DIY sewing corner…organizing fabric.

 This is part two to my sewing room project. I started this project during a lock down here in my city. It kept me busy and helped to take my mind off what was going on out in the world. While I was working on figuring out how I was going to design a sewing nook, I figured I should also organize my fabrics. Is that what they call them? Or are nooks only for books…here we go again, it’s DR. Seuss time. Anyway, while I waited for the shutters I cleaned up and sealed to dry, I decided to work on organizing fabric supplies.

I was given a ton of fabric one year by some neighbors who were cleaning out their garage. They just knocked on our door one morning and asked my husband if he wanted it since everyone knew in the neighborhood that I volunteered teaching kids arts and crafts back then. I still have some of that fabric. Some of it I made into masks to give out when we had a shortage. Everything happens for a reason.

 One of the areas I needed to be more organized with was my ribbons and fabric scraps that I want to add to my kits.I have been working on getting fabric scraps ready for some kits I am designing. Sitting at my kitchen table and drawing out patterns and drawing up fun little instructions and coloring pages.

 I am still shocked at all the work involved with putting together anything we make by hand, takes up a lot of time and there is so much detail to kits. The instructions are the hard part to me. I am not the best at communicating or giving directions. I have resorted to checking out books and looking into how others give instructions on things.  

Having all my fabric in one place will save me so much time. It is taking awhile to get organize but I will be happy to have a system down when I do start putting kits together.

Sometimes when I am working on a project that uses fabric there will be tiny scraps left. These are perfect to roll up and add to other art projects. This was something I did as a child, using all those little scraps in our home to create art with. Nothing was wasted or thrown away and everything became something pretty.

I bought these little dolls at an outdoor festival here in the city.

Tiny rag dolls, bedroom decor, ornaments, paper cards and flower picks…everything was turned into something when I was a child being creative. We did not have the huge art stores and hobby places like we do now. We had to be creative with what we had around our homes.

There are all kinds of ways to store fabric. You can use just about anything.

I use a lot of baskets I pick up at church sales, yard sales and second hand shops. Baskets are perfect for organizing fabric in a sewing room.

An old filing cabinet is my favorite way to store fabric. It’s a little messy right now because I have been busy working on a craft book. I’ve been pulling out fabric, paints and glue to create Christmas ornaments and fun DIY projects. Last summer I wrote it up, the craft book that is, then I changed the whole thing and started over. Think you get it, this is taking a long time because I have no idea what I am doing. This summer it was all about the photos and creating the projects. I shoot everything outside or in our Arizona room because I like natural light. Let’s just say it is a sauna out there right now. This summer was brutal here in Arizona. The hottest summer on record. I  had lots of fun pulling out fabrics, threads, yarn and glue, designing fun shots for the crafts but it was an oven out there. I had moments of heat exhaustion.

Sometimes I will have so many items on my kitchen table when I am creating that our cats will jump up there looking for a toy to play with. I have lost tiny gnome hats, colorful pipe cleaners, yarn and even buttons become mini hockey pucks when the cats see my messes.Poor Alley cat, she jumped up on the table when I had some decoupaged items drying and now she needs a bath because her whole tail is covered in glue. She hates baths. Her favorite part is when they are done and she smells so clean.

The filing cabinet holds a lot of fabric. I was surprised to see how much fabric I could fit into it.I can not take credit for this cool storage idea. I saw it online years ago and I’m so glad I never got rid of this old filing cabinet.

This filing cabinet I picked up for $10. I have seen them being thrown away all over our city. I painted mine white because I didn’t really like the color it came in. It was originally a gray color so I painted it a turquoise blue when I had it in my kids playroom. I kept all their home school projects, medical records, crafts and supplies for art. I filled the whole cabinet with alphabet magnets and magnets the kids made.  Now it is white to match my sewing area better.

Okay, that’s it for the fabric, next post will be on pin cushions. There was lots of detail to my sewing creative space. I think everyone should have a space in their homes to be at peace and make art. You don’t have to be super creative. Still, I do I believe everyone has a little artist in them. Just find a place to shut off the social media world and the stress from your day. Play soft music or something you love to listen to. My art instructor always did this when I was studying art in college. It was a fun place to be.

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  1. Wow! What fantastically creative ideas!

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    1. Thank you Laura. hope you and your family are well and keeping safe. Have a great weekend.


  2. Love the file cabinet fabric storage! The little rolls of fabric are a wonderful idea too! I need to finish organizing my craft space.

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    1. It was so nice seeing your visit here. I have to check out what you been up to. This was a hard summer here in Arizona, the hottest on record. I am looking forward to the Fall now. It takes so long to organize my crafts. I have so many. Every time I finish a section it is so nice because I can save time when cleaning up because I know where everything goes now. I figure since that is what I been doing over the summer I might as well share with others. I haven’t had a lot of time for fun DIY’s like I normally do. This sewing corner project has 5 posts to it. I broke it down because I tend to write really long posts. Hope all is well in your part of the world/country and you are well and happy. Have a beautiful Sunday and week ahead.


      1. Glad the summer is almost over for you then! I always knew it was pretty hot there, but I have heard it was suppose to be more bearable due to the low humidity. Guess not…

        I love organized spaces! I get a craft area all organized and functional, then we have some kind of crisis.

        We (mostly Hubby) have spent the better part of the last 6 weeks painting everything outside, repairing a major indoor water heater leak and replacing floors in almost half of our small mobile home. What a mess! But on the bright side, I am doing some major purging and reorganizing as I put my house back in order.

        Hubby bought me a 8′ x 20′ office trailer for my craft studio, but a lot of stuff from the house has made it’s way out there for another purging round in the near future. Hopefully I can get it done this fall.

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      2. That is so cool. You have a she shed, isn’t that what they call them. Someday I hope to have a little shed outside where I can store my art and create in. I always tell my cousin in Oklahoma that I want to move somewhere where it is really green. She tells me it gets humid over there but it is very green. She redid her trailer a couple summers ago and she got new siding and a new roof, everything was so nice after it was done. She has a porch she sits out on and I love that idea of having a porch to sit and watch country life all around. It is not easy organizing, so any little section you get done is a big deal. At least I think so. Today I am still working on fabrics. I had a huge drawer of old sweaters that I had taken apart after my kids outgrew them and now I am organizing that sections. Baby steps as they say.

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      3. Yes, I have a she shed and I love it. A friend gave me a couple of pieces of furniture for it plus what I had, so it will be wonderful to use. A little crowded, but everything is handy and neat looking. At least it will be when I go through the last few boxes of stuff I moved over there to sort later. Most will be donated or sent to the landfill, but I needed it out of my way for now.

        It’s really green here, too. And the humidity seems to be worse this year. We are on a hilltop surrounded by open land, but the edges of this portion (about 5 acres) is surrounded by a thick tree line, The remaining 10 acres are mostly wooded. We can’t see any houses or structures that are off our property, but we are on a county highway that is kept cleared in the winter.

        I cut up old clothes too, and save buttons and trims to make doll clothes and other small projects. 🙂

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      4. We are the same then, I love saving clothes for little projects. It reminds me of Cinderella and how she use to sew up little clothes for her mice friends…so cute. What fun you must be having with the she shed. I told my husband it’s like a grown woman’s playhouse, dollhouse where they can create. I have seen some on YouTube that have a farmhouse look about them and my favorites are the garden styled ones with plants hanging everywhere.


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