Thriftstore treasures…nativity sets. Blogmas day 10

 Nativity sets are always something that warms my heart because it takes me back to my memories with my German grandmother during Christmas.

She had such a beautiful nativity set with so much detail, and she loved telling me the story of baby Jesus.

This was a gift from my Italian Mother-in-law when I had my first born, my daughter. She came back from a trip to visit family in Italy and gifted me with this. I keep this out all year long.

Lots of happy memories at Christmas with my grandma. She would make her German Christmas bread in old coffee tins and hand them out to everyone in her family. She had nine children and several grand babies, me being one of over twenty.

Now when I step into those thrift shops and come across any nativity it is hard to walk away. I think I have about three to four in my collection.

Most are small so they don’t take up a lot of room.

This nativity set is only about 3 inches . The little animals heads were broken when Sammy the cat found it and started playing soccer with it I believe. Some of my Russian nesting dolls are missing the littlest pieces because Sammy loves tiny things I guess.

Sometimes I give the sets out. One of these sets is for a little girl in our neighborhood. Her family are Christians so I will not be offending them with this gift. Her grandparents used to do a lot of traveling and missionary work back when her father was a child.

The little cloth sets are prefect for pretend play.

This one in photo below is a little clay set.

So much detail in this.

And this one is made from Birchwood from the Black forest

It’s also really tiny.

Sadly my favorite miniature wooden set is missing the baby Jesus. I am hoping it is somewhere in my collection of wooden ornaments and I will eventually find it. No bigger then a pinky nail it will be a hard one to find. I am afraid Sammy the cat got to it last year. Might have to check under my son’s bed since it is his ginger cat that loves to hide my treasures.

Itty bitty wooden lamb from my favorite set.

That’s the fun part to shopping secondhand, all those one of kind gifts out there. Now days most second shopping is done online but it is much funner to shop in person to me. Hope you all find many thrift store treasures in your own shopping adventures.

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