items like pins and needles.

Now lets see what I came up with using items from around our home….to be continued.

For Christmas last year I was gifted with paint pens. They were great for some fabric I had. I painted all kinds of fun animals and embroidered colorful threads around the designs.

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