Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you all are having a beautiful morning where ever you are at this moment in the world. Today’s bible verse from my friend’s box of blessings is…

The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.

                    Psalm 138:8

God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. Gersom Clark says:

    GOD bless you and your family, Cheri! And a blessed week ahead! Regards to the quails.

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    1. God bless you too. We have sold our quail, we have been spending a lot of time going back and forth up north and it was getting hard taking care of our birds here in the city. But, we also have been sharing and giving chickens and quail out to neighbors and friends here in the city and up north to keep the supply going. I told my husband my goal is to have that little town up north filled with chickens so everyone can have eggs if they need. We kept two of our best layers and bought about a dozen baby leghorns to raise now. The cost of the feed for all the birds was becoming expensive without them producing eggs so much, we had too many hens I suppose with the quail but we are learning and sharing what we learn with others as well as meeting so many nice people sharing their knowledge with us. I will try to pass what I learn every now and then through my posts. I believe we all need to look out for each other. Anyway, my husband has not thrown in the towel completely with the quail, just on hold for a bit. We still have our quail contacts (people who raise them full time) and our incubator. Just too much on our plate right now and we had to cut back and concentrate on other things, as I am sure you will understand what I am writing about here. Stay safe, and have a blessed week too.

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      1. Gersom Clark says:

        Bless your kind heart and soul Cheri for sharing your quails and chickens! Bless you, the family also the kind heart and support in what I call a ministry of helping your neighbors, being a good Samaritans. You are right when it is tedious, you better shelved it and not be stressed with it. Also, you came up with a great strategy. And, you have a kind heart for transferring technology/sharing techniques, whether online or face-to-face. Regards to the lizard taking refuge back then at the little red embassy.

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      2. Thank you for these kind words. We are all surrounded by beautiful souls and sometime when all we see is anger and hate on screens or in some cases with some family and friends it is hard not to get caught up in it, Not one of us can call ourselves perfect but when we fall down we must still be able to stand back up and do things right the second time, People everyone seem to be getting angrier and angrier. I told my husband that when anyone feels like they are falling into the same trap of what is happening with people attacking each other for differences then they need to do the opposite. If someone thinks they have a bad neighbor they should smile more at them and greet them, maybe eventually that person will come around to the side of light and peace….sometimes this works and you gain a very loyal friend but there are times it doesn’t work and that is when it is best to move forward without them but keep them in your prayers instead. There is a tension in the world and everyone can feel it I believe.
        The lizards are so cute to run into when out in the garden. Right now they are keeping warm somewhere. more then likely in our block fence. The wild dove are still around as well as the little sparrows. The sparrows fly into my garden after 2 so if I am out there they are so cute to see coming down from the trees for water that I leave out or food when the dish isn’t empty, the doves eat up a lot so I always have to leave a little for those tiny sparrows.
        The wild dove are so funny. If I don’t have food out there there is one dove that flies down and taps on the back window to remind us. My husband couldn’t believe it when he saw it. He said your birds are looking for you again. Which reminds me…I have to get out there and feed them now, forgot this morning. Have a beautiful day and God bless you.

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      3. Gersom Clark says:

        Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful stories on the birds (sparrows flying around and a rare tame/domesticated dove) and your inspiring approach to people, making this a better peaceful world. These are stories of blessings to cherish with your family, Cheri! No matter how the world gets darker, we remained steadfast in faith in JESUS CHRIST! You are right, we keep those people in our prayers. Only GOD can touch their hearts. And having a dove around is a good reminder of peace, a peace of heart, mind, and household that only JESUS can give. Blessings to you and your family! Good night!

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      4. Jesus is such a kind soul, It would be wonderful if everyone could understand this, that Jesus is always about love and peace. I know the world would be such a beautiful place if people in this world did not not hate or cause chaos. Whatever tiny bit of kindness we can spread out in the world will counteract the hate that seems to be spreading with some. I am seeing some ugly out there, even among people I thought I knew well. It is frightening to witness. More prayers, that is all I can do and pray that 2021 is a better year for us all.

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      5. Gersom Clark says:

        You are right, Cheri! JESUS is kind, loving Savior, and merciful. His arms are open to those who repent and seek Him. The peace He gives is not momentary peace but an assurance of the heart that calms raging souls. This is a different world we are living in now and there are many causes of stress in life that might also alter people’s behavior, mood, and even values. We need to pray, Cheri. Only JESUS can calm their hearts and lead them to repentance. I agree with you, we too must spread kindness to counteract the hate. May GOD bless all of us in spreading kindness and His Word to people even through our blogs.

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      6. So true, I will keep praying for everyone. God bless you.


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