October updates and favorite posts.

“ You can not love your brother across the world if you do not love your neighbor across the street.”

My son’s cat Sammy just hanging out in the Arizona room out back.

 Wow…just flying by isn’t it? October is just about over, that was fast. This month was a month filled with Fall colors, road trips, thrift store remakes, working on my Christmas craft book and finally cleaning up some more in the dead zone…which is our garden after the summer months here in Arizona.

First lets start with the road trip this month, actually there was more then one. We have been taking a lot of trips up north this month. We are trying to get internet service up there so we can do our home businesses and our son and daughter can do their online university classes. Remember we usually go up to Our Little Red House for a break from technology, but 2020 is changing a lot of things in our life, which makes all our plans change. A domino effect.

Anyway, we spent some time up in nature, which is what we needed, what everyone in the city needs. Even if you just find a city park some where and hang out under a big shady tree, which my family and I used to do before the little red house came into our lives, just remember to take those breaks from the stress of technology and do something quiet outside.

I took this photo last year in early October. I didn’t have a chance to take a photo on the road into town where this photo was taken this year. It is one of my favorite foraging spots. In this spot there are oak, and apple trees surrounded by pine. This is close to the area where my family and I almost hit a large mountain lion driving into town.

Something amazing happened on this trip up north. We had a conversation with our neighbors about religion and politics, two no no’s. Unless you know the people you are speaking to, happen to be of the same religion you are, or are voting the same way as you, then these are two super sensitive subjects to bring up, especially now in our country. There are many people hating all over the place right now in this country with certain topics. This is why there is such a thing called the silent majority and the shy voters…everyone is frightened.

Our neighbor brought out an old King James version bible to share chapter 6 with my daughter. The bible was in the old store museum when they bought it.

So with several different views, we all talked about “Those” subjects we are always told not to talk about. And an amazing thing happened, we still all left friends. We laughed, we all brought up good points, and we all ended our time together with our neighbors saying “Safe drive back to the city and we will see you the next time you head up.” and this is how it should always be with friends and neighbors.

We, no matter what, should always be there to help each other out, to love our neighbors. The world is a much better place that way. All this masks wearing (I know it is necessary) prevents smiles and small talk, it makes it easy to keep us all separated. It makes it easier to get us to turn against each other. Think how scary that is. So if you are reading this right now, please leave a card with happy greetings and a bag of cookies for a neighbor you do not know. Right now, the whole world is suffering because we are not connecting like we used to. We are social creatures after all.

There were some updates on the museum our neighbors live in…they built an outhouse.

I have only had experiences with outhouses as a child camping. They are horrible to me. Just the smell alone can scare you away. I remember my dad handing me a stick the first time I had to use one at the age of 7 and when I asked what the stick was for he would answer, “ To clear out spiders and webs that may be on the toilet seat.” imagine my excitement using that bathroom back in the day. Yeah, not so much.

But our neighbors outhouse was really cute, very country feel to it and I loved that. Would still be afraid of creepy crawlies but still, this is a nice looking outhouse if I do say so myself.

There was a bath tub garden outside, but nothing planted yet. I told our neighbors they should take baths outside like they do in the boonies. Way out, far out, people who own acres and acres, take showers and baths outside because there is no one around. I don’t think the other people in town would like seeing our neighbors bathing so close to town though. I was just trying to get some laughs going which we all needed.

Inside the museum, where our neighbors have their living room, there is a big window that overlooks the whole town.

The shape and size of the window reminds me of paintings at the art museums in the city. While I sat there I watched trucks going back and forth to get supplies at the Cherry creek store. This was so fun to watch. The museum is way up on a hill so you can see most of the town from that window. A moving piece of art. In the far distance is Potato butte and at the very top are old Native American ruins that are fun to explore. I always call Potato butte pumpkin hill. Don’t ask me where that came from, I really don’t know but now it is stuck in my head and whenever I bring up that little hill I call it pumpkin hill and everyone from town gives me a look. Like what the heck am I talking about.

“Hey, how do I get to Pumpkin hill?” or a frequent question of mine for all questions envolved with exploring the area…

“Hey, do you think there are bears up there?”

Again, I get either a lot of silent stares or laughs. Like, “Yeah, there are bears out there, and mountain lions, elk, bobcats, and wolves.” So I get a lot of those silent city folk stares like I am a lost little puppy or something. Just asking, don’t any of you worry about bears?

So I always call this hill Pumpkin, then my husband laughs and reminds me it is called Potato Butte and I always answer back …

” Well, it reminds me of a pumpkin, I like pumpkin better I suppose.”

Then I get accused of being stubborn followed by more laughs. Actually now that I am getting a better look at it from this photo below, it does look more like a potato.

Exploring the store has always been one of my son’s favorite things to do, ever since he was a kid. I also walk around pretending what it must have been like back in the day to shop here. The products are no longer for sale, just there now, like a huge time capsule for everyone to enjoy while the years pass by.

This place would be a great place to play a game of hide and seek, lots of corners and even under ground areas to explore. Or an I spy game.

I could loose time in all the photo opportunities here. Spending hour after hour shooting away. Lots of rustic history to record. I am always pushing for everyone to write their stories, imagine the stories this store could tell. Just the photography alone would make a fun coffee table book.

There is a new vehicle at the old store. It really is starting to look like we have walked back into another time and place.

Our neighbor’s newest toy.

This month I worked on my bucket list book, you all know what that is, a Christmas book.

I also did some needle felting. Pumpkins and some more sheep. I was going to do a posts on this but I just haven’t had a whole lot of time for my DIY posts lately. All my energy is going into Christmas DIY’s for that book but it is not looking like it will be ready before Christmas, we will see. So much to learn. Here is a link to a fun DIY needle felting post by Lincolnshire Fenn crafts– . She is so talented, you will love the things she makes.

I used twigs for my sheep’s legs and added some sheep’s wool that some 4-H kids gave me at a state fair we had here before the pandemic.

My thrift store purchases this month were a tiny little Bayer pill bottle. It was .50 cents.

A desk set for the small bedroom up at Our Little Red House. Any piece of furniture we buy for up there has to be under $20. So far I am still keeping in that budget, just a fun goal and game we play. This desk set was under $10. I am cleaning it up and fixing it today before we head up north again.

I just got through painting the top of this desk, leaving the rest wood and I added some vintage knobs I had. Still need to make a pillow seat for the chair.

I also bought some buttons for .50 cent. I have a fun holiday project for my ASD table time crafts that I hopefully will be sharing with you all for Christmas.

My son needed some anatomy books for his university classes and I needed some EMT books for our emergency bags. I also needed some little things for birthday cards I sent out. They had to be small so I picked earrings but they are what you call costume jewelry, faux pieces. No diamonds here. Just little handmade craft earrings and some vintage ones from a bartering store I shop at here in our city. I took some of my baskets that I weave down for a trade. Medical books can be very expensive so when my son asked for some I said I would check this store out first. It was a fair trade for some little baskets I make when watching TV at night. It is calming to make them and fun while watching movies. Better to be extra frugal in times of fragile economies.

Here are some of the earrings I got from the trade, along with several books, some medical and some just for fun, and lots of vintage Mother earth news magazines. I got about ten magazines that cover all kinds of topics on homesteading and recipes, natural healing for wild herbs, sewing. There is so much information in those magazines. My favorite earrings were some really pretty crystal hearts.

My earrings are covered in felting wool because they were stored next to my felting basket on the table.

Prayers this month go to our country. We are in a battle. I brought this up last month but it is serious. The world is watching this election, lies are getting exposed and every day more and more is censored for something twisted that I fear leads to something terrible. We have had no new wars in the past years, and I have heard about places of peace now, where wars were once, but this is hardly reported on, which is frightening. Why are they not reporting those positive things that we desperately need to hear right now in a world of a pandemic. This has been one of the most hateful elections I have ever experienced. I always knew there was a hidden resentment and hatred for this country I love but to actually see it here in my country from it’s own citizens is shocking and so disheartening.

There is corruption in every government in every country. Please remember that the people that live in these countries are not what the leaders are. Instead, understand that citizens all over this world are just like us all. They have families, they are your mothers, fathers and neighbors, other human beings trying to live a peaceful and happy life. It is only in corrupt leadership where the real evil and tragedies are. “They” are so good at flattering and lying, been tricking us all for many decades and now more truths and lies are being exposed more and more. So remember to pray for peace, pray that what ever the out come during this election, that we all stay united, that we all remain friends.  Life is more important then pride. One side is going to loose, hopefully we all remain kind to each other with what ever the outcome, that we will build each other up, caring and staying united.

Okay, now onto my favorite posts….

Favorite Fall DIY’s:

Robin did a cute little Fall tree out of a toilet plunger, you have to check it out. This was so creative.

Dandelion B- Creepy for cheapy- https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/1360\1


I thought this was so cute, a pumpkin from an oar. With it’s long top hat and whimsical face it would be a fun decoration in any home for the Fall .

Coloring pages- The tiny potager–  

 amazing detail in her coloring pages and you can watch her on YouTube designing her sheets which is very therapeutic watching someone else create.

For some early Christmas shopping check out these two gifts for online shopping.

Thealchemistspottery– they have a variety of Christmas ornaments for sale now.

And a friend of mine that edited a book for her friend’s little girl has a book recommendation that she wanted me to pass on-

 The young girl who wrote the book is 13 years old. She also drew the art work on the cover. My daughter just bought it for her Kindle so I will be reading it later. The title of the book is called A family for Christmas by Leina Grace Tillotson. The friend of mine who helped edit it also has a documentary out that she directed on health care here in our country that is available on Amazon prime. It is called health care unmasked, here is a link to that           .

I am not getting anything for promoting these items for Christmas, just happy to pass on encouragement for anyone who follows their dreams and does their own thing.

Since we are on the subject of following your own dreams check out Manuela’s post she writes about. Her newest post is on mental illness and how important it is to help address that issue.  Manuela is taking classes and looking into life coaching, along with continuing her small business she started herself. I look forward to following up on all these goals and encouragement that she shares with us all. Her and her husband Frank are always fun to keep up with and read about their homesteading adventures out in the woods.  

Favorite photos-

I have a new follower, Sue lives in a little village called Kisszekely that is in Hungary. She shares her top photos from the summer and they are beautiful. If you are into Sunflowers you are going to love this one.

And I can’t forget Lisa over at Boondock ramblings   I always enjoy her yearly Fall photos. She lives in such a beautiful area.

Favorite reads:

Aiva took her family on a camping trip in a campervan and has great suggestions on road trips with the family. With the virus out there, this is becoming a new normal, those local vacations we take. Instead of flying we are now traveling on the roads. Another fun blogger that writes about her fun adventures while traveling in her motorhome is Ingrid at live laugh RV  

KJ   also went camping, after she was sure she didn’t test positive for the Red Monster that is. Which she didn’t thank God. If you can’t get out camping right now because of lock downs then this is a fun read, not exactly like the real experience but close enough with the fun way KJ writes her posts. I have a feeling her and Laura from all the shoes I wear would hit it off great, they both have the same relaxed way of writing with a touch of humor now and then…love that. Anyway, she has some great shots too, of this camping adventure. KJ is also helping her daughter out with some medical expenses that they will be having to deal with from accident Emily had years ago. They are hopefully able to treat this condition at a special clinic Emily will be going to. Check out Emilies link here for the GoFundme page.

Jane Fritz–  A white woman, racism and a poodle.

I forgot about this post from the summer and came across it again. Sometimes some of us will never understand what walking in someone else’s shoes feels like. We all have stories to tell. What a world we live in. I have so many stories too, but then this story Jane shared with everyone isn’t about that, it is a very sensitive subject that we all have to be careful we never do to each other, in any form what’s so ever. We all are the same after all, same heart, same brain etc…think you get the gist of it. Again, the theme here for this months updates is to love your neighbors…period!

Favorite recipes:

When I clicked onto Laura- from all the shoes I wear and started to read her post I had to click off for awhile and go back the next day. It was a Sunday and there were some of us in our family doing a 24 hour fast so Laura’s post was not one to read when avoiding food at the moment. Her meal recipes always look so yummy. She is one of those cooks that you can tell cooks from her heart and soul. Yums! Anyway, I went back and read it after my fast. Fall is here and Laura is ready to share her favorite meals with you all. Thanks Laura for the prayers too, October was a much better month for us all here in my family.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thank you for your visits, follows and likes. Please share any favorite posts of yours in comments below with links. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

 And remember what ever the outcome this election, we all need to remain friends and neighbors, so stay nice. I will be off for two weeks starting in November, not for the election but to concentrate on my Christmas book of crafts. I will have some fun reposts from the past, maybe some of you haven’t seen them. I will see you all in a couple of weeks. Big hugs to you all from Arizona.

 “ If you hate the person, then you’re defeated by them.”



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Fritz says:

    Lots of important messages in this post, LRH. Thank you for including my post about racism, along with many other compelling reads. Blessing to America to do the right thing on Tuesday … and beyond.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Jane and thank you as well. Yes, I am hoping for the best too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, I’m just catching up on things and oh my have you outdone yourself again with this amazing post!!!

    And honestly, I have to come and visit your beautiful area one day…..just love everything about the area, from the land to the quaint little towns, the shops with all of the antiques and the second-hand stores and….man I love your neighbours “new toy” !!

    But what I love most…..that you and your neighbours got to have a “good” chat and you all separated as people who might not share the same opinions but respect each other enough to accept this and let each other live in peace.

    If only everyone could do so…..it would be so easy to live on this beautiful planet!!

    Hope that now that the election comes to an end, things will also calm down in the city and you will be able to find your quiet and peace back there too!!

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning my blog again….it’s so much appreciated 🙂 !!

    Well, my friend….take care, stay safe and down let life take you down
    Hug from me to you !!


    1. Thank you Manuela, just got back to the city. Our electric went out up north and a snow storm was headed up there so we packed up and drove back to the city. Sometimes when the weather is bad they close the road out of town. We have 4 wheel drive but still. it is a scary drive up on the cliff. One of my uncles drove off one time but the trees saved him and he was able to climb out of the vehicle and walk a few miles back to town. It wasn’t during the Winter when the snow is up there so that was good. But there are mountain lions that are always hanging out around that road and forest area. It is always nice going out there in nature but always need to stay alert. I love visiting with people in town, so different then the city. It was a little tense though, the election wasn’t a clean one and it was so close, which always causes battles. I hope and pray for a peaceful outcome but I already see things becoming ugly. I just tell the ones I love to stay peaceful in your hearts and take everything day by day. None of us should fight, ever. Anyway, I didn’t even watch the election while I was up north. I watched old classic black and white movies from the 50’s, listened to music (Abba songs even came up) and painted and worked on repairs. Then the next morning it was like an explosion went off. I told my family that we need to stay off the news sites, looks like someone wants a civil war in this country. I hope I am wrong, I really do, but it is not the country I am used to. Today I have a pile of projects to do. Work on recipes for my Christmas book. A Swedish coffee cake, Gingerbread cookies, and take photos of it all. My grandma was German and my Grandfather was Swedish so Christmas celebrations were a mix of two styles. It is a fun distraction. Keep warm over there, our neighbors up north (the one with the old museum and cool truck toys) says it is going to be a cold Winter. He is a Swedish farmer from Idaho that moved here to Arizona with his wife. He is so talented with building things. They had several horses at one time but as they have gotten older it is too much to handle and they ended up getting rid of several, now they just have one. So stay warm up in your area. I don’t know anything when it comes to snow and ice but if Robbin says it’s going to be a cold one, I always listen up. Big hugs back to you and Frank from Arizona.


  3. Finally getting caught up with your posts! I didn’t realize I had been MIA for so long.
    First of all, thanks for the mention on my little fall tree! ❤
    You have been busier than usual! I love re-doing old furniture. Hubby is building a shed so I can get back into do it.
    The store/museum is amazing! It's so cool to see replicas of how it use to be.
    There's a little community near here that an older man who grew up there is re-creating. There has been an outdoor theater there for many years that does a few plays each summer, a lovely little church, an old schoolhouse, an old diner that is only open for summer dinners and on summer weekends. There is a little park that has a huge gazebo where many weddings have been held. Last year, he re-created the little store that his Dad had built and run when he was a kid. He has quarter coke and snack machines on the porch outside.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so cool, I love tiny towns that still go back to old school ways. How fun is that. We need an outdoor movie theater with popcorn and soda up there in that small town. I am old fashioned, even when I was a kid, I enjoyed hanging out with grandparents the most.


      1. This is more of a tourist attraction, but the community loves visiting too. I think the whole “town” consists of 7 buildings plus the gazebo. Look it up if you have time sometime. It’s Pine Knob, in Caneyville, Kentucky. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I need to get over to that side of the country some day. I have never been over there. I have lived in North Dakota but only for a summer about three months. I was too young to remember much, just that they had the best dirt and I love making mud pies and digging up worms for fishing. Then we lived in Texas for awhile and I had to go to elementary school there so I didn’t like it. I remember it snowed grey slushy mudding looking snow and it was the first time I would see snow, but it wasn’t snow, it was so disappointing, Also the sirens during the Tornado warnings freaked me out and the hail was huge in Texas, size of golf balls. I try really hard to think of something positive from my time in Texas but I just can’t find anything except that there was this little boy in my second grade class that was so sweet to me and was always trying to get the other kids to also be friendly towards the new little girl that came into the class from Arizona. He was like the class leader or something, always keeping everyone together, getting along…so cute, Seven year olds can be so sweet. If we do decide to go on a long road trip (not traveling by plane anymore) I will be visiting family in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Kentucky sounds like a great stop too. I will have to look up Pine Knob.


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