February updates and favorite blogger posts.

    But where are the clowns?, send in the clowns.

                             Stephen Sondheim.

What a month. We had an incident here at our home but it involves politics. Something that is  going on here in our state that I fear will cause or trigger others if I go into too much detail. That right there is your trigger warning for anyone who doesn’t want to proceed on with reading this post. And if you choose not to read it, I really don’t blame you. Sometimes I think how fun it would be to get lost in my daughter’s animal crossing world. Anyway, I will try to keep this short. I am laughing about that last sentence because I am not known for keeping things short.

So this is what happened. In Arizona, they are still battling the election results. It is a pretty big battle too even if mass media isn’t covering it. One of the senators ended up voting against his party and with another party instead, becoming in the eyes of some here in this state… a traitor. Oh boy is this post making me nervous…don’t get angry with the messenger, just reporting it how this is all playing out here in Arizona.  

 This is already getting too complicated. A dyslexic’s nightmare trying to explain what is going on here in our state, because honestly I really have no idea. Best to research all Arizona’s political mess yourself, if interested that is, because I am not the one who normally likes to get involved with the ugly part of politics.

I believe more of us so called ordinary people are needing to step it up now though. We all know how things are and have been happening in the political world, all around this planet, now it’s our turn to speak up I suppose. I’m just not the person to go to when reporting the political news here in our state. I will more then likely get something backwards or wrong because I process information in a backwards sort of way. I can report this though and this part is accurate, and that is, that this is all sad. It’s all a very heartbreaking, sinister and a sad situation we are all dealing with.

Our country is still not united. Heck, the whole world with all it’s different countries aren’t united either. The world is playing the same game that we are playing here in America…lots of division going on out there. While we have all been distracted by life, work, keeping up with the trends, shopping, eating, storing and hoarding…this game was always being played. Here I was so hoping and praying during all of 2020, for us all to unite. That isn’t how this game is played though, is it?

Now every day I fear more and more that it is coming down to everyone either picking one or the other with sides. This united thing just doesn’t seem like it is in the cards as they say. Which is even more frightening to me. A true battle of good verses evil.

Anyway, this so called politician, a career politician ( we all know how that goes) that voted in favor of the party he does not represent, just happens to share the same name as my husband. No relations what so ever, just a very common name I guess.

When this politician voted the way he did our phone started ringing that morning with people leaving hate filled messages on our answering machine. I would go into the detail of what they were saying but I don’t like the swear words. Like that movie the Terminator with old Arnold getting all those Sarah’s mixed up. Remember we don’t use cell phones. My husband and I have an old answering machine on our land line. Everything was recorded.

They were calling my husband thinking he was that other person… the politician. After awhile my husband started picking up the phone to calm these callers down. We were all shocked that both parties seemed to be angry with this politician. It’s scary how passionate these political subjects have become….so much rage out there. So much hate.

Most of the people my husband spoke to just needed someone to voice their concerns with. They are scared and worried for their future, and for their children’s future. One caller started out with such rage, ending his phone conversation with my husband, by saying that he is just worried for his little boy’s future. No one can blame him for that, poor guy. Yeah, he was angry and screaming at one point, into an old 90’s answering machine (gotta find the humor in that) but that rage came from a place of fear.

These people who were calling us were just upset with this crazy time we are all living through. They needed a real human voice to hear them. Just some contact with another human being to calm them down. They needed someone to tell them it will all work out. Life goes on, we just have to remember to help one another and never turn against each other with petty little annoying planned out distractions.. If we work together, we all can help each other. I want to go back to laughing people, smiling and getting along people.

So while my husband spoke to the people who voted for “the politician” and talked them down from their rage, the politician instead of doing this himself, went off somewhere to hide out for awhile with 24 hour police protection for him and his family. Probably Cancun. What ever party a politician is from, seems Mexico is a favorite place for them all to head to when things get tough. Think a whole party at one time headed over there to party when they decided to shut down our government. Wow, that seems like a century ago. The pandemic does age us doesn’t it?

So sad how the ones we vote in to lead us end up high tailing it out of those hard and rough situations in life, all because they are just not strong enough to handle real world situations. Such cowardly ways when that happens.They look good in their clean suits and perfect articulation with their impressive speeches, but in real life, when it gets rough, they run around scared to death looking for someone to hide behind while pointing fingers at someone else to blame. Only coming out when they need to puff themselves up again, for votes of course.

The local news showed up at our door to interview my husband and ask “ How are you taking the name mix up?’ with feigned concern. Here we were just some little old family minding our business and getting hate calls without being part of the political world. My husband politely turned down any interviews. Everyone knows now days, that things get twisted and turned to what ever story the ones retelling it, want it to be told. Best to stay out of that mess. Otherwise you may very well get stuck in what I call the hate tornado of chaos and lies. I will pass on the 15 minutes of fame…thanks but No thanks.

The calls stopped finally. We didn’t call the cops. There were no threatening calls of violence. Just angry threats of calling the other politician names and wanting to know whether he was paid off or threaten to do what he did. My husband did not pick up that caller’s rant to answer, but he did make us all laugh, when he said “ Can’t it be both” as a joke of course.

 My husband and I love taking quotes from old 80’s movies and guessing which movie they came from. That statement “Can’t we have both” comes from Trading places with Dan Aykroyd and Eddy Murphy . Such a funny movie, might be absolute in the future, movies like that.

We need to laugh again. People need the clowns in life, the jesters to cheer others up. Have we become so foolish that we have lost our laughter?. We’re too serious. 2020 did that to us all, left us all too serious. Did I already bring that up in my last month’s updates. Wow, these monthly updates are becoming too serious as well. It is like some of us may have forgotten how to laugh, or maybe we are just afraid too. When did it get so bad?.

They are allowed to dance in unity , having practiced for hours for social media, but what about a good old belly laugh, throw in some tears too, because yes, we need to cry too. Are we not allowed humor, compassion and sorrow anymore. To get 2020, and what is looking like 2021 is turning out to be, out of our system, we all need to just laugh and cry it all out. Without the judgement either. No judgement on the dancers on my part, just saying…why is one thing okay but the other things not ?. Right now as I write this post up for tomorrow there are people all over the world so down, so depressed that they don’t know how to go on. If they go to get help they very well may come out of that being more broken and addicted,

Someone needs to get something going with the mental health issues this pandemic has caused so many to be lost and broken from. So many people are suffering out there right now. Is that in any package? You know, those packages that are suppose to help us all to get things back to normal?

Having a name mix up with another person, who is hated by the way, is a very scary thing to go through. One day I watched a car drive by our home slowly then start to stop and then speed off. Looking out at our yard with the overgrown grass and one car too many (thank goodness we aren’t part of a HOA neighborhood) the driver of that vehicle probably took one look and decided our home was not the home of a senator’s house. Uh oh…throw paranoia in this mix of 2021, think I might be developing a case of that as well.

We need to mow the lawn I thought to myself. That always happens after rain comes, the grass grows like crazy. Another God moment I think to myself again. Lots of thinking to myself this month. Everything my friends…happens for a reason. Find gratitude in every day and moment. Right now looking out at our overgrown yard makes me very grateful it is a little bit of a mess. You know, I heard somewhere that people who have beautiful plants and pretty flowers in the front of the house makes them a target for thieves. If they can afford flowers there must be many hidden treasures inside as well.

Our neighbors watched the street and our home closely. We told them what was happening and why the news van showed up at our house. They laughed when they watched the local news that day and heard the politician with my husband’s name had to get police protection for all the calls we were getting. This was not exactly how it was worded on the news stations but funny how our neighbors said the politician got protection because “Your family was getting calls”. Everyone knows the politician’s office was getting the hate calls too. We all were sharing in the joys of that.

This is that Forrest Gump moment here in our life. Sometimes I think no one would believe these things are actually happening to us but they are, that is just how our life has always been. This was the  scary part of this month.

We also had the fire department here when I called them because I was concerned about a homeless woman who was half way passed out in our alley laying against our giant garbage can. Our garbage cans are huge here in our country for anyone reading this from another country. Our taxes/water and gas provide this service where three homes share one large garbage can.

I am not one who goes searching out drama. I grew up in a dramatic home and now try to avoid situations like that at all cost. I was just really concerned for this homeless woman laying there next to a trash can.

My son was taking the garbage out by himself. Even though my husband and I both have told our son and daughter to never go out to the alleyway alone. The homeless situation has gotten bad here in our city and there is a very dangerous drug out there that is coming over our borders called Fentanyl. Getting too much on your skin through touch can kill you, this is what I have heard but don’t quote me on that. We also have that ugly old pandemic still out there. What a time.

My son asked the woman if she was okay and she answered that she was, she was just over heated and tired from walking miles. When my son came back inside the house and told me about the situation going on in our alley, I started to get a bottle of water and some food for the homeless woman and to also check on her, but first I had to grab my mask.

When I approached her from a safe distance and gave her the bag with water and food I asked if she was okay and again she said fine but just so hot. Her faced was burned really bad from sun exposure. She was laying in the direct sun and not moving. It was strange to me that she wouldn’t move out of the sun rays if she was so hot. There was a shady spot a couple feet away from her that she could have rested in besides the direct sun if she was so hot.

I went inside to call for help and the dispatcher at the fire department was rude when she asked…

“ Well, did you ask her if she was feeling okay” in a snarky way.

This was after I said to the dispatcher “I don’t think she is okay.”

 “ My son did and she said yes but I don’t know, I mean she just seems off.” I answered back to the rude dispatcher.

 It was like the dispatcher was grilling me with questions trying to trip me up or something with the way I handled it.

I started speaking again, to the uncomfortable quiet silence that happens in situations where two people don’t really want to have a conversation with each other.

“If she is hot why stay there in the sun like she is?, the shade is only a couple feet away, she might not be okay from that alone” I continued answering.

The dispatcher seemed put off when she couldn’t counter act my answer so instead she said “Okay, I will send someone out then” like I was annoying her.

This is the first time in my life I have called the fire department and hopefully the last time too.  

When the fire department arrived I had to let them through my house because it is too hard to get all the back gates unlocked from our back yards to the back alley. When I was explaining the situation to them about the homeless lady and her saying she had walked for miles I could hear one of the firemen saying “Well then why didn’t she walk herself to a hospital?” which I acted like I didn’t hear .

Turned out she was okay so they left. I apologized for calling them as they walked back out my home. I really was worried she was not well the way she was just laying in the heat and sun. What if she was really sick and just died there without anyone caring or checking to make sure she was okay. What happened to compassion?. Here in our state most heat related deaths are the homeless who get dehydrated and their hearts just stop. One of the first signs of heat exhaustion is being delusional and laying down in the direct sun while complaining about being really hot is pretty delusional to me.

No wonder no one likes going to get care and medical treatment, so cold with some of the healers out there. Don’t know why I felt guilty for trying to help but for some reason the ones who are suppose to help seem to have made me feel that way. There was one fireman that was nice and thanked me for giving the woman some food and water.

I am starting to think that we are all loosing something in ourselves with all these lock downs, the faceless expressions, no smiles behind hidden masks, the social distancing, the shortages and the fear of the unknown. Are we are becoming less human because of that?.

I’m not perfect, I have caught myself being judgy sometimes and fed up with certain things that come up in life. But I try to talk myself out of those ugly moments and remember we all wear different shoes. We all live in glass houses.

I grew up in a home filled with addicts. I know the anger and frustrations that come with dealing with that. It’s the reason behind why I never did drugs or alcohol ever. I was offered things from friends growing up but I always turned them down. No public service announcements did it for me with their corny commercials…I lived the real deal in my home. That was enough to scare me away.

 This homeless situation is being caused by something more sinister and evil then most can accept. There is a fear to speak up about this but I know there are some of you out there that can see this, you know in your heart what is going on here. Broken people went for help , to the healers, and came out of their pain more broken. Meanwhile someone, the sinister things behind it all, made a whole lot of money off of this mess they created. Such greed, such wicked, wicked greed.

I also understand the firemen and their frustrations with dealing with this issue all over our country right now, so I am not upset with their behaviors either. Walk in others shoes and it will open your eyes to many things. Best to keep an open mind about everything. Say a prayer for them all. A prayer for the politician who shares my husbands name, a prayer for the homeless woman, the rude dispatcher, the over worked and frustrated firemen, a prayer for them all.

People who wink at wrong cause trouble, but a bold reproof promotes peace.

                                           Proverbs 10:10

My family and I have so much to be thankful for this month and the biggest is that none of us got hurt in the chaos of this month. In all that happened with us in these situations, God kept us all safe. When people called with hate to our home, my husband was able to talk them down from that place of rage, which is in the end what they needed. God directs us in all our days. Those people were meant to call the wrong number because deep in their hearts they didn’t want to be angry. So that was February for us. This year of 2021 so far is a real roller coaster. Boy do we ever need a boring month. Think I will be praying for a little boring for March.  

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Here is a sample of one of the questions he asked from the original poster Melanie…

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Also check out Liz from My well being and learning journey  She is off WordPress and has her own website now that she is using instead.

Thank you for these fun posts and for sharing your lives and thoughts with us all. To anyone else who have stopped by to read this , if you have a favorite post from someone else or yourself please leave with links below in comments.

Prayers this month go out to Linda and her family , her husband is battling some health issues right now. My daughter’s friend who is struggling with losing his grandparents to the virus, and another friend who’s father had a little accident and suffered a bad burn. Please send prayers and well wishes to the ones who are not well or who have lost loved ones. Please pray and send well wishes that the world gets to a place where we can all go back to being human again. This is not going to work, what is going on now.

When we all look back on these days we are living now, will we be able to hold our heads up high saying we did acts of kindness or will we bow our heads in shame and admit that we took the road of least resistance and turned on and spoke ill will against our neighbors. That we turned on each other, turned on family and friends, caring only for ourselves and own needs. What part in this history will you play?. What part are you playing in this game that no one knows the rules to?

Look back on those early days of World War two, to the ones persecuted, to ones who suffered, the ones who were attacked. See a pattern anyone? That right there is a clue to the rules of this game. Look back in history. Courage and knowledge are two of the greatest tools God has given you…please use them. That road may look scary to walk down, but you know it’s the right the road to take.

Thank you for your likes, follows and comments. Stay safe out there and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.  

Coming up in March….lots and lots of Spring time DIY’s. Now let’s hope March is a boring month for me to share with you all. Starting to think I am part of a really bad soap opera.

Copyright Our Little Red House 2021

8 Comments Add yours

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    I think you and your husband handled both situations the way that God would want any of us to. God bless you and your family and prayers for a boring March for you.❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ruth and yes, I need a boring month this year. Just a nice quiet and peaceful month. God bless you and your family as well and stay safe out there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That whole thing with your husband was just nuts. Can’t even believe it, but yet, I can. And the 911 dispatcher needs to be re-trained. I get that their job is stressful but you were trying to help. This is why people don’t help anymore because we get bit in the butt when we do. You certainly had a better attitude about it than I would and that’s the message: we need to have a better attitude all around these days. I’m certainly working on it with breaks from social media, but I want to make those breaks even longer to bring some more sanity to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly, so reassuring to have someone else get it. I have to be so careful not to go to places of anger, we can get stuck there if not careful and then we become like them, just not caring anymore, There is a meanness here in Phoenix, always has been. Some people from New York as a joke even say that Phoenix is cruel. May be the heat, may be that most people move here from somewhere else so not a lot of history with everyone knowing each other, like down in the south. I sometimes day dream about living in those states down in the south where everyone knows everyone and greet and smile with each other…that isn’t Phoenix. Phoenix is too big of a city for that I suppose. Yeah, that dispatcher needs to be retrained but more then likely she is the boss, and that is just how it is. I could tell you so many stories about this city and the people who work and run it. Lots of corrupt and greedy things going on, Sometimes they get caught, and then protected by the unions and “special” laws that protect them. It is not a place I like to hang out in for too long because it is a place of bitterness. You are doing it right, spend time with those beautiful babies of yours and your great parents. Too much social media is like a slow poison.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tanya Kohl says:

    I pray that you have the most boring March ever.🥰😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…thank you Tanya, it will be a nice break.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Tanya Kohl says:

    We just watched trading places a couple days ago lol. Sorry forgot to say that. Great movie💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it is so funny. All the characters make such a great comedy too.

      Liked by 1 person

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