Shopping adventures at an Arizona miniature and vintage toy store.

  Haven’t done a lot of fun shopping trips this year so I am going back in the archives for this one. Had to go out the other week for a quick trip to pick up bee supplies, fresh flowers for the garden and fish supplies. I took some photos of the fish store I shop at, but I forgot to take photos of the bee shop, both are small local businesses . It is more important then ever to support small businesses.

Anyway, shopping isn’t fun anymore for me. It is rushing around this city between traffic, broken roads (suppose I should thank our mayor for that), lots of stressful tension and there is still a virus out there. We go in, get what we need, and get out. Go home, clean up, remove masks and change out of our clothes.

The city is not the same. All kinds of new strangers that are very aggressive in their driving to go with our already aggressive local drivers. Just a sad time here in our country . Every time I step out my front door I feel it, that invisible tension. Just keeping it honest. There are still moments of kindness and beauty though, I need to stay focus on that. I am trying you guys, I really am. I guess I am still in shock from what is happening in our country. This one is going to take awhile to get over, if ever.

It seems strange for me to continue acting like all is fine while writing up my posts. I need to though, to keep putting out the positive, it helps heal my broken heart from a country that some may hate…I love. So here is a little something positive and fun for you all, to take some of the ugly away that we are seeing and replace it with a little happiness. A store full of miniatures.

This shopping adventure was done in March 2020 before any lock downs in our state.

It’s a little store that’s filled with all things tiny and toys from the past.

Some of the toys are collectables like this vintage pirate toy. I think it is a coin bank.

There are all kinds of dolls to fill your tiny homes with.

 It’s more about hobbies and creating.

They have drawers and shelves full of the tiniest things.

In these bags are wall paper and beautiful rugs or carpets for your doll houses.

They also have classes for anyone interested in putting their doll house kits together.

One of my favorite houses in the store was this cottage house. Reminds me of old country cottages from long ago with beautiful gardens surrounding them.

This was before the virus so they aren’t doing those classes anymore, not that I know of.

Prices for miniature items vary, starting as low as one dollar and going up from there.

In the summer they used to have a class where one child and a parent could work on a dollhouse together. It was perfect for those summer time breaks. At our state and county fairs there were all kinds of these finished doll rooms in competitions against each other for blue ribbons. I always enjoyed visiting their booth to see what was completed over the summer.

Towards the back of the store they have train sets and accessories for them.

I used to get Hot wheels for my son and daughter when we would go grocery shopping. They cost as much as a candy bar and I didn’t have to worry so much about too much sugar in their lives this way. Best to pick out a non sugary item for the little ones. Sugar is soooooooo addictive. You can taste it in everything now days, even non sugary foods. This is how it is in America, and you wonder why we have such a sad issue with unhealthy lifestyles here in my country. We are being made into addicts. But this has been going on for decades sadly.

This is one of those shops where the moment you step inside it is like you are stepping back in time…which is kind of cool to me.

Auntie Em’s is a doll house collectors dream. There are so many items here it would take a very long time to see everything. No matter what hobby you start with your children when young it’s always nice to start them on doing anything creative with their hands when little. This way they can get better each year with a skill that keeps them off those screens, gives them confidence and peace of mind in the end. When they grow up they too can pass down some fun skills to their own children.

Hope you all liked this one…Happy shopping adventures everyone and please stay safe out there.

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  1. I look forward to the day when I can enjoy shopping again. Right now, I tell my husband I’m putting on my armor, literally and figuratively, to head out to hunter/gather what I can as fast as I can, then come home and sanitize everything, and myself. What a time we’re living in! Stay safe, and thank you for the fun photographs. I think I need some new toys.

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    1. Think we are all getting tired of stress shopping. So glad you liked the toy photos. Never thought my shopping photos would come in hand some day when I first started sharing small business shopping through my blog. I miss those days of taking my time looking around and touching items in a store. I feel bad now when I am picking out fruit in the stores and I find one I can see it bruised so I put it back knowing I touched it, feel guilty in a way, but that is how we shop for fruits and veggies. I always gel up before heading into a store and all carts are wiped down. At home we soak fruits and veggies for at least minutes and put outside in the UV rays to dry. All items get wiped down and then I have to spot clean and wipe down door knobs and handles that day as well, then there is us…we clean up after everything to. It a exhausting chose. Yeah, we all could use some fun toys right now. Thank you.

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      1. Sounds just like my routine- and I bake my mail and leave packages on my sun porch for three days!


  2. mel says:

    Heaven shop for my family! Very fun!

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    1. Your kids would love it and you as well. I love your drawings of houses that you have done in the past, this is your kind of store.

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  3. I hear you on the stress shopping! I always rush through so quick, I usually leave with half the stuff on my list.

    I just watched a tv show about conspiracies decoded. One being Covid and how it started and the experts are saying it will be around for years to come. Whether that’s true or not, I know this new way of life is wearing heavily on us.

    But on a brighter note…I love miniature stores! I got into dollhouses many years ago and really enjoyed it. But that was a lifetime ago and I ended up getting rid of all of it. Too many other interests now.

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    1. I still have a little doll house I picked up over a decade ago when my kids were little. We were working on it together, maybe I will pull it out and finish it. It’s like a puzzle that was never completed. I have the same problem with too many interests. I have a box of old candles I want to melt down and turn into new candles…too many projects.


  4. ourcrossings says:

    What a lovely and delightful store. I’ve never had a dollhouse, but I can imagine how much fun it must be to have one, particularly with so many cute things you can decorate it with. I know what you mean about shopping. I usually go once a week, and try to rush through the store as fast as possible. It’s not fun 🙈 have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. It is a cute little store. I think a doll house that you could change out would be fun, like a garden dollhouse. Kind of like a natural dollhouse that you put live tiny plants in and you can change out things according to the seasons. Little terra cotta pots filled with small plants and the house would have comfy little chairs and hand made paintings that can be changed out to hang up on the walls. An ever changing little home. Yeah, shopping isn’t fun anymore.


  5. What a cool looking shop. I love miniatures!

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    1. It is so much fun, you would love it.

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