September updates and favorite bloggers

       “Hmmm?…wonder what my parents did before the internet to beat boredom. I asked my 18 brothers and sisters and they didn’t know either.”


  Happy October everyone. Seems a bit funny to be wishing everyone a Happy October when this post is about September, but that is our life right now. We are about a month behind  when it comes to life. It’s like the months are in a race to get out of 2020 and we are just not in shape to keep up with them. Months keep flying by us while we struggle to keep up. Sometimes they will turn back and say “Hey, pick it up, come on, lets get 2020 done with already.” Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. Just slow down a bit, might have had a tad bit too much stress ice cream lately, watch out here I come.

In September we found a spent bullet on our street. Where our neighbors little girls and toddlers play. My daughter said that when people were doing the “protesting” around our country, which started in July, that there was a night when she heard a car drive by and they started shooting. That was the month of constant fireworks that sounded more like gunshots. Starting at 9pm and ending at 4 am. Someone kept driving down our street for several nights playing that horrible song from the movie The Purge. We were all on edge.

Then on a really windy day, a fire started in our alley. It was started where our neighbors vine bush connects three homes together. We have had the hottest summer ever on record with no rain for over 100 days. The vine bush was very dry.

Thank you God, that the wind started blowing in a direction where it took the fire away from burning our home. We were inside so we did not know this was happening.

The vine connects to our roof. It could have been bad if the wind would have taken the fire in our direction, to our home. Three homes could have burned down. So strange that the fire started on a windy day. No one knows how it started. Sometimes people will drive down alleys and set things on fire, that’s life in a city. My husband and I, plus our neighbors are never out confronting people or talking about politics. Think this random chaos is just that, like a spinning wheel where “Tag, your it”.

Nothing burned on our side.

I wrote a super long post about this, just the ugliness and fear of this summer with what we are all going through but I never posted it. It still sits there waiting to be published if ever. It is one of those posts that I needed to write. I might post it. Just about everything that the news here is not reporting that real people are talking about. And as always I end it on encouraging and positive things, which the mass media is also not really talking about either. Remember that 80’s song about the news giving us dirty laundry because that is what we wanted…well, I have enough dirty laundry everyday, I really don’t need anymore.

Something horrible happened up north with our old neighbors’ family members. It was in the news. Just shocking. Everyone is trying to figure out how a family man, a rancher, with a Christian wife that was one of the founders of the towns little cowboy church, and the mother of his three children, could just loose his mind and do what he did. To keep this post non violent, I will leave the details out.

Then, this summer, we would loose two family members. My husband’s aunt and uncle both were diagnosed with cancer this year, different kinds. They would both die the same month…September. So shocking. I am trying so hard to run and catch up and get through this year. I’m coming October, slow down a tiny bit. Slow down and lets just enjoy the peace and beauty of Fall for awhile while we take a breather. Yeah, these months are going full steam ahead.

So that’s the ugly from this summer and September. Now onto the good things that happened this month. Time for the pretty, and the positive.

I am still working on my Christmas book, and surprise, surprise, it is actually coming together. This is keeping me happy, a great distraction and a very positive one as well. I have been working on this craft book for over a year now. I keep changing it. I really have to work on that perfection issue of mine. Wish there was a pill for that. No matter how slow it is, just always go for it, what ever it is. There was a blogger’s post I read a couple days ago (I will have to find it) she brought up some stories about people accomplishing their dreams late in life. One was about a doctor, that started medical school in his middle age, and he became a doctor. Another was about a woman who retired young in her 30’s I believe, then decided she wanted to be a nurse so she went back to school became one and worked awhile, then retired again…just great stories. I will have to find that post. So, if any of you out, from age 12-100 want to go for a dream, well then today’s the day to do it.

A little fabric scrap kit .

Watched a whole season of Housewives of Orange County. Guess I was feeling a little nostalgic and wanted to go back to the first season when everything wasn’t too bad. My daughter ended up getting a screaming deal through her phone service for a streaming channel that I will not name here. I believe these incentives to sign up with certain cell phone packages include some streaming channels because there are political and propaganda indoctrination things going on with them. It ties in with the cell phones and constant images our young see over and over that are teaching them wicked and hateful ways to attack and hate certain people, and also to hate this country. Just my opinion. Someone did their homework, and well. A very large demographic to market too, our young that is, and someone did their research and now we see the outcome.

Anyway, I watched the last season of one of the housewives shows and all I can say is what the heck happened. Yeah, most of them were all kind of self centered and all about themselves from the very beginning, but this latest season was just gross. I’m serious, what happened?. I haven’t had cable now for years so I haven’t been up to date on the housewives.

These grown women have no shame. If people all over the world watch this and think this is just how American women act, well no wonder. I think if I wrote some of the behaviors they did in public places, I would have to rate this post R maybe even X.  

Is this where our young get their ideas. To get out of control, disrespect others, act out sexual acts in public places where children could be, scream and hate on people they call friends one second and enemies the next…what are we teaching our little girls and young women to be? I looked through this streaming channel and most of the shows on there were so weird and wicked. They are not even hiding the propaganda and hate now. This is what the younger generation sees over and over, again…well, no wonder. Call me old fashioned but I really fear for the world.

 I have noticed something about the Housewives franchise, they start out married and depending on how long they stay with the franchise, they end up divorced and single. If you are a housewife and are approached by a reality show, run, just run away as fast as you can. Otherwise chances are your family will fall apart if you do it. I actually feel sorry for these women. They are really pretty, seem smart enough…what happened? Why are they so insecure that they let a TV show dictate and destroy their lives.

I’ll tell you something else, you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to make me want “Things” and admiration in order to sell myself out like that, to hurt the family dynamic that way…not all the money in the world. I would eat beans and rice every day, wear the same outfit everyday, never buy another craft item, and never go traveling anywhere, as long as my family is happy, know they are loved, and they are by my side.

I believe this is why the world is in the mess it is in right now. People worship money. These housewives, so sad, and the way they attack each other, such hate. I shouldn’t have watched it. I need to find some old Walton’s reruns to get that ugly out of my head now. Something sad must have happened to some of these Housewives to make them so broken. When they break down and cry, you know they have a hidden pain. They shouldn’t feel like they have to share all that on a reality show. Just gross how broken and vulnerable people are taken advantage of for the love of money, and that’s all it’s really about…for the love of money. They probably all need a good long hug. Yeah, if anyone temps you into a show….run away as fast as you can.

Remember that dollar day do over vase I did. I mentioned that I didn’t have a photo of a flower bouquet that I bought when my daughter and I went flower shopping one day. Flower shopping is a sure way to add a lot of cheer to your home. We will be going back again to do this. Decided to make this a monthly thing now.

I mentioned in that post I forgot to take a photo, I actually did take a photo. Here it is on my kitchen table. I just forgot that I took a photo, like I wrote above, this summer has been a rough one for our family.

I got a day of Fall shopping done. That was fun. I didn’t really buy anything except for some little pumpkins from the grocery store. I haven’t decided how we are going to do treats for Halloween. I have suckers ready to make into ghost but, you know…the red monster is out there. Maybe I will just make some little bags for the neighbor kids and drop them off on our street. I don’t know. Just happy Fall is here to give us some hope that everything is moving forward, at least here in our state. We are a purple city so some things are still closed until after the election. If you are in one of the blue states…sorry, soon you will open I guess, according to plans, which frightens me more. How can one side be so sure they are going to be opened that time. Such confidence in what is suppose to be a voting surprise. I do know this, somewhere , what ever outcome happens, there will be “Protests” continuing. Stay safe everyone.

The quail are doing great and we got baby chicks last week. I will have a more detailed post on that in my garden updates.

Up north we dropped some chickens off to our neighbors. I am hoping to have several little batches of chickens everywhere in town so everyone can start breeding and having their own fresh eggs. We have other neighbors up there that asked for some as well. More then ever before, we need to start connecting with our neighbors. Loving our neighbors, looking out and caring for each other is what will help turn things around. It should always be this way anyway.

I am still organizing, That is another fun distraction.

Working on kits, there are so many steps to that because I am also trying to make it ASD friendly. I remember those early years with my non-verbal son (he speaks now) and how we struggled with everything which included fine motor skills. This is a dream of mine, been designing crafts since I was 6 years old, it was my escape. Who would have thought that knowing that skill would help me teach my own son some day to speak. God always has a plan, so matter what ugly any of you have had to go through, always know there are reasons behind every thing. Anyway, the kits are taking a lot of my time up, just so much I want to do. I think I put too much on my plate this year.

While up north we took a nice walk to the lake. I will be sharing that with you all later as well. We all needed a break from the city. The fresh air, the wind blowing through the trees and all the little critters everywhere felt so nice. Nothing really changes out there in nature, I like that.

Perfect spot for a big comfy blanket and a good book.

I love the peace and quiet that comes with spending time up at Our Little Red House. Although on this trip, the elk woke us up at 3 am. I forgot that this is mating season for them. I always wake up freaked out, wondering what the creature outside making that weird alien like noise looks like. I will wake my husband if he isn’t awake as well and say “ Do you hear that, what do you think it looks like, think it’s slimy, how huge do you think it is…I bet it eats people.” Yeah, I bombard him with several questions at once. Poor guy, he never has a chance to answer any before I jump up out of bed to peak out the window.

Later that morning my husband asked our neighbors where the elk bed down during the day. When the neighbor told him, he then asked for a horn so he could sneak up on them and wake them up blowing that horn in their faces.

Then a skunk went off on a neighbor’s dog early that morning. My daughter woke up and the first thing she asked me is “Mom, am I going to smell like skunk all day, because I want to go shopping.” No I answered her. I explained to her that she was no where near it, tucked in a warm bed inside a home. Think we all have been in the city too long, we all forgot what country living is like.  

One of our projects is to repaint the house again. This year they had a hard Winter.

Went shopping for Christmas. I know, I know, it’s only September, but this year of an election comes with so much ,better to get that done early. Never know, like my husband always says “I’m still waiting for Godzilla to show up.” and I always answer back with “Godzilla is smarter then that, she isn’t coming anywhere near this year of 2020.”

I am reading a book on missing people in the woods. My husband got worried when he saw that and asked me if I was going to stop exploring the woods and foraging like I do and I answered “No way, too beautiful out there.” I will always love exploring and taking photos in the wilderness.

Because we are prepping more and shopping early for Christmas, instead of doing my 12 days of Christmas crafts in December, I will be posting those in November. Well, that was random. Just thought I let you all know. If December comes around and I am offline for awhile, probably hiding out in the wilderness somewhere.  

That’s it for this month. Sorry if this update had some negative that came with it, but I believe I need to be as honest as possible in this time in our history. I think it would hurt others to think that our lives are all about walks to a lake, crafting beautiful things, hanging out with a functional family, just all those things that make people depressed when they see those images over and over on social media. Remember there are stories behind that perfectionism online.

 We are all going through a rough patch right now, even you I am sure, who ever is reading this at this moment. God is always by our sides, just have to remember that. Everyday I am thankful for all those little things, like flowers, happy children, food on our table, being together. The angels are watching us, standing guard as they say. The bullet we found did not get anyone, the fire did not burn anything important, and we are getting through the Red Monster maze so far and it has been months now. So much to be thankful for. All these are blessings, big ones too. Taught as a child, that God only gives us what he knows we can handle and when things don’t always seem to go our way, this is just a way to make us stronger. God is making so many stronger in this year of 2020, for what, I do not know. Best to pray more then ever before.

The bullet my husband found in our street.

My favorite posts from you all this September are…..

The tiny potager

Wow, love this. The Tiny Potager designed a coloring poster using suggestion from her social media followers. The photos of the process of creating her work are so pretty. She is selling her coloring page online now.

This was such a fun read. I love going on adventures with your family. That one photo where you are all hanging from a cliff is frightening. So fun hanging with your three adorable musketeers and making some apple cider.


Lisa, you always make me laugh with your mom honesty. Love your Boondock ramblings.


Always enjoy your map posts. This recent one freaked me out because I know how bad the water situation is here right now.

Manuela at Restlessroots

They had a wildfire at restless roots. This is another fun story to read because of it’s happy ending. Manuela and Frank have the best outdoor adventures and Manuela is a great story teller too, very entertaining, Their recent post on three little frogs will melt your hearts.

I told restless roots about a baby sparrow I rescued one year when I was a little girl. I had to teach it to fly and also caught it live bugs to eat so it would know how to live on it’s own. I named her Bebe, and she became very attached to me.

 I would take her outside once she got older. In the evenings when I would call her she would fly down from the trees around our neighborhood and land on my head to come inside. Then I would put her in her cage. She would tuck her little head into her wings and fall fast asleep. I kept her cage door open always so she could fly out when ever she wanted. There were no cats in our house around that time. I hate seeing birds in cages if they can fly that is.

Mostly Bebe would fly out to fall asleep on my chest when I was reading or doing homework. She would even hang out with me when playing barbie dolls. Watching me like I was her mommy. So cute. The neighbors saw her fly down and land on my head one day when I called her down and were shocked. They asked my dad, while he was working on his truck at the time, if his daughter just took a sparrow inside the house with her and my dad answered “Yeah, that’s Cheri, she always has some animal she has rescued.” I told Manuela that I would share a photo of Bebe some day, so here it is. Kind of fuzzy because it was taken with my 110 camera that I got that Christmas.

 Speaking of talented writers, check out Laura’s recent post on the Fall season. She has such a poetic way of writing and bonus points for always sharing a recipe in her posts.

I have a new follower that joined over the summer when I was on my break from blogging Arielaonthego

Check out her post on horseback riding with her mom. She sounds like a sweet girl.

Oh my gosh, this next one is a really scary one for anyone afraid of heights. Tadralife went waterfall ziplining

Oh, this was nice to see…Wendi is back

Hope you and your family had a great summer on your break. Wendi, your posts are always so peaceful.

For anyone who has gained weight from the lock downs, or gained weight from boredom, or gained weight from stress eating etc….then you have to check out Robins post on how she was able to loose weight during this time. Good for her, I think that is great. Nothing is impossible and she is proof of that. I need to do this, get back into a rhythm of normalcy.

My husband sent this one to me, not a blog post but such a cool story about a woman that moved out to the woods during the Depression and ended up living by a lake in Minnesota for decades all by herself. She made root beer in her spare time and passed it out to visitors. This one is a fun article I promise you that.

To get started on some Fall crafts check out these bloggers:



Special thanks to my Christian followers, thank you so much for being who you are and for sharing Gods words with everyone. Here are just a couple I follow and I know I am missing some of you so please know I thank you too if not listed below and share a link back to your site in comments, the world needs your prayers. What a time, what a year we are all going through right now. God bless you and may he keep you protected and safe at all times. May he bless everyone who visits this site as well and keep every single one of you safe out there.

Pure Glory-


Gersom Clark-

And thank you Tanya for sharing my TP lantern with your followers. Your lantern came out so pretty.

My prayers this month go out for the whole world, all of you. Pray that more people are able to see the truths and not believe the lies. Pray that the ones that have done serious harm for us in this country and world, that they are held accountable for their deception.Pray that more lies are exposed. Pray that the broken ones know love and not hate. Pray that people who are sick get better, pray that the violence stops, the fires stop, and that all hate is replaced with love. And please, pray for this country I call home. In all my years, I will never understand the hate so many have for this beautiful country I was born in. The freedom we have is something that many want to take away. We have a battle on our hands. Thank you for your likes, visits and follows. If anyone has a favorite post to share, please leave in links below. Stay safe everyone and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Coming up in October-

In the garden…cleaning up after a hard Summer.

Shopping trip to an art store.

ASD table time crafts-plastic milk jug coloring pages.

Take a walk with me to a lake.

A visit to Our Little Red House.

Streaming scary movies and felting pumpkins.

A tale from the Superstition mountains of Arizona.

Thrift store treasures…vintage coloring books.

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheri,
    I was just reading along, my heart breaking in little pieces and telling myself how I’m putting you and your family on my prayer list and I have but as I read, I also thanked God for your strength and resiliency.
    You may imagine my suprise to see myself within the lines and read your generous and kind words. Thank you so much Cheri, for being the inspiration that you are, giving us both your strength and vulnerability and being so supportive and encouraging to others at the same time.
    Always with love, Laura

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Laura, you are so kind. I think everyone is having a hard time right now, just so much to take in. Thank God we all have strength. We all are where we are at for a reason, things we all live through, places and people we meet, it all happens for a reason. God knows our future and what ever happens I always know that he is there and it will all work out in the end. That is faith, and it is so important that when things get rough to always remember to have faith in God. All other things can be taken away at time but never our faith. I will keep you and yours in my prayers too. The holidays are coming up and we have so many plans and fun adventures we will be doing. Have a beautiful week and big hugs to you all from Arizona,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ourcrossings says:

    I’m sorry to hear about all your hardships during September, Cheri, but I love how you choose to stay positive and be thankful for the little things. Staying positive and optimistic during the crisis is no easy task, but it’s critical to our well being. I’m thinking of you and I hope you’ll find a path towards more resilient self; I’m on that journey, too and I find that by remaining calm and constructive helps a lot. Sending you lots of love and virtual hugs from Sligo ♥️ Aiva


    1. You’re so sweet, thank you. We will all get through these crazy times. Just have to find our pockets of peace and stay away from the negative as much as possible. Always helps to know there are like minded people out there to come together and spread kindness and love to others as much as possible. Big hugs back to you and yours. Have a beautiful weekend too.


  3. Tanya Kohl says:

    Happy October 🎃 🧡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tanya, Big Happy October to you as well. I love the Fall.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I just want to send a bunch of hugs your way! Sorry it’s been so rough for you. I usually distract myself with huge projects too. Although I’m happy with my purging and other major projects this summer, I’m excited for you for your creative projects being underway. Wish I had done more of that. However, I did pick up some supplies over the summer. Guess they will be for winter crafting now.
    Had to laugh at self-medicating with ice cream. Sometimes that’s what we have to do. 😀
    That’s a cool story about the Root beer Lady! I had read the book last winter. I have grown to love stories about strong women.
    Thank you for the mention! ❤ I'm still doing well following the plan. Hubby has lost almost 50#. We both feel so much better.
    Hope October is better for you and area of the country. Stay busy and when your book comes out, I want to buy a signed copy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Robin, thank you, so fun to read your comments and post. October is looking good, it is getting cooler and everything is getting back to a somewhat normal environment that I am used to. That is amazing about your husband loosing that much, you must be so proud. Most people gained weight during the lock downs. I believe you and I would have a ton of fun together making crafts. I have always loved art. Okay, off to get house chores done. Our days never end do they? You and your husband have a great week, big bugs from Arizona.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Jane Fritz says:

    Hang in there, LRH. Your faith, close family, and good sense will see you through. Not to mention lots of crafts! 😏 Thanks so much for the shoutout.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank Jane, and you’re very welcome. I share your maps with my daughter sometimes. So fun.

      Liked by 1 person

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