Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.

 Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you are all doing well and having a beautiful Sunday morning. Today’s bible verse from my friend’s box of blessings is…

When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it, for He hath no pleasure in fools; pay that which thou hast vowed.

                      Eccl 5:4


Stay safe everyone, don’t loose your faith…keep it strong, know that you are never alone, and pray that the world and our country get through what is happening. Pray that we all come to places of peace, that more ugly lies are exposed no matter how painful it is to face…the dark has to come to light, pray that neighbors love each other and that we all around the world become united in peace and love as always. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.  


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  1. Gersom Clark says:

    Sunday blessings to you and your family, Cheri! When we promise something to GOD, we must fulfill it in reverence to GOD whom we make a promise to. Looking forward to the next Sunday scripture.

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    1. Thank you, Sunday blessing to you and yours as well. Yes, our promises to God must always be fulfilled. It is important that we remember this too. So many times in moments of great stress and pain sometimes people will make a promise and not keep it. Just wanted their prayer to be fulfilled in that moment.
      Years ago, one of my neighbors from my old neighborhood as a child would somehow meet up again in my life. We would run into each other in the small town where we bought OLRH. It was so strange of all places to meet up but God will put us into peoples lives every now and then to teach and show us things.
      This neighbor had a lot of things from her pass that I believed hurt her. She had remarried and the man she married was a Christian, which she was not, no judgement from me, that I leave to God, I am only human after all and I try not to judge, that is not my place. There are plants in everyone’s eyes. Eventually the man would not practice his religion when he married her but his grown kids from his first marriage (his first wife had passed away years before) still carried on in their religion they grew up with.
      My old neighbor was very strict about her husband’s grown kids practicing anything religious in their home. When their father was on his death bed they would sit by his side as most families do. He had gotten cancer and hospice was there in his last days at his home to help the family. At night, the family would take over, His grown children along with their husbands started to pray as their father was passing on and my neighbor started to scream, She told them he did not want that, that he did not believe in that anymore.
      The only reason I know this is because my neighbor would tell me this story weeks later when my husband and I stopped by her house to give her a basket and condolences. She would tell me how she was sure the whole town heard the screaming that night at her place when she told her husband’s children they could not pray over their father, It was such a sad story to hear…I of course did not agree with it but I just let my neighbor tell her story. I was not there to point fingers, Then she did something else when I remained quiet after she told me that story…she continued with another and this other one broke my heart.
      She said that years ago when her youngest child was very ill, she did something she never thought she would do. She prayed to God. She begged in fact, to please allow her child to make it through the illness, she continued praying all that night. Then something happened her little girl started was better the next morning and the next day, she lived. I never told anyone that story and then she looked at me, the whole time she was telling me this she was looking away like she was going back into another time to relive that history from her pass,
      Then she stopped talking and went on to other subjects. It was so strange. Her children were children that I played with as child myself, we all grew up together. I had never known this about the youngest in the group.
      I will never understand how when God was there by her side in one of her darkest moments, she would decide to close him off once she got what she wanted,. It is like she became angry after that and more distant from all Christian things. almost angry in way. In all those years she wanted to believe there is no God. She practices another religion I would soon find out. She no longer speaks t me. Things got weird after her husband died and a different side of her came out, I am actually the one that stayed away. She had turned to bitterness and her hate after 2016 seem to have intensified. Something that is happening around the world sadly. It is best that we stay apart. I always keep my neighbors in my prayers though, that is all I can do.
      God bless you and yours and stay safe out there,

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      1. Whoops meant to say Planks in everyone’s eyes, not just specks of dust. Not plants, but I am headed to the garden right now to bring some plants in, have plants on the brain when I wrote that up. So funny,

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      2. Gersom Clark says:

        That is what we call, Cheri, the body is still typing/encoding while the mind is planting ready! 😉🌱🌱 Reading on your 1st response above.


      3. There were so many typos in that reply but I had already hit that send button. My neighbor had never shared that story to anyone about her prayer being answered all those years ago, not sure why she chose to share it with me. I loved the story. I have had many prayers answered and the ones that haven’t have taught me so much, so they were all good. Both made me stronger and wiser about being thankful for all things. I wonder if my friends prayer hadn’t been answered if she would have been as angry as she seemed to be once she was happy her daughter got better. It was almost like she could not stand Christianity and all it stood for and then in one moment she would turn to it and her daughter would come out better, like she was so mad once she got over the shock and still in the end went back to not believing and being mad that for one moment she was proven wrong.

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      4. Gersom Clark says:

        There is a reason for your neighbor opening up to you, Cheri. Perhaps, it is GOD’s way that you will pray for her salvation and softening of heart. Perhaps too, GOD intended that meeting for your family’s reflection and solidifying everyones faith in our Lord GOD. You can know in Heaven. May GOD continue to sanctify you and your family! We have to hold in world. There are people in our world who hates Christianity but only GOD can call them and soften their hearts; if He wills and if it is according to His plan and purpose. A blessed week ahead!

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      5. It did open our eyes and it warmed my heart that one of my childhood friends was there to live her life and have two children of her own after being so sick. I don’t know what the illness or injury was because I didn’t ask for those details, I just let my neighbor share her story. I know I have believed but it is a place I had to come to on my own, and I can only pray that my neighbor comes to the same place of peace and love as me…she had moments of sadness that so many broken ones out there have, We all have our own stories and past that we deal with, best t remember that when someone seems mean or cranky, maybe they are hiding something that they will never share.

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      6. Gersom Clark says:

        You are right about it. There is a story behind such defenses/crankiness/meanness. We can only pray and share the Gospel but in her case, prayer is the only way. It is a story we all can ponder on and counting on GOD’s love for having received His Word.

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      7. Gersom Clark says:

        Reading your story with a heavy heart, Cheri. What a timely verse indeed; a perfect fit for what happened to your neighbor. We can only know exactly in Heaven why certain people feel that way to GOD in spite of answered prayers. Answers will be given too in Heaven why her stone-like heart has gone cold away from GOD. We can only pray for her and her salvation that she too will one day allow our Lord GOD and Savior JESUS CHRIST to come to her life. Only GOD can breach that stone of heart if it is His will and purpose. That if GOD chooses her to be part of His children. Only really GOD knows whom He chooses. We have to thank Him and be grateful that we have known His Word and Truths in the Bible that will lead to our salvation in acceptance and faith in JESUS CHRIST as our Lord GOD and Savior. We also pray for the children that their faith in GOD will be strengthened with that experience.

        GOD does use us to meet people and understand what they have been through. Their experiences also help us reflect on our own situation and relationship with GOD. We thank GOD that He is present in our family and for being there when our faith was challenged. Meeting people is also an opportunity to proclaim the JESUS! But in her case, prayer is the best option when her heart is hardened. True, there are planks in everyone’s eyes as we are all sinners and not worthy to be saved. Yet, GOD chose us and by His grace we live a life of faith in His SON, JESUS CHRIST, so that someday, we will worship Him in Heaven.

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      8. It seems there are so many around the world right now suffering and some stories of people loosing faith. I just know what is in my heart and say prayers to help us all stay strong for what is happening and every day be thankful for every little gift no matter how small, they are all gifts. With so much conflict out there it can be confusing at times and so easy to get wrapped up in the wrong things. Staying close to God and paying attention to what I am here for, what we are all here for, is what we need to focus on, not the hate, gossip, news, and so many lies. I have been around many people who have a heart of stone and realize how easy this can happen if we let it, maybe that was my lesson that day in my neighbor’s story. Careful with our souls, they can be broken. My father used to always say “Don’t go dark.” when he would see anger take over or sadness when life was hard…always, the same thing “Don’t go dark.” It is darkness that turns our hearts to stone. Once turned, it is so hard to turn things back but it is possible. God bless you and all your love ones. Stay safe and healthy and I will keep you all in my prayers.

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      9. Gersom Clark says:

        Your father was right, Cheri! When we go dark, it will be a downward spiral or a rebellion with GOD. We focus on His grace by living by faith in JESUS CHRIST and following His way. The prize is in Heaven someday! Aside from salvation and seeing the GOD the FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT, another prize we should consider is seeing the entire family saved and secured standing in GOD’s Throne Hall in Heaven. Thank you for your prayers. Likewise, blessings! May GOD keep us all safe.

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      10. Thank you, I needed to read this. May god keep us all safe.

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  2. Agreed, things may be hard atm but they will get better💙

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    1. I agree as well. Every day I try to find and do, something that was good in that day and I end up finding many things to be thankful for.

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