Autumn trip to Our Little Red House.

“ And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and autumn was awakened.”

                     Raquel Franco

Can you believe Autumn is here already. This is one of my favorite times to head up north to check on Our Little Red House. In the desert we do not have four seasons but up north we do. It is so nice to drive up and check out all those beautiful Fall colors everywhere.

The leaves are starting to change.

Right now they’re turning yellow. I can’t wait to see some of the oak trees with their yellow/orange/ and brown tints. Maybe the next trip up we will see that. For this trip we saw a lot of yellow.

Every time we drive up north and open that door to the little red house we always feel so tired that we all end up taking naps. We all find a bed and crash for a bit. It takes hours to get there and the dirt road that we drive down for miles and miles, is a bit rough. Not for the faint of heart or anyone not used to wheel hops up on cliffs, this trip can be a tad bit exhausting.

We also do a little shopping in town since it is so different then shopping in the city. The scent of pine everywhere, campers pulling up to gas stations and lots of boats driving around excited about getting out to the lakes to do some fishing. If you go early in the morning everyone stops off at the grocery store in town for freshly baked donuts. They have a reputation as the best donuts anywhere. We all have our favorites. My daughter and husband love the chocolate glazed, my son loves raspberry jelly and my favorite is the apple fritter.

Eventually we want to do more work on the house. We just haven’t found the time yet to finish what we originally had wanted to do. We were hoping to get some help from family and friends but there were always excuses not to come up and do the dirty work of rebuilding. In all the years of helping others, in the end we would not have the same done for us. We were left with doing everything ourselves or what we could afford to hire people to help us with. Now that it is finished everyone wants to use it until they hear we have no hot water.

One person we hired to help us was my step father who happens to be the only plumber in town. This is a true story, even though hard to believe. It ended up costing us close to $1,000 dollars to hire him to put plumbing in for a kitchen. No special deals even though we were family, we paid like anyone else. It would have been okay, but he left garbage out in the yard from opening up packages of pipes. When we drove up that weekend to pay him, we saw garbage everywhere. I was upset, he could have at least cleaned up after his job. We have to haul the garbage out up there.

When my husband gave him his check my step father would say “ This is really going to help me out, I just had to give (won’t leave name, but my sister and her husband…now divorced) a $1,000 dollars to help those two out.”

This is my lot in life, I am the scapegoat child, so where I have to pay for things, my mother’s favored child, my younger sister being the golden one…doesn’t. She was spoiled as a little girl and also as an adult. She was never allowed to fall down. My step father did do a good job with the plumbing, so it was worth the money, just wish he would have left that last part out where he reminded me that my sister gets money for doing nothing and I will always have to pay. I know there are many of you out there who have this same story to tell. Hang in there, you are not alone. In the big picture of things you know how to pull yourselves up when you fall down and move forward. Along the way don’t forget to help teach others who may fall as well, that we are all in this boat together.

Anyway, Our little house of a mess started out with good intentions but people we loved and we thought loved us ended up getting angry it seemed once we bought it. We lost a lot of family members after the purchase of this broken down home when true colors came out in every direction. That one still hurts to this day.

This magazine photo below is what we were planning on eventually doing in the main room. The attic above the house has beams exactly like this. Other older homes in the area have also  opened up their ceilings to expose the beautiful beams above. We hope to eventually do this ourselves. It will be a big project but it will look beautiful.

The room where we want to do this looks like this now (photo below). It’s livable and very comfortable at the moment but we eventually do want to open up that ceiling. Now it’s just one huge room. Nothing fancy up at Our Little Red House, most of the items were bought thrifting.

Sometimes I do imagine what it would have been like with family joining in on our happy adventures of rebuilding this place and our dreams. I wanted to have smore roast and family dinners but that ugly old green monster came out and made things oh so cruel and ugly.

A small town where we have family that lives there (my mom and step father have a place here) it has been a long decade of no contact after my husband and I had no other choice but to step away in order to protect our children from becoming the next generation of abused scapegoats. Such an ugly pattern that is happening with families all over this planet.

I still find ways to sneak in kindness. Sewing up masks for my mother and Step father, sister and other family members when there was a shortage here in our country during the pandemic. I have a cousin who still keeps contact with me now and then and she was able to pass those hand made masks on without telling anyone who made them.

Now I tell my husband I want to pass some live chickens onto my mother and step father some how, maybe they don’t need them. But I would love to supply the whole town with chickens to breed and have…you never know, best to have supplies of fresh eggs handy. Not even sure if my step father would want some, my mother would probably think they were messy creatures and she would be right with that.

I don’t know what happened in families around the world to break apart like they have over silly things. Something very wicked, that’s for sure. Like a movie I watched years ago call Something wicked this way comes. I was a teenager when my uncle who is like a brother to me, took me and my little 10 year old sister to see that.

” By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.”

William Shakespeare

But it is Luke 12:49-53, Not peace but division, that answers so many questions to what is happening. For now all I can do is love them from a distance and pray they start turning that old green monster away from their lives. We all should always encourage others in all life’s adventures, not sabotage.

In the magazine photo they have a kitchen on one end of the room which we will not be doing. We would just expose the beams above by removing the drywall ceiling and adding an old cook stove in one of the corners.

For now we just go up there for breaks from the city. On this trip I decided to collect some pine cones for Christmas wreaths later. This is a yearly tradition of mine. I usually give them out as early holiday gifts. I think I did this on my last update when we drove up. See the pattern here. If we are up in the wooded areas I always come back to the city with nature supplies.

It was getting dark when I headed out to the little pine tree by the house. It is best to get outside projects down before the sun goes down. It gets so dark out there in the middle of nowhere . The sky lights up with millions of stars at night. It takes your breath away when you look up and realize how many there are. In the city there is too much light to enjoy this.

That night’s book from the library was about Ellis island. Thought it would be a fun one to read since my grandfather came through the island back in the thirties when he left his home country of Sweden. Got involved with it’s history so I brought this book back to the city with me. I always wondered what it was like back then for my Grandfather and his brother.

 These (mostly black and white photos) of history books are the best books to buy for young children. They keep them engaged while you read a few pages, then study those photos from the past. Talking to our children about what their great grandparents had to go through to get here is a fun way to get them interested in history. Museum shop history books are perfect for the little ones when trying to get more involved with history lessons during homeschooling lessons. I have several of these books stored up north in our china cabinet library from those early homeschooling adventures of ours. With no cable or internet we mostly read at night for entertainment. We all read for awhile, then headed to bed. If you ever visit this state of Arizona, get up early to leave from up north on weekends because the traffic back to the city can be a nightmare. More and more people from the city head up north now since the pandemic, to escape the confinement of city living I guess…just like us.  

Next morning I got up to pack sandwiches for the road trip back to the city. One of our neighbors gave us a really nice red lunch bag that we use for all our road trips now.

Also packaged up a gift bag for a friend of ours up there. Her birthday is in the Fall. Her and her husband live closer to the woods so her place is surrounded by pine trees. I wanted to surprise her by dropping off an early b’day gift and left it on her front porch’s wooden railing. We are still social distancing so there is that. No one said anything about there being any rules about leaving little doorstep bags of treats though.

I wrapped the gift basket with a garland of faux leaves. A different take on just adding ribbons.

On the way out the front door there were elk prints all around our house. The elk are in mating season right now. Making strange noises to call out to their mates, around 3 am in the morning always freaks me out. So glad I took that nap when we first got into town. I did not get a lot of sleep at night this time. If you have never heard the mating cry of an elk then count yourself lucky…or unlucky if your into strange noises when it is dark outside. Too much city girl in me I guess.

Oh, and here is another one of my dollar day second hand purchases…this lamp.

I don’t know what the make is, or where it is from. It has really pretty green ivy leaves that go up it and the leaves are outlined in tiny lines of gold. It has one of those old fashioned plugs from long ago. It sits by the back room’s bed now. It reminds me of the morning glory vines that grow around the house.

That’s it for a short trip. Maybe next time we head up we will have lots of beautiful Fall leaves and photos to share with you all. Happy adventures everyone and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your oasis. Families can be trying at times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome and thank you for stopping by for a visit. Yes, families can be trying, but what can we do, we love them anyway.


  2. Sheree says:

    What is it they say: You can choose

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  3. Sheree says:

    your friends but not your family.

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  4. Glad you got to see some changing leaves!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully I will get up to see the oak trees changing, those are my favorites.

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  5. Hello :-),
    I know it’s been a while, but I finally managed to stop by and read your post and hmmm…..
    of course the main topic of your message certainly being rather on the sad side, it’s what I seem to be reading “between the lines” that worries me.
    It’s not so much your words, but the energy that comes from them.
    Hey my friend….I’m a bit worried about you!
    And about your family….don’t make yourself the victim of their karma!
    You don’t deserve that, so let go….maybe even more than you already have.

    I’m thinking about you and the current situation in your city a lot and hope that things among people will calm down after the election.

    My heart goes out to you and your loved ones and stay healthy and strong!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are absolutely 100% correct…things are a bit rough over here right now. There is an energy out there in the world that us empaths can pick up and it is strong. I am trying to go to my two most favored ways to get out of this funk, creating and being in nature. With mourning a loss, you know the steps involved. First the back and forth of shock, then sadness, anger, to finally acceptance. We lost two family members in September and that was a rough one because they were always the more energetic and young at heart types. just shocking that the big C (not the virus either) would get two siblings in the same month. They traveled a lot together back and forth from Arizona to Europe. Maybe they were exposed over and over to something.
      Anyway, I think the whole country is just done with the virus, the political tension, the hate and riots happening….something is not right and then throw in so many deaths this year of 2020, well, you know, it is a rough one for sure. And as you already know, I am estranged from my family. I try to be careful about ranting about that in my posts but sometimes I just can’t help it. Times like now are those times when we think about family, hoping they are okay. At least I have some really cool cousins, more like sisters that keep in touch and are always really kind. Another way I get through this ugliness our country is experiencing right now is to write it out, best to stay off social media while I do that…don’t want to be one of those Debbi downers as they say and share too much of what is happening. You should see all the political signs everywhere, neighbors talking politics and getting upset, the phone ringing with politicians over and over, ad after ad on all stations…this year is really intense. My daughter had to buy a Kindle to do her school work on because when she would try to read lessons it was just over and over ads from one party. It is so insane right now.
      I am working on writing a whole month of post for December, fun posts that is, so I can be offline to concentrate on that book of crafts and art for ASD children that I have been working on for over a year now. Didn’t realize how much work is involved in putting together a craft book. I also have been designing craft kits that will include tips for children on the Autism spectrum to help with fine motor, sensory, OT, and speech lessons. All the kits will include recycled and upcycled materials that I shop second hand for, an added bonus for the planet we live on. Too much waste out there. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about your soap. I need to order a black sheep. I will have to get that going now that temps are a little cooler at night but still hot during the day. Maybe a couple more weeks. Anyway, thank you for the concern, you’re always really kind. You and Frank, stay safe and healthy as well. I think once the election is over, our family has had a chance to heal some more from loosing two of our favorite family members from Italy, and we get a better handle on the virus propaganda (people hate when you wear masks and also when you don’t…crazy out there) we will have a chance to find our new normal and go back to just regular old life. Okay, back to laundry now… a big day of housecleaning today.


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