Blogmas Day 18…DIY textured ornaments.

Supplies needed:


Corn husk



Card stock

Needle and thread

Puffy paints (optional)

First go out in nature for a walk. Then collect leaves, twigs and whatever you find that is flat. When you get home find some cardboard or card stock. Spread glue all over your cardboard then lay leaves onto glue.

Let that dry overnight. I also covered my leaves with glue on top too, watered down glue, like a decoupage paste. Once everything is dry draw simple shapes on your nature pages and with glue outline the shapes by adding strings of yarn.

 Let that dry for the day and then cut out your shapes. Add some string from the back or using a thick needle thread through top and hang onto your Christmas trees. Happy crafting everyone.

ASD tips- This is a fun one for sensory play. Always good to get out and walk too. Take a basket with you on your next nature walk and fill it up with God’s art supplies. This one can be a little messy depending on the leaves. Always have a bowl of water out to dip your children’s hands into if some textures are too much for them. This craft includes glue. Some children love getting glue on their fingers and enjoy peeling it off once it dries but some ASD children hate the texture of glue on their fingers. Foam brushes are great for that. I always encouraged everyone to try what ever it was we were doing. Slowly, slowly a little at a time getting used to items out in the world we are all exposed to. Nature has quit a supply out there when it comes to sensory play. Kids learn so much through touch, through smell and being out surrounded by all that life.

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  1. mel says:

    It’s cute, a great Christmas craft for kids and a lovely gift too! Clever! Happy weekend!

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