10 Thrift store treasures I love collecting.

Everyone has their favorite things to collect. Those items that we fill our houses with to make them a home. Here are some of my favorite things to buy and what I always look for when shopping second hand.

  1. Quilts and Linen

Lace pillow cases, vintage hankies, old quilts, table clothes and anything I can make into a pretty pillow. One of my favorite things to do is throw soft blankets around sofas and chairs in my home. Watching a good movie or reading a great book curled up under a blanket is so comfy and relaxing.

  • Books

The book on the bottom called the Dating plan was purchased new. It is part of a book club my daughter joined where she gets a book a month and it was $10. Normally hard backs can run up to $30 each.

We have to be careful with this obsession. Everyone in my home is a reader. Hunting for vintage books is so fun. My daughter just found a site where she was able to purchase a bunch of her favorite classics ranging in prices from 3-6 dollars depending on quality.

  • Baskets

I use baskets for everything. I give them out as gifts, collect eggs and clippings from our garden, store books and craft items in them as well.

I always love those items that have a usefulness about them. Baskets not only look pretty as decor in our home but they are also useful for extra storage.

  • Collectibles

 I actually have a few things that I have been collecting over the years. Anything that looks a little worn or rustic is a favorite item for me to display in my home. Those things that have lasted through time. A little worn out from years of someone loving it as well, they are so fun to add to shelves here and there for some added character to a plain area.Collectibles make our homes unique by showing a little bit of our personality in the items we choose..

  • Bowls

 My husband asked me the other day “ Why do we have so many bowls.?” and I answered..

“ Because I love them and besides the baskets need company.” what more could I say. Baskets and bowls are in some sort of competition in my home. Baskets are given away though, where as bowls always remain in my kitchen.

Vintage bowls remind me of making cakes and cookies when a little girl in my Nana’s kitchen. It is hard to pass by those beautiful bowls out there in the world just waiting to be used for something sweet or savory for the ones we love.

  • Planters

Picked this pretty planter up at the first of the month for $3. I was dropping off a donation and walked in real quick to pick up a planter for this little succulent I bought at the .99 cent store, It had a store tag on the bottom of it that was priced at $25. I was shocked at it’s original price. Do little planters like this really cost that much…I have been shopping second hand for way too long.

Think you all know why I collect garden pots. I am a big believer of having our homes filled with all kinds of living things. Those living things need pretty homes themselves. I love the pots that have unusual shapes to them, like birds and animal shapes.

  • Anything wooden

This piece of wood has four hidden drawers in it. It is hard to see from just looking at . Little drawers open up from the inside that have been carved from the wood.

This could mean a bed tray, a wooden garden tray, carved wooden animals, even wooden spoons.


I buy vintage furniture because it was made better back in the day. I am not a big fan of the mass produced modern furniture they sale at major department stores now days. Sometimes I will have no choice but to shop for something from these stores…mostly bed frames. I am not happy about that though. Vintage furniture is priceless to me. If you run across any in your second hand shopping trips buy it up while it’s still available. Breaks my heart thinking of all those beautiful pieces that have ended up in city dumps because they weren’t “Trendy” enough.

  • Any items that are hand made

This could be anything from a pretty pillow.

A miniature doll with an itty bitty hand made dress.

 Hand painted art.

Or textiles to hang on walls

Even folk art dolls with hand stitched faces.

I love the detail and time involved in those items that are made with hands and not machines.

10. Vintage toys

They just seem to have so much color to them, those toys from long ago. Like the colors are part of the play. Old games, anything that doesn’t require batteries, wooden blocks, toys that encourage creativity and are timeless. I think these add a bit of playfulness to rooms that may seem a little too sterile or stuffy. I don’t know, hard to explain what I am trying to write here. With the world becoming more and more about having nothing, just empty white walls everywhere…I thinking adding something playful and unusual like an old toy from long ago adds warmth to a room.

I also have some other items I always look out for when shopping second hand, stools, art, frames, and craft supplies. I am always buying those grab bags full of arts and crafts for a couple of dollars. Sometimes I will come across vintage mohair yarns that are hard to find. My husband has his favorites too, like cast iron pots, kitchen gadgets, camping gear, books, and well made clothes. My daughter loves books, and clothes. My son was never into second hand shopping but now he is getting more involved in vintage clothes like cashmere sweaters and coats. He is also always on the hunt for old watches and clocks.What are some of your favorite items to buy when second hand shopping? Happy second hand shopping everyone.

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  1. Shelly says:

    My favorite thrift store finds are things that make good garden art or outdoor planters. I also love finding unusual sweaters and jackets. My husband groans at my purchases but his fetish is old glassware so he tries to be generous since his stuff usually more expensive than mine. 😁

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    1. I love those old sweaters too. They remind me of the sweaters my aunt used to bring from her trips to Ireland back when I was a teenager. My husband and kids sometimes tease me about my decorating style. We have a rule though, that anything we bring in we have to take something out of our home to donate. This keeps clutter down. It is so easy to go overboard when it comes to thrift store treasures.

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  2. Tanya says:

    What a fun post. We like similar things. Baskets, slate signs, bird houses, planters, linens, and anything that looks country farmhouse decor. More is full of neat finds. I have to remove something if I add something new lol.

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    1. I love farmhouse rustic items too. If we didn’t remove and donate items in our home we would be so crowded with stuff. I always joke around with my husband that we basically are just renting items then passing them on to someone else. When my kids were little I would save a bunch of money on toys buying second hand. I would soak them in the tub and disinfect them with rubbing alcohol, just spray a little on or get a cotton swab and wipe down after cleaning. This was when they were babies. I also had to be careful not to give them anything to chew on that could be toxic. I have so much fun shopping the vintage items.

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  3. Love all these things as well. I can get lost for days at a flea market!

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    1. So funny, me too. I have been wanting to head to one here in our area that is huge but the virus numbers are too high right now. Maybe in another month things will settle down. I feel safer shopping outdoors now. If we go early there is no one around so lots of space. About 90% of the people wear masks here in our state.

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      1. Folks are pretty good here. On my once every 10 days grocery and errand run last week, I actually didn’t see a single person without a mask, but flea markets are not essential in my book right now either. Looking forward to outdoor flea markets, and trying to stay away from Bay!

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      2. I feel better when people wear masks, but I know there are some out there that don’t agree. I agree with you on flea markets right now, just not safe this month. I can’t wait to get out there though. Always find great bargains at the swap meets.

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      3. Looking forward to spring!

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  4. The book one is our weakness. But we’ve backed off that of late – especially after we moved and had to move all those books. Ah man — that was rough. We have a lot of books on digital but I figure one day the grid will go down and we will need real books so I keep squirreling them away.

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    1. I know what you mean. I love the feel of a book in my hand and always enjoy sitting down and reading when I can. We used to go to the library all the time and come back home with stacks of books to look through and read, that was so fun. When we were bringing up furniture and supplies up north (Our Little Red House) I had tons of books I started collecting for an old China Cabinet I bought to turn into a library. Books are no fun to pack and carry around when moving. We didn’t have cable or TV service up there in the middle of no where so books and old VHS, DVD’s were our entertainment in the evening hours.

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  5. ruthsoaper says:

    I try to stick to practical/ useful things. That being said we have quite a collection of oil lamps – most were bought second hand.

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    1. So smart, you need to have more items like that around just in case…never know anymore what is around each day and corner. I started collecting old candles for wax to make candles in mason jars. Wax went up for awhile but it seems to be coming down now at least the bee store lowered their prices on wax. Old kitchen appliances and anything made before 2000 it seems to last longer and is repairable if we need to take it apart. Anything new now is made to break after so many months and it is impossible to repair. Such waste is not good for this planet. So much greed has contributed to the pollution around our planet.

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  6. Love your post and just the way you show us how to manage to stay sane during these times 🙂
    And I’m totally with you on most of your favorites!!
    Unfortunately thrift stores here mostly only hold really expensive things, so I always come back to DIY….but even in that area you’re just always an arm length ahead of all of us with your incredible craftsmanship and creativity 🙂
    Hope you’re all safe and wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Big hug from me to you

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    1. Thank you. We have expensive thrift and antique shops here but they are still fun to walk through seeing items from long ago. Guess I am weird like that but I love old vintage items and the history they hold. You and Frank make beautiful furniture. I remember that bed you made from wood in your forest. Hopefully we will get back to being able to feel comfortable shopping and being around others. My daughter said pandemics tend to last 2-3 years at most then fizzle out so we will see. On year two and it is getting annoying and frightening to think we are still dealing with the unknowns out there in the world. Told a friend of mine up north that the only thing we can do now is to make sure we keep our connections with one another and to spread as much kindness as we can to counteract the hate that is going on in pockets here and there. I will continue with my little WordPress posts for anyone who may need a break from the ugly out there in the world. I need to stop by your site and see what beautiful things you took photos of to share with us, so pretty where you live. Big hugs back to you both all the way from Arizona. Stay safe out there as always, oh and say hello to all your little woodland friends too…so sweet.


  7. I love secondhand books and vintage clothes! There’s so much history in thrifted items.

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    1. I know, it is really fun. I try to go at least once a month. Sometimes I watch vloggers on YouTube who take thrifted items and repurpose them.


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