Happy January everyone…a year of photos

 2020 is over and I thought it would be a fun post to pull some of my favorite photos from last year. I know, I know, that old year of 2020…why would anyone do that. Well, there were some good moments and it still is part of our history. Some day, today I guess, at least with me, we can look back and see all that we experienced and learned from 2020. So here they are, the good, the bad and the ugly of 2020 in a diary of photos. Happy 2021 everyone.

January- What I remember about this month was that I pushed my son and daughter to start wearing masks to the university they attended and the teaching job my daughter taught at. Knowing that her coworkers would tease her and ask what that was about I would tell her to tell them it is the cold and flu season, best to be extra safe. There were some sneers and then some laughs but my daughter said to her closes friends (the only ones who seem to listen anyway) that something bad is happening over seas and eventually it does get around the world. January was one of those months here in my country where we all still walked around shopping, having parties, eating and drinking after each other, thinking we were all safe. This was also a month where I started preparing my home, nesting a lot and making things pretty inside and out.

Organizing my craft/guest /office room.

Repainted the bedroom white. Took away cloth curtains and added window film to cut back on dust.


When ever I start experiencing stress or fears of the unknown I spend more time outside working in my garden and also more time creating. February was a month I got my son and daughter involved with nature. Outside time and the peace and quiet of working with our hands helps heal us emotionally.Reading is another way to go to places of peace. We have several books around our home for that. Turns out all these are great activities for mental stress. Wasn’t sure what was coming but everyone could feel it. Being in the sun getting some Vitamin D is also good for us.

Repurposed wooden heart art project.


  And this was it. This was that tension that we all were feeling at the beginning of the year. That old invisible monster had made it’s way into my country. Although there are many out there that have no idea how long or where this creature was when it all started, think we all know what that is about and the majority of the world also know the truth to that from the censored footage that was being erased every month that went by. In the history of things, this is the month my country would start seeing shortages, and this is the month our country would start their own lock downs.

Picked up some puzzles this month. Little did I know that puzzles would become very trendy, hard to find and expensive in just a few short weeks.


We decided as a family to stay in as much as possible this month. Lock downs in our state were only going to be for a couple weeks but those weeks would turn into two months instead. We had no idea what we were dealing with. Only going out for food when we needed it, we mostly stayed inside without leaving the house for weeks at a time. In the meantime we had a birthday, made the cake from scratch, no box kits since we didn’t leave the house. Also invested in poultry to raise for fresh eggs and started doing hydroponics and indoor garden tents to grow plants. Looking back on this month, this was our month of knowledge. It was a month where we all learned new skills.


April showers brought us so many beautiful May flowers. One of my favorite months of 2020. May was like a breath of fresh air. The flowers were the icing on top as they say. Made me feel like there was still hope things would get back to normal, just had to have faith.

Started collecting flowers from the garden to make some potpourri later.


June is the perfect time for dips in the pool and staying home more we all took advantage of this. We were brave enough to venture out to shop finally and that was a special treat. The non essential stores were opened back up again. It was weird going shopping in stores that had been closed for months. Usually in the summer you see a lot of merchandise for summer events but walking into stores we noticed they were still packed with Spring merchandise which was around the time our lock downs started. I didn’t mind at all because I was shopping for flower pots. The environment of flowers everywhere made me feel like I didn’t miss anything at all. June also brought lots of eggs from our chickens to share with the neighbors.

Instead of mailing a birthday card to my aunt for her birthday I instead created a birthday photo for her, this is that photo.


July was a fun month too. Worked on remakes, turned an old tool tray into a pretty flower tray. Took a trip up north and collected aspen branches for my Swedish Christmas gnomes. We had a desert fire, which was sad. It will be green again and I will probably be sharing those photos with you all coming up in the Spring of 2021.


This was a hot month for us. 2020 would turn out to be the hottest summer on record here in our desert city. There were still many shortages, couldn’t find a printer and then our neighbors gave us an extra one they had that they were going to donate anyway. The shops here are usually empty anyway from the heat but looking around I wondered if that was it alone. People were still staying in as much as possible. I worked a lot on my sewing room area this month. And turned some old shopping receipts into a paper craft project. Then my daughter came to me and said that receipts cause cancer, that even touching them leads to cancer. In all those years, over a decade in fact, of working retail and changing rolls of register tape I never heard this before. I wonder if this has anything to do with teaching the younger generations to turn down taking receipts…less returns in that way. No receipt, no money back on defects and we all know how messed up products are every year. They sure don’t make products like they used to. Main reason why I buy second hand and shop estate sales.

My son and daughter were disappointed in the game selection at the electronics store. There were none on the shelves when the stores finally opened up again.

No eating out here in this photo. Empty chairs everywhere.


This was the worse month for my family and I for 2020. Two members of our family, both siblings would die this month in Italy. There was a fire set in our alleyway behind our home here in the city. My husband found a spent bullet in the middle of our street where our neighbors kids ride their bikes and even play outside at night. It was a month of loud fireworks going off until 4 am in the morning. Cars driving by playing that horrible music from that extremely violent movie called The Purge. Sirens all the time, just chaos. There were many of you that kept my family in your prayers around this time and I thank you so much for that. It was a really sad and hard month. This is the month when I knew my city was changing and not for the better either…something really wicked was happening in some of our cities in this country. I always believed Arizona was a safe state but it would turn out our city was not. This is when I started praying more that the lies would get exposed and more truths would come to light. In the end there were some happy moments though. Home made pizza dinners. Baby chicks, and I had fun working on my Christmas book. Sewing up fun little craft projects and patterns, plus finishing up a pretty little sewing nook to create in.

When the fire was set by our neighbors wall the wind started to pick up and the fire blew in another direction sparing our house, If the wind wouldn’t have blown that way it would have connected to the vine that was on fire and set our home on fire.


A much more peaceful month. Pool was still warm enough to swim. Heated pools cost too much, our pool is not usable during the Fall/Winter months. Felted mini pumpkins, made lots of blueberry pancakes for my family in the mornings, worked some more on my fun little craft book, and we drove up north to visit some of our country friends in their old store museum they live in.


Another trip up north to spend some time up at Our Little Red House. Beautiful Fall colors were there to greet us all on the drive to the little red house. Had to paint the house to get it ready for the Winter storms. Did some early Christmas shopping in the little mom and pop thrift stores up north. Found lots of fun little vintage ornaments.


Starting to lock it down again. Spent this month mostly inside our home. Only going out to shop for edibles. The fear of the unknown was starting to take it’s toll on us all. It was hard to decorate for the holidays having been through a hard year with the stress and loss we all experienced this year. Just didn’t feel right to celebrate. Decorating brought us some cheer for awhile. I tried the best I could to continue with our Christmas traditions, even making my Swedish butter cookies to fill baskets with and pass out to the neighbors. We were inside for weeks, none of us exposed to outside people, or had signs of being sick for weeks…it was safe for me to make my cookies to give out. We left them on doorsteps, patio chairs and in the backs of trucks exposing everything we touched to our UV rays that we have plenty of here in Arizona…I miss cloudy rainy days. Then texted our friends and neighbors that there were surprises left for them.The baskets of cookies also included a pretty holiday card, chocolates, a small ornament and a potted plant from our garden. This is the best part to me about the Christmas season… giving to others.

 It is 2021 now. I have lots of plans and goals this month. Build a better chicken coop here in the city and one for up north, learn about and grow more plants inside and outside our home, and finish many projects. My son and daughter are taking a semester off from their university to heal and rest from all that happened in 2020. Families that have ASD children and adults in them have to deal with anxiety in their children and issues that come up with changes in their environments. That is another post all on it’s own though and we try to keep things some what private in our home with what it is like sometimes dealing with Autism disorders.There are many subjects I stay away from as much as possible. Anyway, we all need this break in the first months of 2021. In that time we hope to go on some road trips here in my state to visit some old churches my daughter wants to visit. My son will practice stitching from his first aide kit and also research and learn more about plants and chemistry in his time off. Best news of all is the fact that the university where they attend said they can still keep their scholarships and will just be registered for the Fall of 2021. Many prayers and well wishes to you all. Lets hope this year is better.

God bless each and everyone of you. Stay safe out there.   

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  1. Always a pleasure to see and read your posts….and the first one of the new year is no different!

    There would be much to say….the power of your words, the liveliness of your photos, the kindness behind each sentence….but that would fill a blog post of it’s own .

    So I’ll just leave it at this….you’ve been through a lot last year and I hear that you and your loved ones are exhausted by all of it, but I know you’ll recover as you are strong and your children have you….so they’ll be good again too. Some bruises will stay, but they’ll heal, because they have you.

    Take care stay safe and stay one of those people others will always be able to get hope from by reading and watching you and gaining faith seeing people like you exist.
    All the best for 2021….it’ll become better!

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    1. Thank you Manuel, you are always so kind. I am looking ahead and hopeful for 2021. I know that everywhere around the world people suffered in 2020, just a rough one for the world. Anyway, best to look ahead. I have some fun post ideas I want to do this year. I posted a photo of your soap, so pretty and it smells amazing. It is in my December updates post. My daughter loved her soap too and my son. He is really into fragrances as well. In my closet I have a whole tray full of essential oils that they are always getting into. Used to work in a little shops that sold lots of natural products and pure oils for aromatherapy. Best part was that none of the products were tested on animals. Happy New Year to you and Frank and may you both have a peaceful and beautiful New Year.


  2. masgautsen says:

    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, have a Happy New Year too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad to be back to catch up!

    This was a wonderful look back over the past year! How cool that you made the best of it. Interesting take on the no receipt idea. I have to agree with your thoughts on that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, isn’t that crazy? I don’t get it either.

      Liked by 1 person

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