Blogmas Day 19…Aspen angels

So easy. You will need branches from a tree. They have to be thick since these will be your angels little bodies. I used aspen branches that I collected with my son when we are up north up at Our Little red house.

In the early morning hours it is so beautiful up by the Aspen trees. I love watching the light change and how it plays on all the leaves and plants out there. So quiet too, just birds around chirping. Just so peaceful.

Okay, once you have your branches you will have to cut them down to about 3-4 inches.

 Use a large wooden bead for the heads. I just happen to have some pre-made wooden doll heads that someone gave me years ago when they were cleaning out their craft supply closet.

Glue the heads onto your little log bodies.

Add wool or yarn for hair. Wrap lace, fabric scraps or ribbon around bodies and glue in place.You can use felt for wings or bridal netting to glue to back of bodies, Add pipe cleaner halos for added detail.

Happy crafting everyone.

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