In the garden…preparing tiny pots for holiday gifts.

  Not much going on in our garden. I am still transplanting and cleaning up empty pots and dead plants from the hot summer months.

The heat doesn’t look like it is going anywhere so it is all about cacti now. This seems to be the only thing that survives now. I was surprised to discover my Gardenia still alive but then I have heard they can take abuse. Here I was always trying to over do it with this plant and it started struggling and now that I just let things be it is coming back.

 I spent a whole day transplanting baby cacti that I will be giving out as gifts for Christmas.

It is so easy to grow a cacti garden once your cactus start producing baby cacti everywhere.

Just pop them off and stick them into some dirt and they will eventually root.

I always have several different pots around that I buy for the holiday season to create mini cacti gardens.

Adding a pretty bow and a handmade card makes it look like it came straight from a floral shop but without the price.

Plants are perfect gifts to give to people that don’t like a lot of sweets. Seems we are all overloaded during the holidays with lots of sweets.

If you invest in plants, then eventually they will produce new plants, and who doesn’t like to share.

Happy gardening everyone.

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  1. Your cacti plants look great. I am sure the Christmas gifts will be appreciated.

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    1. Thank you. I think potted plants are so nice to give to neighbors. We have some new neighbors down the street, think they may like one for their new home.


      1. I agree with you there and the good thing about cacti is they are so easy to look after.

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