It’s Worldwide Quilting day.

“ When life gives you scraps make a quilt.”

  I didn’t even know this was a thing and I LOVE quilts. Sometimes I will even give it a go with making one myself. I am nowhere near the level I wish I were though. Here are a few of my favorite quilts from shows my husband and I attended before the pandemic. I hope they bring back these quilt shows, I do miss them. Thanks Jane at Robby Robin’s Journey for inspiring me to share these quilt photos from the past in honor of today’s day of quilting. For any of you who haven’t started quilting you should , it is so relaxing. One block at a time is not so hard when you think of it in that way. Enjoy the photos and Happy quilting day everyone.

This was so colorful and the elephants were so adorable. That’s the fun thing about quilting, you can do whatever you like.
A giant quilt that someone had hand stitched bible verses onto.
Anyone up for an Arizona road trip? One of my favorite quilts at the show was this one. I love quilts that share stories in their designs.
So much detail in the road trip quilt.
So beautiful. The stitching on this was very tiny everywhere. You can not see it in the photo but this floral quilt was amazing in it’s details, I would not feel comfortable putting this on a bed. I would try to find a giant frame for it. Which I know is impossible. Up north at Our Little Red House I have two pretty quilts hanging up on the walls as decor.
Remember Monster’s Inc. ?. I wonder how long it took to make this quilt with all it’s detail. Imagine the kid who gets this, or the adult that is a child at heart.
Loved the yellow in this quilt with the blue patterns throughout it.
This quilt looked so difficult to make. I know this one took a long time to make. Just beautiful.

These quilts were from an art show I attended but I can’t remember the artists and it is hard to make out her signature. I just happen to be at a festival in Mesa Arizona and at the festival they had an art museum in the area that was also open to the public that day. This was on exhibit at the time. I do remember reading that the artist had asthma as child so she was sick a lot and because of that she spent a lot of time resting and creating art. Darn it, I wish I knew her name because she had the coolest story to tell. Anyway, she had an amazing story, a kind heart and is very talented as well.

That’s it, hope you all liked this mini quilt show from the past. My favorite is the one above, not actually a quilt but sort and from that artists, just so pretty in the colors she uses. Oh, and the floral one with all the details that I would try to find a giant frame for.

And here is a clip to watch for anyone interested in starting up quilting. Have fun everyone. I can’t wait to try making this miniature quilt. Maybe I can handle a miniature quilt.

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  1. These are all so lovely! I’ve made quilts my whole life, and appreciate all the work that goes into them. Quilting is one of my meditative crafts! Do give it a try, but start out small to gain confidence!

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    1. I bet your quilts are beautiful. I have done small simple baby quilts and I have discovered that the hardest part is lining up the corners and you have to have a really good iron for pressing. But I am getting there and learning more every time I work on one even if small. I am not throwing in the towel yet. Quilting is so fun even when mistakes are made. How else can we learn unless we make those beautiful mistakes.

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      1. We all make mistakes, in fact, many Amish women would pu an “intentional mistake” in their best work so as not to appear vane, and because they believed only gGod can make anything perfect!

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      2. The Navaho also do this when weaving rugs. I love that idea, keeps the pressure off.

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  2. Jane Fritz says:

    Loved every minute of this tour of quilts on this special day, LRH. Thanks so much. The wonderful Arizona road trip quilt just might inspire me to try something similar for east coast Canada!

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    1. That would be a fun quilting show too. Quilts of road trips and travels from around the world or even quilts of life during the pandemic. Maybe of things everyone missed or enjoyed during the pandemic…a healing quilt of sorts. That way people can not only enjoy just the quilt but also the stories the quilt has to tell. A quilt of beauty from around our world. It would have to be a virtual tour for now, until the virus is under control. Maybe a block at a time. Then connect each block on a website to create a world quilt of connecting and peace. They did something similar for Aids virus back when Aid’s started. All ages got involved too. Imagine a virtual quilt of art like that where people, no matter what level they were at, could sew a little block of their experiences during these past few months. Each block you could click onto from the website to read the backstory and mini bio of the one who created the block. A very healing way to bring everyone back to connecting with each other during a pandemic. Also healing because it gets people to express what they lived through or experienced during this time in our history. When you do your Canada quilt please share photos with everyone. I would love to see it.

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      1. Jane Fritz says:

        LRH, you have a wonderfully creative mind. And a caring heart. Yes, if I get even part of my act together, I will share!

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      2. Thank you and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  3. Betty says:

    Each one is magnificent! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Pure Glory says:

    Such beauty made from small pieces of material that others might discard. Thank you for sharing the quilt beauty, to brighten the day!

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    1. You’re very welcome, so glad you liked it. I love walking through quilt shows…I do miss them.

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      1. Pure Glory says:

        Yes, quilt shows are so much fun. Enjoy seeing everyone’s creativity!

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  5. Lori M-I says:

    Wow! So amazing and diverse. It really is an art form. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You’re welcome Lori and thank you.

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  6. rothpoetry says:

    This is beautiful work! Quilting is a great art!

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    1. They are always so pretty, I love going to quilt shows. Can’t wait for them to start up again.

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