10 stocking stuffer ideas….Blogmas day 5.

There was a rumor going around our city the day I went shopping for some last minute stocking stuffers. Rumor was that our state might be headed to another lock down, so we headed out for a quick trip to pick up some last minute gifts.

I did not stay too long in the store. The later it got the more people started to head in to shop. Even with masks on, I have this new thing now where it seems I am feeling uncomfortable with crowds even more then before. Actually I have had this anxiety since a little girl and never knew why, well maybe it was this, this pandemic in my future. My husband used to laugh at how I could never travel without a bottle of alcohol in my luggage and not the drinking kind either. Blame it on my Nana and her obsessions with teaching me to be extra clean when out in the world. I do love to shop though. And I still love seeing what’s new out in the stores too. With it being the holiday season there are all kinds of fun things to see. Here are just a few fun items to put in your Christmas stockings this year. Some of these items I ended up buying for my families Christmas stockings.

  1. Candy

       Because this is a special time of year, look for unusual types of candy to go along with everyone’s favorites. Everyone’s favorites being chocolate of course. Old fashioned candy canes, hard candies, suckers, and colorful gumdrops are all nice. You can even melt and pour chocolate candy creations yourself.


  • 2. Water toys

I love the little mechanical ones that you throw into a bucket of water and watch as they swim around. Like little robot fish. If you have aquariums or swimming pools this is especially fun. Even adults will get a kick out of these tiny little toys that almost seem real once they hit the water.


  • 3. Tiny books

This can be anything from a tiny book you make yourself with special greetings and inspiring quotes. Tiny books come in all subjects . My favorite tiny book I received one year was a blank book to draw in.

  •   4. Vintage jewelry pins

  You can turn these into just about anything. Add them to shadow frames for pretty art. Sew up a tiny pillow, add a loop to hang from and pin your piece to that for a nice ornament for the Christmas tree. Or use them the way they were meant to be used, pined to scarfs and sweaters for some added detail to your holiday outfits. You can find these pins everywhere, at yard sales, thrift shops and my favorite places to shop… second hand shops or church sales. If you can’t find old broaches then there are plenty of new ones out there too.

  • 5. Hair accessories

 They come in so many colors. Fashion and jewelry for our hair is what I always say. How can you go wrong with that.

  • 6. Stickers

       Car bumper stickers are always fun ones to add to a stocking. Star wars anything is always popular in our home, but then we are a family of nerds. For the little ones, an assortment of colorful stickers keeps them busy during long waits at restaurants and family gatherings.

  •  7. Ornaments

   This is one of my favorite things to get in my stocking and I love picking them out for others too. We give each other a new one every year.

  • 8. Key chains

        Fuzzy, cute, modern,glittery, they comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • 9. Socks.

 I love the animal varieties they have now, so many to choose from.

10. Games, and puzzles

  Card games, craft kits, tiny puzzles, and miniature toys. So while you are chowing down on all that candy you can be working on a puzzle, playing a game or putting a tiny birdhouse together.

   What do you put in your holiday stockings or what kinds of special treats do you like to find in your stockings on Christmas morning? Happy holiday shopping everyone.


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  1. How funny that I remember so few of the gifts I recieved as a kids but…I remember with such fondness the love of the stocking! We got fruit, nuts, candies and various small gifts like fancy pencils, small toys, bubble bath.

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    1. I do too. Stockings are my favorite when it comes to gifts. I love little things.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        me too!!! 🙂 🙂 we haven’t had the money the past years to do stockings for our kiddos but this year this is going to be a priority……….i know they so enjoy the little “treasures” they receive in their stockings.

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      2. You are right about stockings becoming expensive, so many cool little items that can fit in them. We just keep things simple and mostly have silly little items and treats that aren’t expensive but so fun to find in our Christmas stockings. I love watching everyone go through them and seeing their expressions. Moms are like that, even dads love watching their kids open gifts.

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      3. simplywendi says:

        🙂 thank you for the encouraging words. I am going to try to be more creative this year.

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  2. Liz says:

    I don’t mind for my stocking fillers if I was to receive something like dairy-free chocolate, pens, aromatherapy roll on pens, perfume, or notebook for example.

    As a child, I can remember chocolate, orange and an apple. I can’t remember what else might have been in my stocking.

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    1. I love aromatherapy roll on pens. I used to manage a little essential oil shop back in the day and I always went home smelling so good. I worked with natural products and mixed perfume oils all day long. Oranges are one of the best stocking fillers.

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