ASD tabletime crafts. A wooden tree for fine motor skills… Blogmas day 7

Picked this wooden tree up at the swap meet before the pandemic. It was in my closet of unfinished projects.

Decided to turn this one into a button tree. I have plenty of buttons around might as well put them to use.  

First I painted it green and glued some Velcro to it. Then I picked a few buttons and glued Velcro to the buttons.

A great way to keep the little ones entertained. They can decorate this tree over and over in different ways. This is a fun way to help practice those fine motor skills.

If you don’t have a wooden tree like this or a woodworker in your family to make one for you then you could use heavy cardboard from a box. Draw out a tree shape and cover with green felt. Draw felt shapes and decorations, add Velcro to buttons and beads to decorate your trees with.

ASD tips- Depending on age and level of your children, try to create shapes and decorations that are not too difficult for them to pick up. If things are too tiny they may be discouraging for anyone who struggles with fine motor skills. Start out with large shapes and then as your child builds their skill levels and confidence switch to smaller items to decorate your trees with like buttons and beads.

Remember, just have fun, and include everyone. If you practice ABA therapy then this would make a great toy for therapy sessions. Happy crafting everyone.

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  1. simplywendi says:

    your wooden trees are down right adorable!

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  2. Johanna says:

    We used to make button tree Christmas cards at our church with the kids. I like the idea of making it into an activity. Fun!


    1. I bet they were adorable. I need to try that.

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  3. Love these! So cute and fun!

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    1. Thank you. There are always buttons in the house so plenty of decorations for these trees.

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