Shopping for edible Christmas gifts at an Arizona Asian market…Blogmas day 9.

  The grocery store we normally shop at in our area was out of chicken one day when we were shopping, and that is when my husband and I decided to try some of the small markets in our city to find some . The place we ended up finding chicken at was a local Asian market in the city. We tend to shop early in the mornings so there are no crowds. The later you shop here in the city the more crowded it gets.

 So much fun shopping at international markets. It takes me back to our days of traveling when my husband and I were in our twenties. Wow did time fly by.

When my kids were little we decided to play a game of trying new things. We would take them shopping with us to international markets and let them pick out something unusual to try back home.

I knew being a picky eater as a child that the best way to beat that was to encourage trying new foods in a positive way. Because I started this tradition when my kids were little, they would eventually outgrow their picky eating. This isn’t easy though so no judgement on my part for all you parents out there dealing with a picky eater. They are just super tasters that’s all.

 When my children did not like something then they didn’t have to eat it, but they had to at least try the item they picked out.

“How were we ever going to know what something taste like unless we at least try it first” I would always tell my children.

This is how I broke my little boys pattern of always wanting the same food item over and over everyday. I would slowly introduce new items to his diet. That was a scary time back in the day. I had this terrible fear he was headed down a road of some serious eating issues if this unrealistic pattern wasn’t broken when he was very young. Sometimes with ASD children this is a worry all parents have to deal with. If I saw a pattern developing I made sure to help my child change those patterns early before they became too hard to.  

 Now my little boy is all grown up and a college student, he eats stir fry with veggies, mushroom burgers, green onions in salsa, and rice. Rice was hard because I believe he thought they were tiny bugs. Guess my point is, is that it is a very hard road to go down with picky eaters. So give all of us picky eaters and the parents of them some breaks now and then and don’t judge. ASD families always seem to get judged…patience is the best gift in everything. Anyway, back to our fun shopping trip, which we decided to turn into shopping for holiday gifts.

We picked up some jelly. One for my husband who loves blueberries and one for me which is apricots. This is something we give each other every year, our favorite jars of jellies. Sadly they were out of the jelly I love at Ikea. When we went shopping in October, they had none. Their whole food section was almost empty…weird. Oh well, another tradition of mine was canceled I guess…thanks Corona.

I no longer eat the pickled Herring I used to eat every Christmas because the flavor changed. I know because I am one of those super tasters, remember I was a picky eater myself. I noticed the foods changing years ago. Lots of new ingredients added that try to trick those old taste buds of ours and a lot of ways they do it is through one of our other senses, the sense of smell.

So, I no longer eat certain things because they are no longer the same, they have become imitations. I do not know if these jellies from the store below will taste better or not. All I know is that a lot of my favorite American foods are not the same as I remember them, they have changed. But then these are jellies that are shipped in internationally, maybe they will taste better…we will see Christmas morning. If all else fails, there are always homemade jellies which my husband loves making and gifting to others. When all else fails, make it yourself.

There were all kinds of chocolate treats at the Asian market.

And the packaging was beautiful.

We ended up getting lots of chocolate to put in our gift baskets for friends, family and neighbors.They are almost too pretty to open.

My son loves crunchy snacks and the hotter the better. They had a nice selection of salty and hot chips for me to choose from.

My daughter is a chocolate fanatic and loves cookies.

Some of the items made me laugh. I have no idea what this is, or whether it is good or bad. The man on the package is so happy, so it must be good. Looks like chicken, it’s gotta be chicken.

My mother-in-law loves chestnuts but the first Asian store we shopped at were all out. They had plenty of ginger for all you gingerbread bakers out there. I still need to make my gingerbread house for the year. We make ours from either bags of gingerbread mixes or from an old recipe of mine. The box kits do not get eaten , and that is why we no longer buy them, stopped years ago when the kids were little. They taste like cardboard so who even knows what goes into them.

With just a little extra time we can make our own. Even if it isn’t perfect, at least there will not be so much waste. Waste in the packaging the box kits come in, the fuel it takes to ship out and the fact that no one eats them anyway so all that is involved in them gets tossed to a dump or left to melt away to nothing.

Even our chickens didn’t eat our box kit pieces one year for the longest time. They skipped over it until they became bored or hungry after picking the yard for bugs and waiting for their feed. That should tell you something there…what is in it if even the animals don’t touch it right away?. We as humans seem to have lost our ability to know what is good or bad for us, we are animals too after all. Sugar helps disguise the bad ingredients, just add more sugar and salt and there you go. Plus we all know how addictive sugar is.

We eventually found some chestnuts at the second market we went to. This was like a whole mall of shops, so much fun.

There were all kinds of stocking ideas for gifts.

Key chains.


So many tiny items that were perfect gifts for hanging on a gift or stuffing away in Christmas stockings. I try not to buy a lot of these items too much but once a year and on special occasions for little treats to keep the kids entertained is always fun to surprise them with. Small changes like that help. Making certain things special gifts to be purchased once in awhile. No need to be extreme, but just live as debt free and clutter free as possible and you will live happier lives. If we really want to stop abusing this planet then stop consuming so much and buying so much plastic and products that don’t bring you happiness afterwards, make every purchase count. The simpler the better I always say. There are several books out there on living simple lives, right now Hygge is trending.

I love these miniature shopping carts. I should have bought one for photo shoots for small pieces of fruit. Sometimes I will buy unusual items just for a fun photograph. I also could see using something like this for storage. This would be so cute in a kids room filled with small toys or art supplies. I love things that have dual purposes.

At the end of our shopping adventure my son got a very strong Vietnamese coffee to drink and my daughter got some type of tea with tiny black beads floating in white cream of some sort. I know if she were reading this right now she would laugh because I have no idea what is was called. She is not just a chocolate fanatic, she is also a tea fanatic. She knows all the different types of teas, whereas I am and have always been a hot chocolate kind of gal. It was such a fun day of shopping for everyone. Hope you all enjoyed this trip with us. It will be awhile before I have any new shopping adventures to share with you, staying put inside now because the numbers are getting scary out there with that ugly old bug that ruins everything. I will have to go back in my archives and find you some fun shopping adventures of mine before the pandemic.

 Stay safe everyone and have a beautiful holiday season.


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  1. simplywendi says:

    looks like a lot of fun!

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    1. I love shopping just not the spending part. Window shopping is fun too. Now days though it can be a little scary out there shopping. I miss those days before the virus.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        I completely agree! 🙂

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