Shopping for bunnies at an antique market.

  “ Our memories are not in our things, they are inside of us.”

The other day I was going through my Easter decorations and I relized I didn’t really have many bunnies. I had the wooden bunnies from last year but I ended up trading those in for some art supplies at a trading store. I make a lot of crafts but I usually donate or trade those items for other things. Other things being books, art supplies, and sometimes earings that I mail along with cards during the holidays for friends and relatives.

One year I used my cake stand to display some little clay bunnies my daughter made, dried flowers with faux moss, some paper lambs and hand painted pastel eggs with lace ribbon.

I wanted a little something to add to my Easter table for breakfast out in the garden. I thought it would be fun to check out a local Antique store here in the city, It’s huge. I will have a more detailed post on that later. So much to share from that shopping trip with all you vintage shoppers out there.

This booth had a huge bunny that looked like a chocolate bunny.

Since this was an antique store and not my normal thrift store shopping, I knew I was not going to find any real bargains. But I still like shopping in places like this. I just need to make sure I stick to a budget. My budget was nothing over $20 for my bunny decor. I just wanted something pretty to add to my Spring table.

This antique store is set up like a mall. There are all kinds of private booths throughout the store with private collections.

There was a lot of scrap booking material in this shop and home made cards. I never did get involved with scrapbooking but always thought it looked like so much fun.

 Lots of little booths set up like small shops. We were there for two hours and I still didn’t see everything. There were actually two antique malls set up in this giant warehouse. Going down one isle we would pass a woman that was restocking and decorating her section. It was such a cute set up too. She was using farmhouse decor as displays to fill up with ceramic bunnies, floral baskets, and all things spring.

This booth reminded me of that magazine called Victorian times. It has so many lacy romantic things in it. Floral tea sets, bird’s nest, pretty little bedroom lamps, and all kinds of porcelain collectables.

Sometimes we forget places like Antique malls because we believe they will be expensive, being that antiques can be pricy, but you can still find good deals. This antique mall had a mix of new, used, antique and even handmade artists pieces that were for sale.

I thought this was such a cool idea. In the scrap booking booth, the owner made up little bags and filled them with card making supplies. Everything you would need to make your own pretty greeting cards.

 I liked the idea of this store because it is like a mall full of tiny small businesses. I could have gone to a large chain store to shop for Bunny decor but this is another way to support the small business owners.

Over the years I have been pushing this theme of trying to only buy local and small business, way before the pandemic and way before the mess we are all in. Now it is trending, which makes me happy. I always believed in my heart that small businesses and buying local keeps everything in our environment cleaner and encourages others to go for their dreams of doing their own things.

I love all those artists out there that create beautiful things to share with us. I would have never imagined that some day these small business owners would be struggling and not getting the support they need because of some stupid little invisible bug.

I almost bought this, it was so cute. It was really tiny. The price was too high for me. I will think about it a little longer. Some items are so pretty but in the end I have to be sure I am not just getting another item to dust. My mission today was some bunnies.

Okay, back to shopping for bunnies. More then likely what will happen with any bunnies I do find, they will stay with me for awhile, then be passed on to someone else or donated . Hey, maybe my daughter will want them for her room decor next year. Sometimes we trade off like that. I am basically just renting items, then sending them back out in the world to be rented again hopefully. If I really like something then they stay for years and years. I have a vintage Lane cedar chest full of my favorite antique and thrifted items I have found over the years. Some things are just meant to be keepers.

This rabbit cookie jar was huge.

Here are just a few of the bunnies I came across.

I liked the basket on the back of this bunny. Could add flowers, a live succulent, or just keep it simple with an egg.
Such a pretty tin. I think this would be great in place of a traditional Easter basket.
This wooden bunny had a folk art feel to it.
A pair of bunny salt and pepper shakers, and an egg tray.
Inside these bags of netting are hand decorated eggs in all colors with bunnies on them.
I have never seen baskets with bunny ears, these are adorable.
A whole glass shelf full of bunnies. The lime green ceramic bunny basket was nice.
This bunny was kind of scary to me, didn’t look too happy.
A pair of wooden bunnies, I do like wooden items. They were both over my budget by $8 so I went back and forth with these bunnies. They were pretty big too.

And here are the bunnies I picked. I love the nostalgic look of them. I might add little plants to their baskets. Not sure yet how I am going to display them. They remind me of the old German decorations in the candy shops and European Easter displays. The larger bunny is about 12 inches tall. I got both bunny displays for under $15. I love that the smaller bunny came with a little chick too. I am not a fan of the glitter egg though. I tend to like my Easter eggs a little less glittery. The ceramic baskets can be switched up with different items each year.

They also remind me of Easter time from my childhood. It was filled with the aroma of freshly baked treats and the sweet smells of flowers. Every year my Grandma would make sugar eggs and fill them with tiny toys and jelly beans to give out to all her grandchildren. With ten kids, she had a lot of grandbabies.  

Grandma when she was a young girl.

My Nana would make Easter treats as well and there were flowers that my Papa (my Hispanic step grandfather) would bring from the Japanese’s gardens he worked for. My Nana had remarried after my Swedish grandfather had died. The Japanese gardens, a place where I lived here in Arizona, were fields and fields of Lilies and tulips. It was so beautiful. The whole area smelled like heaven, at least as I imagine heaven would smell.

I would hop on my bike and ride up and down the canals that the Hohokam Indians made thousands of years ago. The canals supplied the water to the fields of flowers. It was such a striking site to see every year. Cars would line up the street back then and people would come out in their Easter dresses and outfits. Cameras would be going off everywhere up and down the street. I loved living behind the flower fields growing up and every year I looked forward to seeing them.

Sadly the flower fields are all gone now and have been replaced with apartments. I imagine heaven would be a giant field of flowers like that and as a little girl, for awhile that is, I got to experience a little bit of heaven.

Anyway, if you ever need to shop for something pretty, check your area for antique stores. Just remember to stick within a budget and leave those credit cards home. Best to stay out of debt as much as possible, keeps our spirit happy and our lives simpler.

You will have so much fun walking up and down all those isles. You can find items from .50 cents to thousands of dollars. I also picked up 3 episodes of Gunsmoke for $1 that was on DVD. I will be gifting it to some friends of ours who love old westerns. Like shopping in a museum, that’s what it is…an old museum where you can buy the items. I know my husband and I drove our son and daughter crazy with all the times we stopped to show them a toy we used to play with or something our grandparents used to have in their home decorations. Just a fun place to explore. Happy Easter shopping everyone.   

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  1. Betty says:

    Thanks for the trip to the antique mall! And I didn’t spend any money. Your post also reminded me I have some bunnies in the basement. I’ll have to bring them out for their holiday! Enjoy your day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also enjoy reading your adventures and great tips on your road travels. It’s much better keeping the clutter down and just buying things we really love. You and your wife have a beautiful week and happy bunny decorating.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t been to a flea market in more than a year! Time to mask up methinks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Flea markets are so fun, we have a huge market here. It is at a drive in movie theater that still is running today which is great during this virus because it is all outside. I have always called it a swap meet, so funny but that is what my mother’s side of the family called it while my father’s side called it the flea market. I like it both ways.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds great! I like the term swap meet. Love drive-ins! We still have a few here too, and they did great last summer. One actually took advantage of its setup to have live concerts!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I hadn’t even noticed it’s going to be Eastern soon !!
    But you did take me on a wonderful ride through your part of the world and I love your memory of the flower fields….and I too feel as if I can smell them 🙂 !!
    Oh and your grandma…what a beautiful woman she was!!
    Well I’m definitely in Easter mood now and will go up in the shed to have a look what things I’ve stocked up there that I haven’t sold yet.
    I am a bit jealous about all of those gorgeous little shops you have in your area….but on the other hand happy that I don’t, because they’d for sure kill my budget.
    Well, it’s good to see you’re staying sane and I wish you and your family a wonderful weekend !!
    Stay safe and big hug from Nova Scotia

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is fun shopping in our stores here but you are right about that not being good for the budget. Can’t wait to see your Spring time decor, with all that nature art you have I know it will be beautiful. Big hugs back from Arizona and have a beautiful and fun filled week.


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