November updates and favorite bloggers

   “ I have a mustard seed and I am not afraid to use it.”

 This month was a little intense over here in Arizona. To keep things tame I will try my best to stay as positive as possible, this is after all a month that we all need to count our blessings and be grateful for those things we do have.

  What happened this month, lets see. Well we went up north to the country again.

Our view up north.

Had to paint the whole place.

I painted inside too.

I forgot the sewing machine, not sure it would have worked for what I was doing anyway so I sewed by hand some rugs that I made into sofa cushions. An old couch that was given to us needed some cushions. It is a hide a bed sofa so inside there is a queen sized bed for two people to sleep on if needed.

I started working on some Christmas decor.

And worked on my craft book.

This month I was shocked to see an actual church sale in our neighborhood one weekend. I can’t tell you how happy this made me. It has been almost a year since I have been to a church sale. The virus canceled so many of them this year. It was an outside sale so it was safer then being enclosed. I bought a little candle lamp for $2.

I got lots of laughs out of this little lamp. When I asked the woman I bought it from how it works, both of us couldn’t figure it out. There was a salt shaker in the top of it that was hiding a very important part to the answer to that question. Here I was going around asking where the plug was and finally the minister of the church walked up and said…

“It’s a candle lamp” and we all started laughing. He took the salt shaker out of the top and there it was…a candle holder. Told everyone I really want it now. It being 2020 who knows if electricity is in trouble as well. Big prayers, big prayers everyone. My husband is still waiting for Godzilla to show up.

And I bought this old newspaper for $1. The newspaper was from the moon landing which my husband will love reading.It will fit nicely in his Christmas stocking. I also bought some little things like an elf ornament for a quarter. There are still people asking for coins, we have a coin shortage, which is another weird thing.

I also bought this Barbie ornament for my daughter’s stocking. It was in it’s original box and everything was wrapped in original bags inside. Just like new. My daughter loves the 50’s era. What do you think…think she will like finding this in her Christmas stocking?

Mostly I just had fun walking around looking at tables full of stuff. The sun was warm on my face, everyone was happy and in a good mood. It was a nice little shopping adventure. This is what I pray and hope the whole world gets back to. Being out, greeting and talking to others, just back to normal. I am so tired of hearing about 2020 misery. Misery I guess needs company too.

For Thanksgiving we decided to eat chicken instead of Turkey. We are not big meat eaters and we always end up with a ton of turkey left over every time we make one. So we decided to make fried chicken, which we usually bake but my daughter wanted to see if she could make fried chicken.

All our big corporate grocery store chains here in our area were all sold out of meat when we were there. Looks like the shortages are back again. See what I mean?…something strange seems to be happening and I know some of you can see this too. We had to get creative so we went to the no name stores and small shops in our city to look for meat. The first one we stopped at had plenty of meat everywhere. I loved this store, it was an Asian super market and it was so cool. I will have to share that shopping trip with you all later. We ended up buying most of our Christmas gifts there. Everyone loves the edible gifts. Lets hope I am right about that.

It was mostly a good month. These new rules and the fear of getting sick are starting to wear on us all. Lots of cabin fever and sadness out in the world. This in turn can make people snappy and cranky. Yep, lots of cranky out there. When things get back to normal, hopefully soon, I will start seeing my beloved Arizona state again. I love outside the city, but this city has been turning for awhile now and locals are not liking what they are seeing either.  

It was still a month to be thankful for. We met new people this month. People who were kind and just stayed around a little longer to talk a bit. There are shortages all over our planet but the scariest shortage is that of kindness and this is a shortage we all can help increase, so easy to get that one in over supply and quickly too.

We still have some close neighbors that seem to have kept their common sense about them and they like us are not talking about those hateful subjects out there that judge people just based off of their religious beliefs (lots of Christians being attacked right now), the country they are from (America is not loved so much out in the world by some people), political affiliate (our country is more divided then ever before), color of everyone’s skin ( I am not even going to go there), rich or poor (so much hate for anyone that works, builds, and saves), educated, uneducated, race, sex and all those beautiful things that make us all unique are making a whole lot of people angry. So many out there in the world right now that judge with resentment, entitlement and jealousy. There are many glass houses in this world we call home and most people don’t even know they are living in one.

So I am thankful for my friends, family and neighbors who still have good old fashioned common sense and can see what is actually happening here. I have noticed that the ones who stay off the screens and social media the most have the most common sense about them. Hmmm…wonder if that is it, are those little screens that throw out lie after lie, are they common sense vampires?…could be. I might be onto something there.

My kids and husband are well, no virus here at the moment and every day I thank God for that. I am still afraid of that ugly little bug. Our health care system here in my country it seems has become political. It is a very rich and powerful business. Many are afraid to step into any hospital in this year of 2020. There is that honesty thing of mine, just telling my truths. Along with kindness, truths are a rare commodity these days too. Most people are not just afraid of getting sick, they are also afraid of speaking up about the ugly things they see, just afraid to question things. So much silence out there. I don’t blame any of them. To be loud means you are taking a chance of being hated.

To the ones out there speaking your own truths, thank you for your courage. I will never hate you for expressing any of your views. I was taught many years ago by a very wise and kind woman in my old neighborhood…

“You can never hate another living being, you can only hate the things they do.”

People can change, and this keeps me positive that the future can too. So I am thankful for the courageous ones that show many that they are not alone. The courageous always stand alone, walking down a path that others don’t. It is through them that others will also learn how to stand up and speak their truths as well.

So shocking to live in a time when there is so much censorship…just frightening to know what that feels like in a country that used to not have this problem. I will have faith that the future will turn into a more positive light. That things will go back to what they should be.

“It is easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.”

                         Mahatma Gandhi

I am thankful we have food on our table. My daughter and son are doing great in school. We are all hanging in there. We have water, shelter and lots of love. What else do we need. So, so much to be thankful for. I hope you are all doing well too and are having happy days.

My prayers this month go out to anyone who is sick, lonely, and struggling during these times. I do not know their faces nor their names but there are many, I do know that. May God bless and protect them and send angels to be there by their sides during these struggling times.

Here are my favorite blogging post from you all this month. I haven’t been online much. Been spending a lot of time up in the country. The peace and quiet is nice up there.

Favorite photo- Sheree www.

 Pumpkins are so cute to me.

Favorite recipe-Deeksha Pathak www.

After visiting that cool Asian market my husband and I were wondering where we could find some international recipes to try. Thank you Deeksha this looks yummy. It will go perfect with my coffee/tea/ and cocoa bar I want to make for the family.

Favorite DIY- Mel- www.

White Christmas ideas. Mel always has tons of creative ways to decorate and she shares creative ideas from others too.

Just a little something extra that I loved reading this month about.

Simple Wendi has a book that she wrote on being frugal. We could all use these tips during these times. www.

I went searching for an old follower of mine, I have tried to keep up with everyone the more I get followers and the harder this seems to be. Smileyriley is all about a young couple who are Christian musicians. The last I heard she was going to have a baby, well she had that baby, a boy and he is 4 months old now. Wow, the time just flew by. He is just a ball of adorable. Congrats on being a new mom.

Smileyriley94- Hopesongblog


I also joined some new sites as a follower. I try to do this once a month. Searching for new sites that I know I will love. Here are a couple from this months.

Olivia- www.

  After 5 years of blogging she is going to participate in blogmas this year. I love this time of year from all you bloggers out there. Olivia left a list of blogging ideas for anyone else that wants to take on this huge project of blogging everyday until Christmas. I will be doing number 4 and every year I do number #12 on her list. My daughter would love #19 and my son #9 and the whole family #5. Yep, did this on purpose, just having fun with you. A mystery you will have to click on to see what those numbers and suggestions are…I love Christmas time.

Bee inspired market- www.

 So many fun DIY Christmas craft projects. Sock snowmen, little gnome globe, Santas, just a bunch of fun ideas to start decorating for the holidays.

 That’s it for this month. I will also try to participate in blogmas this year, we will see if I am able to keep up with that. I have lots of fun DIY’s, recipes, shopping adventures and stories to share with you all. Thank you for stopping by for a visit, for your likes and follows as well. Stay safe out there and God bless you all.  

“ If you have the faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain “MOVE!” and it will move…and NOTHING will be impossible for YOU!

                       Matthew 17:20

11 Comments Add yours

  1. saramincy says:

    So much goodness!!! I love the couch cushions you made…the Barbie ornament is perfect!! I love getting personalized ornaments every year! And that old newspaper- score!!

    I agree with the staying off social media thing…I’ve made a clean break of Facebook and Instagram and I feel very free…blogs are different in my opinion. I can blog and read blogs without the angst of social media.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you and it is nice to be able to blog and keep things friendly, that’s what like about blogging too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that lamp! What an awesome idea! It would be something for us to have since we seem to have more power issues up on the hill we moved to. I also loved that little 50s ornament and I am sure your daughter will too.

    We were able to see some people out this summer at a couple events and it was so nice to see them laughing and having fun and enjoying each other. So different from the rest of the world living in fear. I agree that I love to see people enjoying themselves and just living life again!

    As for the coin shortage, it will happen with paper money soon too. It says in the Bible this will start happening and — here I go sounding crazy. Even I know it sounds crazy — eventually they will want chips in you to pay for things – Mark of the Beast. I thought that was all crap when my dad would tell me about it as a kid. We didn’t even have such things as chips back then and as I’ve seen it start to happen, I’ve realized it sounds so crazy but a lot of it is coming true. Yup. I sound loony! Lol!

    You know I agree with your other thoughts too. This week I deleted Facebook – not just deactivated. I never had Twitter (yuck!) and I agree that the people who don’t do social media at all seem happier, more relaxed and to have common sense. They are even more so if they don’t watch or read the news!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think you are looney at all, in fact I remember my father telling me the same things…freaked me out, that’s what it did and now here we all are looking around, scratching our heads and seeing things that are a bit scary. The only thing I know to do when things start showing up that don’t make a whole lot of sense is to remember my faith, that I am never alone, that God is always near and if this is the fate I was born into well at least I know I am on the right side and I am and always will stay loyal to the things I believe in. I tell my kids to start learning about bartering. Everyone has a skill for a reason, God gave us all gifts and we were meant to use them to help and share with others. A whole lot of teaching many how to fish is coming up I believe.
      Everyone used to get kind of mad at me for not having a Facebook or really doing a lot with social media. When Facebook first started I never joined and now I see what is happening and it is very sad because everyone seemed to have fun with it. I don’t know, it is scary to think about, anyway, I have no room to judge anyone or what they believe, I have some pretty strange ideas too. It is scary to speak up now, it puts a target on us for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. mel says:

    I love your candle lamp! And I thought to myself when I look at your lamp picture, where’s the cable? well, maybe it’s just an old vintage lamp decoration that is not working anymore, but hey, it’s a candle lamp! 🙂 A nice piece….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mel, makes me feel better, That makes three of us that were wondering where the cord was. I have some Christmas candles I want to try in it now.


  4. Athira says:

    Very beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Athira says:

        Always welcome

        Liked by 1 person

  5. simplywendi says:

    Oh my goodness, I am always astonished by the amount of beauty that you are surrounded by both inside and outside your home…….you have done such an amazing job decorating.
    Thank you SO much for including me, I am humbled beyond words!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendi, you are always so sweet.

      Liked by 1 person

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