Shopping for vintage Christmas decor on Halloween day.

   Well, I was going to try to take a couple weeks off from social media and the computer, but I am back in the city now. Which means I am back online. If you are a regular follower of mine then you know we had to come back because of a storm that caused our electricity to go out, which is no fun. Our well is hooked up to an electric pump so when the electricity goes out so does plumbing.

 Anyway, I have not really been writing up any new posts and I haven’t been stopping by to visit everyone. I started back on my Christmas book. This is something that is helping put me in a place of peace. With everything that has been going on in this country of mine, a Christmas book makes me happy in those moments where it is just too much to take in. You all know what I am talking about…the hate. Maybe being in a battle state we feel it a bit more then most states. You can not escape the ads, the messages over and over, so intense and so much pressure. It reminds me of that game where someone spins you over and over then they stop and watch as you try to walk. You get so dizzy it takes you awhile to get your ground.

To bring some normalcy to our life, it has been all about Christmas here at Our Little Red House. On Halloween day we all went into town when we were up north. I went shopping for my annual wooden Christmas ornaments I love hunting for. Sadly this year with the virus I have not been able to do this. The church sales, where I usually would find them at, were shut down and cancelled this year of 2020. When the thrift stores finally reopened there were only two little ornaments at those stores that I was able to find. It was a very sad year for my little wooden ornament obsession. And them something amazing happened on Halloween day. I found a treasure chest full of my favorite ornaments from the past and as always they were not repeats.

 The day we went shopping it was the perfect Fall day. There were even trick or treaters out getting candy during the day. Kids dressed up in costumes walking around just happy to be outside. There were people fishing at the lake. Everyone out having yard sales in cute little neighborhoods with pumpkins everywhere. It was like something out of a movie. Outside shopping, wearing masks, and keeping our distance are ways we are all getting used to, but we are still able to keep the economy going and that is so important . People get so depressed when they are forced to stay put in one spot. We need sunshine, we need to see other people even if only from a distance. This is what life is all about. Protect our weakest of course, but let us live. We know how to wash up, stay home when sick, practice healthy habits. Locking up anyone is a cruel, cruel thing to do. This will not end well if this is the direction we are headed in. Yeah, I am worried…just my opinion.

First store I stopped at was a little shop where the money they make goes to the animal hospital in town.

There were paintings all over the building of animals, so adorable.

This store was filled with all kinds of collectibles from the past. But I was on the hunt for vintage Christmas decor. I needed some pick me up therapy shopping to get me out of the chaos we all had been putting up with in our state.

I kept walking around and then I came across a little room that was all Christmas and crafts…jackpot.

They had several stockings.

All kinds of mugs and glasses.

And lots of Santas. This was the store I found most of my wooden ornaments in.

The second store I went to also had all kinds of items to decorate with for the holidays.

There was a little wooden table in the back room that I fell in love with. You see, I was already getting distracted. Wasn’t I here for Christmas stuff?

When I walked to the back side to see it’s price I was shocked to see it was $200. It was the perfect size for a small space, just way out of my budget. I just can not see spending that much money on a tiny table. Most of the Christmas items I was picking up were .25 cents to $3 at the most.

The note on the table said Eastlake table made in the 1800’s with marble wheels.

Look at this, a dog stocking. Does anyone out there have a black poodle, if so, then this is the perfect gift for them. For one dollar?, wow, all that work, for one dollar.

I loved the little daisies on this trinket box. I think it could be from the 70’s.

There were all kinds of handmade items that reminded me of my Grandma’s crafts from long ago.

I always enjoy looking through the kitchen items.

I find unique storage containers for my craft china cabinet. Who says only cookies can go in a cookie jar?

I also find really pretty gifts for Christmas. I know some people are not really into second hand or vintage but more and more I see people coming over to my side of thinking. So much waste on this planet. Nothing wrong with gifting someone with a green gift. This pearl frame below would be beautiful with a bible verse, encouraging quote or a drawing. Again, who says only photos are allowed in frames. Being creative is the best part when gifting someone with a green gift.

This was turning out to be such a fun day of Christmas shopping. It was very quiet while I shopped because it was done on a weekday. At most of these shops I was the only one in the room. This has been the pattern it seems when ever I do go out once or twice a month to shop now, I always have open spaces and basically the whole stores to myself. I see crowds on local news station here in my city (peaceful protests) but I have been very happy to not be a part of big crowds.

Awww….look at this, I love nativities.

They also had a tree at one of the stores that was filled with artist ornaments that some of the Native Americans made to help make money for the animal hospital.

On the way out of one of the stores was a little booth where some local artist donated their handmade items to sell and make money for meals on wheels. Meals on wheels helps feed senior citizens that are house bound.

I love old prints in frames. My favorite from this bunch was the vase with the flower. Think it was under $20. This would be so pretty in a bedroom. The color blue is so striking.

Here in Arizona there is a lot of art that has to do with the old west like this saloon girl print.

This print reminded me of grandpas out there everywhere. A little girl out on the sea with her grandpa.

Wow, this was a busy chair, but it started to grow on me the more I shopped around this store. Reminds me of Disneyland when I was little. I don’t know why, it just does. I didn’t buy this chair, it doesn’t match my decor and my family would seriously think my chair problem was officially out of control if I brought this home.

The price on this chair was only $15. It would be beautiful in an adobe southwestern home.

But this chair was nice and I liked the wooden bucket that was next to it too.

So guess what I bought?

This Santa for $1. A little lamp from the 70’s-80’s I believe.

A tiny mouse for .25 cents.

A whole basket of wooden ornaments. I will have my yearly post on what I found this year to be posted in December for the blogmas.

This stocking, which I will be filling up with sweet treats, crossword puzzle books and cat themed toys for our neighbors. Stockings are also pretty ways to package gifts for anyone who doesn’t want to use bags or paper.

An adorable gum drop snowman ornament.

A paper angel.

Vintage cake toppers. They used to add all kinds of cute toys to holiday cakes and cupcakes.

I have a fun project with Christmas sweet treats that I will be adding these tiny vintage treasures to.

A snowman box.

Small items like this little snowman box add extra detail to baskets filled with cookies when handing out gifts to neighbors and friends. Little inexpensive items that add to the holiday spirit always add a nice touch and make it more personal. A basket full of love is what I call it.

A vintage Christmas coloring book.

A pile of deer.

Vintage toy deer and Santa dolls make great garden picks when putting together plants to give out as gifts. Just add Bows and some extra detail to them and add a wooden stick to poke down into planters. Use clothespins to add special Christmas greetings on little cards you hand make.

Three felt Santa’s. These were only .75 cents each.

These three santas would look so cute tucked away in a giant wreath on a door with a big red bow of course.

This handmade angel ornament.

I will be adding this pearl angel ornament to one of my pretty bows I make that I tie to a gift package. It is in details like that that make gift wrapped packages so pretty when giving out gifts.

And the last handmade ornament I bought for the year was this little cow that came with it’s own tiny bell tied around it’s neck.

After a day of shopping in town when we came back to Our Little Red House we noticed the cows were back behind our back yard.

 What I regret not buying?. Well not all these items in photos down below. But I still thought about them on the drive back home wondering if I should have bought them. Buyers remorse is something all vintage shoppers deal with when out there on the hunt. Keep scrolling down, there is more to see from this shopping trip.

This mask. I mean, come on, how funny would it be to walk into a store this Christmas wearing a Rudolf face mask. Might of been worth it for the laughs alone.

A beautiful blue angel candle holder. I should have bought it. It would have been so pretty on the dresser by my frames.

Wasn’t sure what these were suppose to end up as. There was nothing to hang them from so they weren’t ornaments. They are really funny looking though, but also a little creepy to be honest.

This boy and girl ceramic set was kind of cute, but again, they did not match my decor. I think they would look cute in a child’s room or a baby nursery as something unique and whimsical.

What a funny looking doll. This would make a great white elephant gift at one of those ugly Christmas sweater parties.

That’s it, is there anything here you would have bought? Whoops, one more thing. While we were driving out of town we got in a little bit of a traffic jam.

A bunch of geese were crossing the road to get to the other side of the lake. It was so cute.

Hope you all enjoyed this shopping trip with me. Christmas is right around the corner. This year we are keeping it very simple and all about memories, our favorite food treats, family, love ones and just thankful for every little gift that God gives us. Please stay safe out there, spread kindness. Love your neighbors and please pray for peace around the world and that my country becomes united because of right now while I write this, we are not.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    I love every single item you’ve bought! Around this time of the year, I would usually comb through all the thrift stores in Sligo in search of Christmas stuff. Sadly, due to the covid restrictions, all the shops, expect for the food stores, are closed. We are still in a very strict level five lockdown, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good news. At the beginning of the next month, we’ll see if the government will let us visit our family and friends. Thanks for sharing and have a good day, Cheri 😀😀😀

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    1. Thank you, I am so sorry to hear about your lock downs. We had lock downs here in our state too at one time when the virus first hit but we are a red state (Republican) or we were that is, but now we are Blue (Democrat) since we just had an election. The Blue states always have stricter lock downs, more violence, more virus deaths and numbers then the red states. It is frightening to see what will happen next. I can not imagine not being able to see family or go out much. As long as we wear masks, social distance, keep clean, and stay home when sick plus protect the oldest and weakest then everything seems to work out smoothly, unless you follow the news that is. I live next to a hospital and it is very quiet here but the news reports a different story. I had to turn it off because it just makes life scary. I pray we do not end up in an extreme lock down for the holidays, that would be so sad. I am extra careful only going out once or twice a month. My cousin and other family members got the virus and they are okay, guess they were the lucky ones. I just fear going to any hospital here in my country…never know what the outcome will be.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved seeing all the items and looking at your thrift store photos. Yes, things are crazy and being locked inside homes is unhealthy. I have to be careful what I say because other people look for things to get offended about and start fights — now even on WordPress. I’m pretty much fed up with the entire internet but your post was a bright spot and lifted my spirits to think about Christmas and all the pretty decorations we can put up.

    That one set of little figurines you had that kiss when you put them together reminded me of a set I used to have that I “stole” from my grandmother. I actually asked her for it and she didn’t mind passing them on to me. I think the finally broke. They were two little elves kissing. So cute.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That is what is so fun about second hand shopping, so many unique items. Every time I step into one it is like a museum of a mismatch assortment of grandma’s house. Just something special about that. Everyone had a grandma growing up, some still do, and stepping into a thrift store takes us all back into Grandma’s living room.
      I feel the same way with social media right now. This is one of the reasons we decided to head up north for a couple weeks, to take some time off from the chaos here in the city. We didn’t have our generator set up and we were low on wood so we headed back to the city. I want to go back and finish our vacation. We did not take a staycation this year because of the virus and lock downs and rules and etc… ya know. This was going to be a nice break of sorts but as always there was work to be done so we had to paint the whole house. We had three days to get it done before the snow was coming in. I don’t think it did snow though, never checked.
      Wow, didn’t think anyone would go to those dark places of hate here on WordPress with fighting but you can never be too careful now days. I am also being careful with what I write too, like you wrote, we all have to be careful now. I am frightened, but like I always tell my kids…Do not go to places of hate yourself, don’t let your hearts fill with bitterness and anger, always know that God is by your side and stay strong. I have never prayed as much as I have in this year of 2020. It is shocking to me what I am witnessing.
      Those kissing elves were adorable, they made me smile and that alone was worth it. So much fun shopping, even if for little Christmas items. I pray they don’t do lock downs again. It is so sad with those outcomes when rules become so extreme.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. They are definitely planning lockdowns again. The problem is, I don’t think people will actually do it like they did before. People in my area wear the masks, are respectful, but they won’t be as compliant as they were before. They need their jobs and some of them are hurting financially so there will be more fights about it this time.

        Here the governor to the state up north of us says people can’t hold Thanksgiving. We don’t listen to our governor anymore but should he try that with us we already have a plan. We aren’t having Thanksgiving. We are having a “peaceful protest.” 🙂

        I’m teasing a bit because honestly Thanksgiving will just be my immediate family and my parents this year, well, like it is most years.

        I wish you had been able to spend more time up north, but hopefully you will get another chance soon. We haven’t had snow here yet, except one day. I’m sure we will get a lot more soon.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same here in Arizona, so many people said they are going to do what they always have been doing to keep the economy going. Nothing happening so far and I hope the environment stays safe. I have heard about this peaceful protesting on Thanksgiving and it is kind of funny. I don’t get it, why close churches but have so much “Peaceful protesting” going on. I see clips of the news around the world when on YouTube but I stopped watching regular news a couple years ago. Sometimes I will click on and see what is happening locally but even that has changed over the years. The only thing I know to be the truth anymore is what I see and hear with my own two eyes and ears once I step out the door and sometimes I even question that. Anyway, I see sick people in hospitals on the screens and it does break my heart, then I start getting scared wondering what is going on, which causes me to start doubting myself. I want to live though, I want to go out and see things, to be around other people, and look forward to the seasonal things my family and I always did every year. Now it is hard to trust anything we see, read, and hear out there. I just take each day and try to plan out happy things to do to keep things as normal as possible. Today I was actually able to shop at a church sale. They labeled it as a “Yard sale” instead of a church sale, but then here in Arizona (for now that is) some churches are opened. One of the women from the church was selling a yellow crochet baby blanket. I picked it up for my daughter’s friend who is having a baby girl in a couple of months and her favorite color is yellow. Guess pink is out now, so sad, I love pink.

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      3. “The only thing I know to be the truth anymore is what I see and hear with my own two eyes and ears once I step out the door and sometimes I even question that.” Isn’t this the truth?

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  3. simplywendi says:

    oh my goodness, so many precious finds! thank you for sharing part of your beautiful day with us!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Chandra Lynn says:

    I’ve never been able to get into thrifting–the chaos in most thrift stores unsettles me–but you make thrifting look fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some of those stores are a mess and can be overwhelming. I try not to go on sale days because they get so crazy and everyone tries to grab everything. I tend to go to little mom and pop thrift stores but my favorites are church sales. I love those every year.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chandra Lynn says:

        Wherever you go, the stores seem charming. When we are out of the pandemic, I’ll give the thrift stores another chance…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I hope that is soon. getting so tired of the fear and seeing people suffer. Go early when you do shop and see if there are small shops in your area that help charities with their donations. The two I went to were for senior centers and an animal hospital in town. It is nice knowing some of the money goes to a good cause.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Johanna says:

    You made out on those vintage ornaments! Did you find them all in one store??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, there were two stores I visited that day and they were packed with wooden ornaments and all kinds of fun Christmas decorations. I was getting kind of sad thinking this year I would have a chance to shop for vintage Christmas but then there they were, two tiny little second hand shops in a little town up north. Had so much fun that I want to go back but we are in cold and flu season and I try to stay away from stores between December-Feb when they tend to be very crowded. Now we have a new virus to worry about so I am trying to stick to my routine of staying away from retail during the regular Flu season but I did love shopping that last day in October.


  6. PEPPERMIA.x says:

    Haha, I loved your post, you sound just like me. I have spent the whole year amassing vintage and curious ornaments from thrift stores as well. I just put the tree up today and we are all super hapoy with it. It’s a bit haphazard but I had a 5 year old helping. We ended up with a tree worth of beautiful embroidered and glass beaded pieces, ceramic beauties and metal and heavy glass pieces. I just posted some pics on my blog to also show what’s possible to find in thrift stores! Forever pieces!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, I will have to check that out. I am on my way out the door right now to get some last minute shopping done. Rumor going around that we may be going into another lock down soon. If the stores are too crowded I am not going in…germs, I am little creeped out by them right now. I know your tree is beautiful and how sweet that your five year old helped. I loved it when my kids (now grown) started understanding the joys of the holiday season and got involved. So cute at that age.


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