Wooden ornaments 2020 part 1…Blogmas day 13

Wow, I hit the Jack Pot this year in finding wooden ornaments. I may very well have a museums worth of these some day. Remember how worried I was that I was never going to get a chance to find these little ornaments because of Pandemic shopping? Between lock downs, fear of shopping and canceled church sales, it wasn’t looking good for a year of searching out these tiny ornaments. Then on Halloween day we went shopping in a small town up north and came across some really cool second hand shops. And guess what? There were lots of treasures in these stores that I love collecting.

The stores were filled with my favorite little ornaments. They ranged in prices of .25 cents to $1 each. At one thrift shop down the street there was a whole bag of these ornaments for $3. Here I was worried I was not going to get a chance to continue my Christmas tradition of finding these colorful treasures from my childhood, and there they were.

It reminds me of the time I was in Belize and on the very last day of our trip I remember looking out our huge Hotel room’s glass window from the 4th floor, looking out at the sea, disappointed that in the whole trip I did not see one dolphin.

Feeling a little sad about that, knowing that one of the reasons I went to Belize was to see dolphins in the wild and here it was my last day and not one dolphin was seen, even on the boat ride from the island we stayed at which was called Spanish Lookout caye…not one.

I had one more hour before we had to get to the airport. Then all of a sudden while I was thinking this, still looking out that window, there it was…a dolphin. At first I was a bit in shock. Thought I was seeing things. Then it happened again. Several dolphins were swimming together way out in the sea. They would all fly up into the sky doing their flips and then splash back into the water. I watched this show for awhile and then they were gone. I remember saying to myself…

“Thank you God, that was a beautiful show”. My trip was complete now.

On the way to the airport home, I asked the Taxi driver to take me somewhere where I could buy some local art. I had realized I still needed souvenirs to give back to friends and family once back in Arizona. The taxi driver took me to someone’s house. They turned their kitchen area into a shop of sorts. On shelves everywhere were handmade items. I bought the cutest clay pigs that someone made. The pigs came in all sizes, they were so adorable. I had already gotten my gift with that Dolphin show and so much more in memories while visiting the little country of Belize.  

How many times in life do we all get these special little gifts now and then without realizing it at the time it happens. How many times do we forget to be thankful for those little things in life that come up out of no where. I know silly little wooden ornaments may seem non important, but to me they represent a time in my history when I left home at 18 during one Christmas. I was able to find work that Christmas and between classes and working two jobs I had enough money saved to buy everyone I loved a gift.

Even though my paychecks were small I was still able to buy gifts with money I earned myself. I even had a little left over to buy some little ornaments that reminded me of being a kid at Christmas. They were little wooden ornaments. I still have those early ornaments to this day. This started a tradition of me buying these ornaments every year to add to my trees.

 Then 2020 happened and we were all hit with a pandemic. We had lock downs and the fear of the unknown. The churches I loved shopping at every year for their sales were all canceled.It was at church sales where I mostly found these little treasures from the past.It was just a sad time.

 I was so happy that day of shopping for vintage Christmas treasures because I just wanted some normal. I was so sick of the political hate here in my country, the friends and family turning against each other, the family members who passed this year, the shortages, and the fear. I just wanted some normal.

Shopping for my little wooden ornaments was my normal for one day and just like those dolphins that showed up that last day in Belize, walking into those shops and seeing so many tiny wooden ornaments everywhere, was a special gift that only I would understand. I had never seen so many tiny wooden ornaments in one area before. Usually these ornaments are not so easy to find, that is why they are so fun to come across.

I knew that day while shopping that it was more then likely going to be one of our last chances to get some second hand shopping in before future lock downs and who even knows what. The unknowns I call it. Hits you right in the gut, that’s what the unknowns do…they just hit you in the gut.

Those little things in life that put smiles on our faces are the most precious gifts of all. Boy, did I ever need some retail therapy that day. What a special gift it was to go back to simpler times if just for a couple hours, it was really nice. So here they are, 2020’s collection of tiny wooden ornaments all bought in one day, except for two that is. Hope you all enjoy this. It’s  like a slide show of silliness. I will have to do two parts to this post. I really did walk into a treasure chest full ornaments that day.

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  1. I have some wooden ornaments I inherited, and last year I also found some at a local second hand shop. Most of the ones from the shop were in a box needed to be fixed up. They’re definitely among my favorites that go on the tree each year.

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    1. I try to fix up the broken ones too. I love how bright the colors are and so much detail.

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  2. Johanna says:

    God loves us all in a way that’s meaningful to us…wow! What wonderful stories.

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    1. Thank you Johanna and so very true.

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  3. I remember growing up, my mom had a couple. I think she got them from her mom.

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    1. A couple years back there were reproductions at Target for sale. They were little reindeer and so cute.

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