March updates and favorite blogger’s posts this month.

 “ When people run in circles, it’s a very, very Mad world.”

                           Mad World, Tears for Fears 1982

Well, March was thankfully and gratefully a boring month. Which is exactly as I wanted. Thank you God and thank you to everyone who prayed for a nice peaceful ol’ boring month for us. Got a little break here at Our Little Red House.

We had some computer problems. I am still worried about that one. So far my computer is hanging on but while I write this post the screen seems a little dark. I will have to ask my daughter about that, computers are not my thing.

Worked on cleaning and organizing some more. I donated 5 large bags of items in decluttering. I want this home to be as organized and empty as possible in case we do decide to move out of Phoenix.

 I also worked on some candles one rainy day. I will do a more detailed post on that later. In organizing I have come across many projects that needed to be finished. That is where that box of old candles came from. Figure I might as well melt them down and mark that off my to do list. I remade them into larger and newer candles.

I picked these pretty mason jars up at the dollar store.

 Besides organizing and cleaning I started working on a craft closet/bookshelf for my office.

I want to try and make shutter doors to close off this tiny book shelf.

 I also worked on my kits. I am now in the process of drawing up instructions for the kits. I need to find a good supplier of packaging as well. This is why it is taking me so long, all those details. Now my craft closet/office needs a good organizing day as well. I have been pulling out a lot of items to make. Figuring out prototypes and what types of kits is the fun part to me.  

This month I also decorated for Easter coming up. Here is a fun DIY to get you started on that which I posted earlier. Christmas and Spring are my two favorite times.

It’s TP craft time…a little paper bunny. – Our Little Red House (

Another project I checked off my list was making banners. I hung one up in our Arizona room to help distract the birds. They are always trying to fly into the back room.

I also hung one up around the gazebo. Birds are always trying to get to my smaller plants. When they do they tare up everything.

I worked mostly outside in the garden. Taking advantage of these cool temps.

In the garden…planting a cacti garden, designing a miniature fairy garden, and a whole lot of flowers. – Our Little Red House (

And this month we all went antique shopping. That was so much fun. I went shopping for some bunnies for my Easter table display remember that post ?.Shopping for bunnies at an antique market. – Our Little Red House (

That’s about it for my beautiful boring month of March. Here are some of my favorite posts from you all this month. It’s all about Easter and Spring, hope you enjoy. Please leave a link and comment down below if you have favorites yourself, thank you.

Easter favorites

Victoria F- Toria’s Tales- 15 creative Easter Desserts.

MY favorites are the tiny birds nest treats.

Cottage green on the lake– This was a new follower I discovered the day I went searching for new bloggers. This is so important when being a blogger yourself. Get out and meet new people, discover how huge it is out there in the blogging world of things. Love this site because she is a second hand shopper like myself. From Texas and loves to garden. Had a very scary incident that left her with a broken arm but what a story she has to tell. It reminds me that God’s angels are everywhere. She could have been really hurt. Her husband is such a sweetie for helping her out now that her arm is broken. Love your site’s name too…how cute. We all need a cottage to escape to in our lives.

Pastor Pete- My Easter Miracle.

  Great story and one that shouldn’t be missed. We are all led and directed in life to roads we should travel down. To people we need to meet and be with. To those things we were always meant to do and be happy about. When things seem too difficult, when the people that we surround ourselves with always make us feel bad afterwards, then that is just God’s way of saying…this is not your path to take and these are not your people.

Rachel Milan- Easter banner DIY and American Easter traditions in Spain.

  Fun one. Reminds me of the time my family and I went to visit family in Italy one Easter. My daughter was about 2 years old at the time and I knew there wouldn’t be baskets and colored eggs where we were going so I packed up some Spring fabric and little Easter prizes and dye for eggs. I brought American traditions to our family in Italy that year. Made a giant basket from my craft supplies and we all dyed and decorated eggs the night before. Rachel, your banner was beautiful. What a lucky your little boy he is, he gets to celebrate all the beauty Spain has to share with their religious Easter traditions and American traditions as well. So beautiful over in Europe for Easter, just amazing time to be there.

Daine’s kitchen- Peeps Easter cake

This is such a colorful and fun looking cake, I bet it taste good too.

Cindy Dawson- What Easter means to me.

Thank you Cindy for reminding us what Easter is all about and lets never forget to being thankful to Jesus.

Every month in my update posts I always leave a prayer list. This months prayers go out to everyone who prays out there. All the prayer warriors out there know what they need to pray for, they see and feel what is happening too. All the historians also see the signs. So please pray harder then you have ever prayed before.

To speak truths, to share beliefs, to stay true to who you are and those places that only come from love… those things are being attacked at an all time high right now. I have seen some really wicked stuff lately on the screens.

They pop up to distract and manipulate. Just this week there was a really strange clip that came on in my recommendation, my daughter was walking by at the time “Don’t click onto that mom.” she would say and then add…

“ I am offline for a week because “ They ” are pushing some ugly and hateful images during this holy week before Easter Sunday…just don’t click it mom”.

Curiosity is not always a good thing. I stayed away from it, yet there was another recommendation that would find it’s way onto my site. Colorful, fuzzy, and playful child like characters to draw the most innocent minds into it. I made the innocent mistake of clicking on.

I was not prepared for what I saw that day on a New York decorating site. It’s playful characters welcomed it’s viewer’s behind it’s colorful doors. But what was behind them was so shocking to see and without any warning too. At least none that I remember.

I can not leave a link here because I personally consider it to be triggering for some. Shocking to see it so easily available for children to see. Especially since it seems so innocent with it’s big dressed up characters that children are usually drawn to. Click bait for children…but why I wonder to myself? I would soon find out as I watched what I originally thought to just be another home decorating DIY site.

Inside Artist Izhar Patkin’s Mural filled loft- New York Magazine was the title. I made the mistake of clicking onto that but then there was no image to shock me at first and home decorating sites usually are safe . It may very well still be on. The date says it has been on for over a year now…and no one noticed this. Does not make sense to me why this is allowed yet other things are not.

Adults are at a mature age to understand that world, but children should always be allowed to remain innocent from such images…so please pray. Everything seems upside down right now. Really scary images are being pushed on to the young ones right now. Is this to desensitize? Haven’t video games already done that? Music videos, movies, books etc…haven’t our children already seen extreme images enough already. Stay safe out there. Have a beautiful Easter and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

And remember…

” In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

Now days it isn’t the message that is hated, it is the messengers that tell them. When people run around in circles, not knowing what is and what’s to be because of all the lies and deception, they fear their right to let their voices be heard. Never, ever loose your voices. Speak your truths. It is the most powerful tool you will ever have.

Verse below is from my friend’s box of blessing’s the morning I sat down and wrote this updates post. I usually only share this with you all on Sunday, but this holy week before Easter Sunday, with all the scary images coming onto our screens everywhere. made me decide to share today’s little paper scroll I would pull out of the box. Once unrolled this is what I read…

My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in thy weakness.

                                       2 Cor.12-9

Coming in April-

Decorating Easter eggs

DIY a tiny garden

Dollar day do over- Mother’s day planter

A Spring trip to Our Little Red House.

Shopping adventures at an Arizona farmer’s market.

Thanks again for stopping by for a visit to Our Little Red House. Hope to see you all in April.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    I really hope you gonna write more about making candles, did you use candle-making soy wax? I’m a huge fan of candles, especially scented ones. They play a major role in my décor and can add to the ambience of any room. I use them at home, work and while travelling. Candles are great for helping me relax, be calm and enjoy the present moment. They’re perfect for rejuvenation and for winding down in the evening. The ones in those cute mason jars look good enough to sell. Thanks for sharing and have a good day, Cheri ❤ Aiva 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My favorite candles are soy candles, they don’t bother my allergies. I have a whole tray of essential oils. It can be hard to find pure oils I have discovered but there are still some places here in my state that have lavender farms that produce their own pure oils. The candles I made a couple weeks ago were from thrift store shops. There are old candles that no one wants and they are pretty beat up but you can break them down and melt the wax to turn into new candles. Wax by the pound here has gone up so it can be pricey so second hand candles are a great way to repurpose and make new ones out of. Unfortunately there was no soy in this pile of wax. I used some dried jasmine flowers from my garden and jasmine oil to scent them. I also had some mango scented oil that smelled so good. I was out of lavender. I bet your home is very cozy and has a warm feeling to it, candles create a soft environment.


  2. You have been so busy! I’m afraid all I’ve done so far the spring is watch the snow melt and write some lists!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have so many lists right now, I know about those. It is nice when we can check off something.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Love checking those little boxes!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Fritz says:

    LRH, when do you sleep?! 😏

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a beautiful post you made. There were lots to read about and very exciting and interesting of what you are doing. Yes March is a wonderful month and it brings to us the Spring season. I had a good read. Wishing you a wonderful Spring Season.


  5. Eden says:

    Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.
    1 Peter 5:8 HCSB
    The devil hates children, he hates their innocence and is seeking to destroy it. And he hates anyone who would seek to protect that innocence; the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I am so sorry that you experienced that; you can’t unsee those images. One feels violated that such content can come uninvited into our homes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly, you know what is going on. This is truth. There is a battle going on out there. Stay safe and have a beautiful Easter and God bless you and yours.


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