In the garden…planting a cacti garden, designing a miniature fairy garden, and a whole lot of flowers.

“ To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

                 Audrey Hepburn

It is warming up here in Arizona. Last year was the hottest year on record for us here in Arizona. Think I brought that up in an earlier post…can you tell I am worried.

We got a few drops of rain the day I took this photo which is very rare here in Arizona.

I hope we don’t have another year like that. Everyone around our neighborhood is trying to get their gardens all cleaned up and ready for those horrible summer months, when we all are basically sunned in.

This month I worked on finishing up a cacti garden. It is like the mother’s day aloe garden my kids made for me a few years ago but much smaller.

Had a storm the day I took this photo, leaves everywhere from the trees and plants. I am not finished with the stenciling . May scrap that and start over with a whole other design.

Cacti are not so fun to work with when planting out in the garden. I got pretty beaten up that day even though I was very careful. I know how to be extra careful around cacti, having grown up with them everywhere in my life, but it doesn’t matter. They still find a way to bite you. Those suckers have gnarly teeth.

I am preparing my garden for another hot summer and cacti are hardy planets for our dry climate here. I want there to be some sort of life and green for the summer so lets hope all this work pays off.

Here in the city we grow a lot in pots since we don’t have huge yards and land to work with.

I also did some repainting around the garden, making it pretty with green paint and colorful stenciled flowers which I know my summer garden will be missing when the heat hits. If you live in a dry climate, adding color through decor and paint is a pretty way to make your garden a more pleasing area to spend time in. In hot states, we have to get up very early to enjoy outside time.

Cleaned up and decorated the glass door table my husband made me a couple years ago. I had it covered from the Winter rain showers.

A variety of pots I have picked up new and used.

This is my favorite repurposed piece of furniture that my husband has made for me. And wouldn’t you know it, once uncovered we would get rain. Oh but I did love waking up to a rainstorm that morning. I hung up banners to add some whimsical to the garden.

I spent a couple days cleaning up our large storage racks. We don’t have a garage in this home here in the city. Our back garden shelves were being used as a garage. There is no storage in these old homes from the 1950’s. They are made to last but there is no storage. Back in those days they didn’t have shopping hauls, credit card debt, or online easy convenient shopping. Our Little Red House up north which was built in the 1940’s, has even less storage. Guess in the country there was even less to buy and store away.

These racks look pretty inside too. You can spray paint the metal any color and add stained pallet boards as shelving. It would make an interesting library shelf in a home. We have four of these large racks and two are outside and two are in our tiny little pantry by the kitchen.

I still need to hang up my butterfly solar lights. For now my husband hung them up on some trees we moved to the other side of the garden. He has a funny way of hanging lights, he drapes them over things. I am more of the straight hanging type. I walked past this and laughed. My husband wants to design a giant ball of tangled Christmas lights with a sign that says, “ There I put out the lights.”

  I worked on a pretty Spring wreath for our Easter brunch in the garden. Easter brunch in the garden is a tradition I like to do every year. I will wake up and make my Nana’s Swedish omelet and some home made biscuits with some wild berry jam.

The chickens are getting bigger and fast. These new chickens of ours are too young to lay eggs . We only have two egg layers right now, so two eggs a day is all we have been getting.

Some of these chickens will be going up north for some friends of ours.

I was able to get rid of some damaged items in my garden but decided to keep a large old basket that I wired up onto the gazebo brace. My husband’s aunt gave this basket to me when she moved back to Europe a few years back. The little pots were repurposed pots that plants from the nursery came in. I decoupaged some pretty fabrics to them to add some Spring colors to my garden.

Bought some more seeds and planted lettuce, radish, bulbs and some daisies. Everything so far is coming in nicely.

Okay, this will be weird to some of you out there but little seedlings are so amazing to me. How they grow, the colors, and shapes. I love watching baby plants spring to life. Welcome to earth little plants.

Soon these Sunflowers will have bright yellow colors to add to their green.

We have several sunflowers waiting to bloom in pots all over our garden right now.

Sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers.

I am a little disappointed in my strawberries. So sad, I only got two strawberries. Still enough to share though.

And here are our new flowers this month.

Hummingbirds love Aloe blooms.

 One morning while out grocery shopping, I would come across a red watering can. My husband thought it was so funny how excited I was to show him my little watering can. How silly it was to be happy about a watering can. Just those simply things like that are enough to add some cheer to our lives. We all need to learn to appreciate the little things. I have never had a tin watering can.

I am using it for all those tiny seedlings of mine. I’m also using it on my tiny Springtime gardens I design every year. They are perfect for table center pieces. They last a lot longer then a floral bouquet and I have so much fun making them. I will have to do a more detailed and separate post of these tiny gardens for you all, maybe next month.

Something new to our garden besides that red watering can is this hummingbird feeder my husband picked up the other day. I came home with a watering can and he came home one day with three hummingbird feeders. The hummingbirds were flying down into our faces complaining to us. I told my husband that they were complaining to me because I am always feeding the sparrows and doves but “ What about us.” They were flying down into my face, but not in an aggressive way, just checking me out closely I guess. Maybe they thought I was food. More then likely there is a nest somewhere close. Now we watch them eating along with the other birds. They are very happy.

I repainted and cleaned up the old birdcage in the garden. Just something different to add to the decor. Even if you only have a small spot in the city, you can still have a garden. Just add a couple pots of plants and some fun garden decor to bring nature into your lives. Even a tiny mini garden like the one I made up above is enough to add some nature cheer to your lives.

Nothing has happened with the lizard eggs I found last month in my garden clean up, maybe they won’t hatch. I will keep you updated if something happens. So far it isn’t looking good. I looked it up and read online that lizard eggs can take several weeks to several months to hatch depending on the breed. That’s it this month. Happy gardening adventures everyone.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    I love your cacti garden, it looks absolutely amazing and so does that beautiful vintage bird cage; it makes for a perfect garden décor. Ornaments add another dimension to a garden and give it year-round appeal. A wrought-iron gate can mark the entrance to a world of green, a tree-hung lantern raise your perspective, a curved bench inspire a nap. Thanks for sharing and happy gardening, Cheri 🙂 Aiva xxx

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you and those garden suggestions sound beautiful. I would love to find a curved bench.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tanya says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden. I love the red watering can and the seedlings. So exciting! Yay! Enjoy🌞🌸

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Fritz says:

    It all looks very inviting, LRH. It’s funny to think of you preparing for a time when it’s too hot to be outside, while we’re still waiting for it to warm up enough to think of gardening. You get “sunned in” and in the North we get “wintered in”!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, that is crazy. We both have to deal with extreme temps. I can’t imagine ice and being snowed in but it is so beautiful. When it gets super hot here they have extreme heat advisories warning everyone to stay indoors, drink plenty of water and do hard work early in the mornings. There are lots of deaths from heat here during our summer months. If the electricity goes out it gets bad, there are been cases where people have died because they had no air conditioning.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jane Fritz says:

        We definitely rely on the electricity staying on in both extremes!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your beautiful garden, the new seedlings, and the red watering can. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Linda, it is coming along. Been out there cleaning and organizing these past two months.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for so many creative and fun ideas.
    I loved how you re-purposed your nursery containers! They look charming, lined in a row, all pretty in their new paint and clothes!
    I was envious of your beautiful, wooden birdcage. I collect vintage birdcages, also, and love the elegant shabbiness of your’s.
    The little garden is adorable with it’s bright banner and little wooden house; I’ll look forward to your DIY in the future.
    So many fun ideas and happy reading! 🌵💗🌵

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome and thank you…love your site. The world is so much more prettier when the creative ones take care of it. I also look forward to all those new and beautiful items that are waiting to be discovered and made in your little part of the world as well. When we only see the beauty, beauty is what we always get. Have a safe and happy week.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Love the garden! And the banner. Nice touch! I hope you don’t have another record setting hot summer on your hands. We had temps in the 60s this week and next week it goes down to 40s and 30s again. Summer in the north is so odd.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa, yeah, these weather patterns are so strange lately. One day there is ice and the next day it is warm like Spring. Sweaters and t-shirt weather is what I call it. We do a lot of layering here in the desert during the Winter months.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. lovely to see that you are gardening as well and also that you don’t allow yourself to be restricted by limited space
    greetings from Scandinavia from Liv


  8. You have a beautiful garden. And your flower pots are amazing. You have given me an idea. Keep gardening, enjoy the plants and spring.


  9. Carla Lee says:

    I am going to repost this on my blog because I just loved it so much! First of all…the cacti! I love cacti! Secondly, the baby seedlings! I feel the same way, Thirdly, the watering can…Mine was orange instead of red!!! Lastly, I can’t get enough sunflowers and with Spring on the horizon, I couldn’t help but share!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…that is sweet, another watering can fan. I think they are so adorable and they let us all know that pretty things will happen when we use them. Can’t wait to share the Sunflowers when in bloom. They are so pretty.


  10. Carla Lee says:

    Reblogged this on A Slice of Pie with a Side of Dirt and commented:
    I just had to share this happy little post with everyone I just loved it so much!! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! I can’t wait to get growing outside!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much, you are so sweet. So happy you liked it. I was offline for awhile, busy up in the country but I am back now to visit some blog sites to see what everyone has been up to. I hope you are having a beautiful Easter this Sunday morning. Spring is one of my favorite seasons so the garden is getting a lot of attention right now.


  11. ninnys1 says:

    I love your creativity and vivid mindset. Just simply beautiful! Enjoyed your gardens. TY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…that is so sweet, thank you. Today I will be organizing all our pots we have scattered in the garden. It can get very messy out there when planting and taking care of all that life. The chickens got fresh straw a couple days ago and they are acting so happy. I need to go out and gets some fun photos of them but they move so much it is hard for me to photograph them. Have a Happy weekend.


      1. ninnys1 says:

        You too. Thanks for my smile today. And, since you are a gardener, you believe in tomorrow’s.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Very true. Keep on gardening, there are lots of tomorrows in all of our futures.


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