Felting pumpkins and streaming scary movies

 Yep, I did it again. Looks like it is a tradition now. Time to get out the wool felt and felt away while watching scary movies for October, well a couple days at least and nothing too scary. I refuse to watch slasher, extreme horror and anything that is a waste of time. Seems there are a lot of corny movies being made now days that are just a waste of time.

Last year I stuck with the classics, they have good stories that keep you entertained. Most movies now days, the new ones that is, are visually pleasing to the eyes but there are no longer any good story lines. Think this is why they are remaking all those movies from the past. Where did all the great screen writers go?

Anyway, just like last year, here is my movie list for some fun but safe spooky tales. I do not suggest needle felting though while watching any movie. Needle felting can cause injuries if not paying attention.

First movie I watched was called Greta. It’s a psychological thriller that has a little Hitchcock feel to it, about a really sweet girl that finds a purse on a New York subway. When she takes it to it’s owner she discovers a lonely old widow that she eventually becomes friends with. This is where the movie starts to turn and now we go into a scary stalker type situation, just really creepy. My daughter bought another one of those streaming channels and this showed up so I clicked on. It is spooky and it does have some suspenseful moments so the story was there. it reminds me of the fairy tale told to me as a child about Hansel and Gretel. Is that where they got the idea for the title? It’s a warning to all those young and naive types that reminds us all that even the strangers out in the world that may seem harmless could very well not be.

This next movie showed up in my YouTube recommendations. 1954’s shadow of fear. Apparently there is another movie out there with the same title so make sure you are watching this older version that I am recommending. I love watching classic black and white movies when it rains here. We still have not had any rain for over 100 days, now that is really scary. Real life can be scarier then fiction. Anyway, back to the movie. This is about another young girl in her early twenties that heads back home after her father dies. She had been away for awhile, and in the time of a little over a year both her parents would die. Her father would end up with a very creepy step mother. When the daughter steps back into her big beautiful mansion that she grew up in, she discover creepy art and modern things all around. Her new step mother had replaced all her childhood home pieces with new and more modern pieces. This is another one of those movies that has a fairy tale formula to it. Guess which one…that’s right, Cinderella. The young girl in this movie has a prince charming that eventually comes to her rescue in the form of a childhood friend that ended up becoming the local town doctor. I liked this one.

Now this next one wasn’t a movie at all. This was perfect for needle felting. You can listen to the story while you work on crafting, cleaning house, gardening, take your pick. I have noticed this trend to listen now instead of watch. Podcasts are showing up all over the place, replacing journalists, and books are becoming trendy to listen to instead of reading. You can get a lot done this way. A murder mystery from long ago. What my Nana and Grandma used to listen to when they were children. I imagine them all sitting around the radio every night to hear a tale told and acted out.

That’s its. Hope you like these recommendations. We are not celebrating Halloween this year. The first year ever that we will not be giving out candy ghost and Happy meal prizes. Those were my yearly treats I gave out year after year. Even when my kids grew up, I still gave out candy to the neighborhood kids. I think this year I will just create a few bags to drop off at the neighbor’s houses that have children. Which means I need to get to work on making chocolate chip cookies. Even the adult neighbors love getting little bags of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Remember, needle felting and watching movies is a dangerous combination and I really don’t recommend it but I still have fun doing this every year. Happy felting and streaming movies. Maybe I should do this with Christmas movies too. Felting snowmen and watching Christmas movies, I bet that would be fun. As I write this, I have just heard the news that Arizona actually got snowfall today, up north that is. How cool is that. It was a little chilly out this morning here in the desert, which can only mean one thing…it’s snowing somewhere up in the high country of Arizona.

An old photo of one of my many uncle’s from my father’s side trick or treating back in the 60’s I believe.

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  1. Gersom Clark says:

    Looking on pictures alone, Cheri, one word pops in mind, cute! GOD bless you and your family!

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    1. Thank you so much, you are so sweet. God bless you too.

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    I love autumn and Halloween and instead of making scary outfits and decorations, we try to stick to “autumn harvest” theme. I love your little pumpkins, Cheri and as always – adore your craftiness. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😊 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aiva, I have always liked the whimsical Fall decorations better too. My daughter is the same way, but my son one year wanted spooky things for our Halloween decorations. It was zombies and ghost that Halloween, but we still put them out with some cute pumpkins. I love the little chubby pumpkins the best.

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  3. Those are cute pumpkins you made 🙂

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  4. These pumpkins are way too adorable! Love them!

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    1. Thank you. I like the friendly kind.

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  5. I love old movies too. Hitchcock’s are some of my favorites. We are watching Psycho on Halloween because we’ve never seen it. I’d like to check out that second movie you recommended too. I listen to an old 50s show on a podcast at night and I have also listened to some of the Focus on the Family Radio Drama’s. They are really well done.

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    1. I love how they act out everything on those radio shows and the dramatic music is a nice touch too. You can click on and watch the second movie on YouTube. Lots of free classics are available on Youtube and some free streaming stations. You will like Psycho. I also love the Hitchcock movie (I forgot the title) about a girl who has an uncle come visit and she is a clairvoyant that picks up something isn’t right about her uncle and he discovers she knows his true colors, it is such a good movie, just can’t remember the title right now. And who can forget The birds, that is a creepy one too. My husband always jokes that when he was working in LA that they gave him the broom closet to edit in that used to be Hitchcock’s studio and office space. I guess they used every space available when editors were working and turned the little cleaning closet into a station too.

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      1. That story about your husband is too funny! I bet they don’t even have staffs that big anymore — especially with everything going on.

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      2. So true, I don’t think they do either. It was such a humble experience for him and he shares that story every time I watch or bring up Hitchcock. A lot of the universal editor’s job went to India which is what happened with my husband . He was finished with LA anyway so no hard feelings on his part because he came home one day freaked out about just what he was seeing. I know there are lots of stories out, but most are just too weird for anyone to believe. I would never write a post on it, that’s for sure. Trends and just different lifestyles, best to just walk away and find happiness where you can. My husband keeps quiet though. He said that anyone that wears a cross always has a hard time there.

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      3. I have heard the same about people who wear a cross in Hollywood. They are not looked at very highly.

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  6. Super cute little pumpkins! You do beautiful work. Love the little sheep you’ve done too. ❤ One of these days down the road, I may try my hand at felting. I love what can be done, but I have so many other "irons in the fire" right now that there just isn't enough time to take on anything else.


  7. saramincy says:

    These are ADORABLE!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, so glad you like them.


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