Sunday greetings and a box of blessing.

Good morning everyone, Happy Sunday. Today’s bible verse from my friend’s box of blessings is a repeat. It’s what I pulled out of the box and a message we could all use at this time. With the political tension going on everywhere here in my country and in other countries it is important to remember who and what really matters. Here it is, my friend’s bible blessing for this week…

It is better to trust in the lord then to put confidence in man.

                    Psalm 118:8

Have a wonderful week everyone and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. simplywendi says:

    Perfect verse and AMEN! thank you for sharing……..

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    That’s a great verse 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week ahead ☺️

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    1. Thank you. You and your family have a beautiful week as well.

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  3. That’s perfect. Thank you for that!

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    1. You’re welcome Lisa, we all need that verse right now. God knows exactly what we need to see.

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  4. Renee🌻 says:

    So so true! Great verse!

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  5. Gersom Clark says:

    This so true, Cheri, we place our full trust to the Triune GOD who saves and sustains us. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. God bless you and yours as well.

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