It’s TP craft time…a little paper bunny.

How long as it been sense I have done one of these crafts?. The last time I did a TP craft was for Blogmas during Christmas, remember they were little Santa gnomes?. Months just keep flying by. Took a couple hours off one day to design up a TP craft for you all and this is what I came up with. Seems I have bunnies on my mind lately. This bunny was made from a paper towel roll but you can use an empty TP roll if you like or a wrapping paper roll. The larger rolls work better for this craft project. I also ended up using a TP roll as well. Guess I figured the larger bunny needed some company.

First you will need to draw out a bunny shape with large ears then cut around that.

Next I painted the tubes white. At this point I wasn’t sure where I was going with this bunny design and figured I would just draw and paint bunny features on it.

Then I decided to do something totally different. These are the supplies you will need…

Faux fur



Tp or empty wrapping paper roll

Mini pink pom pom

Two small cream or white colored pom poms

Two small black beads for eyes

Pink faux fur or felt

Cardboard  ( I used a cereal box

Yarn or embrodery thread for whiskers (optional)

Use your pre-cut TP bunny and trace over fur, then cut out fur and glue on to roll.

On a piece of cardboard draw out arms for your bunny. I did several sizes in case one size didn’t work. Once you have the arms cut out glue onto faux fur, then cut out and glue other side to faux fur as well. Let dry, then cut out and glue onto bunnie’s body.

Add eyes, small pom poms on face, a pink pom pom nose, two small black beads as eyes, and string or wire whiskers for the face (which I didn’t do for this project). I also added some more faux fur above the eyes like little bangs. Use pink felt for the centers of the ears and glue in place. I even added a little round pink belly to my bunnies.

I was going to have my bunnies holding faux flowers but decided to use some little carrots instead. You can use both, doesn’t matter. Some other creative things your bunnies could be holding are Easter eggs, a tiny basket, another bunny, a giant Sunflower, or a bag of chocolates. Keep your bunny simple in design or have it holding something, it’s all up to you.

Autism tips- This is not an easy craft for anyone who may have difficulties with anything that requires fine motor skills. Make a bunny before hand as an example, then have an empty TP roll that is precut into a bunny for your child to decorate. Have all supplies out on table for your child to put together like a puzzle. Help guide your child through the steps by either hand over hand directing, or through story board visual directions you draw out yourself. Have glue in little cups with dipping sticks for any children who may have sensitivity to certain textures. Some children can not tolerate glue on their skin. They may be hyper sensitive to this. If they are non verbal and can’t express this to you, they may have a melt down, which would lead some people into beliving their child just hates arts and crafts, and maybe that isn’t the case at all. Maybe they just hate glue on their hands and would love to be included in art ativities. Patients and kindness are the most important ingredient when teaching anything.

Happy TP crafting everyone.

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  1. He’s so cute! Thanks for the step-by-step!

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you.

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  2. Oh my goodness! No one would ever know they were toilet paper rolls…they’re so adorable! 🙂 ❤ I love this idea.

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    1. Thank you. Started this monthly craft project when the Toilet paper was flying off the walls everywhere. Figure when life gives you tons of TP make TP crafts. I mean with what some were left with after their hoards, all those shortages, might as well find some fun in that crazy part of our history.

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  3. You always have the cutest ideas!

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