Happy Blogmas everyone…day 1

Okay, here it is, the start of my blogmas. At this moment right now while I write this intro post for a December 1st post, it is November 16th. I still have a whole house to vacuum, packing to do for a trip up north, laundry to finish, dinner to cook (most likely it will be the left over green chilli caseroul I made yesterday) and photos to take for my bucket list Christmas book , before the magic light disappears that is.

Oh, and I asked my daughter to download a book to read when I can find the time . Oh how I wish I managed my time better. Now I am taking a little mental break of sorts before I do a marathon session of house cleaning to write a post. Because this is fun to me, writing a post. A nice little hobby and great distraction.

I have so many fun projects to share with you all. Now, I just need to put it all together, write it up and pass it down. It should be ready by the time you are reading this. Remember I am writing this post in November. Maybe it will cheer some of you up out there. I do hope so. Christmas is a season about sharing, loving and being kind to one another. I hope you enjoy these next few days of my posting gifts I have for you all. Can’t wait to sit down with a hot cup of cocoa and see what you all have been up to this month as well…now if only I can find some of that time I was talking about. I wonder if I could put that down on my Christmas list. Happy December everyone.

Just a little hint of what is coming up this month…a recipe of mine to an old Swedish coffee cake. I like to call it the American version since I add a little more sugar to mine and cover it with icing.

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  1. Tanya says:

    I can’t wait for the coffee cake recipe. Yum!!

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    1. I need to write that up today, hopefully it will be on for Friday or Saturday.

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  2. Lesley says:

    Is that your cat in the photo? It’s gorgeous . . . as is the coffee cake! 😀

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    1. Thank you, yes, that’s Alley cat. Sometimes she makes a surprise appearance now and then in my posts, usually during the Christmas season. One really hot summer day here in Phoenix (record temps) my husband took the garbage out around 2pm and almost stepped on her. She was so tiny and didn’t even have her eyes open all the way. She let out this loud cry when he walked by and he looked down and thought she was a rat because she was by the garbage that someone had illegally dumped that day in our Alley. My husband brought her in because she was burning up. We gave her drops of water a little at a time and wiped her down with a cool wash cloth to lower her temps from the extreme heat outside. Because we found her during a housing crises here in our state the no kill rescue centers were too full from abandoned animals all over our city. I called everywhere and the only centers open were the state run kill centers so I told my kids we would take things day by day with her, she was that tiny. I fed her formula through a syringe every three hours. She grew up finally but she is still pretty small, think she might have rag doll in her along with those miniature cats (munchkin cats I think they are called with short legs) because when ever anyone sees her they think she is a kitten and she is full grown, had her for 8 years now. She became very attached to me and cries when she wakes up and can’t see where I am at. She is very spoiled in our home and doesn’t get along with our other cats even though she was raised around them, thinks she is a human I guess.

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      1. Lesley says:

        She’s very beautiful. I’m glad it was you and your husband who found her. x

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      2. Awww thank you. We also have many neighbors that are animal lovers and we all kind of look out for each others animals when we are out of town.

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      3. Lesley says:

        It sounds like a great community to live amongst.

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      4. We have some nice neighbors and I love that, I hope it stays that way.

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  3. Happy Blogmas! I am also participating in this. It’s my first year

    – Brittany

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