Spring trip to Our Little Red House.

“ I’ll take you up and down these hollers and hills, let me show you how country feels.”

  It’s that time of the year. Time to head up and check on the little red house.

There were still pockets of snow on the drive up but no ice thank God. The snow is melting and there were even some pockets of wild flowers in the warmer spots here and there that were coming up.

Snow is so strange to me. Growing up in the desert part of Arizona will do that to you. It is not something I see a lot of. Sometimes we can’t get to our place during the Winter storm season because they close the roads down to keep everyone safe.

Arizona is such a large state that there are areas that get snow. This always shocks some people who have never been out here before. They think it is all Grand Canyon cliffs and cacti everywhere.

We have a huge forest here of Ponderosa pine trees not just cacti.

During the Spring there are pockets of water everywhere including some of the dry creeks.

In the summer these areas are very dry. When the wild flowers start popping out it is the perfect place to go walking. It’s still too cold up there for flowers in some spots.

This first trip back to the little red house every Spring is always a short one that’s all about cleaning up and getting it ready for summer visits. Summer is when we spend most of our time up north to escape the heat in the valley.

I had a lot of vacuuming to do.

I also found a large bag of items to donate. I’m trying so hard to simplify and get rid of things.  

This little creamer has a small chip. It’s being used as a small vase now.

They have some really fun thrift shops up north. Sometimes if I have time I will stop off to a couple of them to see what they have. Because I have been decluttering more, now when ever I shop I only get those items I really think I will enjoy. Or items I may need for replacing a cheaper poorer quality of an item I have on hand. I have been hunting for items made before the 1990’s. This includes clothes which I am telling my kids to put away.

One of my favorite things to hunt for second hand are old wooden spools of thread. Their cotton thread is always so strong. These spools cost .25 cents each.

On this trip I found some books to read for everyone. I am turning this into a tradition now. Bought my son A reporters life, about Walter Cronkite. Surprisingly he grabbed that like he wants to read it. He has always enjoyed learning about history. For my husband I got a book titled My Hopscotch Life by internationally unknown author J.M Kemp. It was even signed, which made me laugh. This guy has done everything. Makes this the perfect book for my husband to read. My daughter had several choices to choose from with one being a Vogue coloring book,. It was very beautiful with all kinds of fashion pages to color. She wanted to read the Boy Scout field book I bought. For myself I bought a coffee table book of seaside cottages plus a book on Arizona plants. Secondhand books at the thrift shops only cost .50 cents for hardback and .25 cents for paper back. Some books you come across out there are rare and out of print. Every time I pull the bag of books out from our road trips I have my most fun telling everyone the books I picked out hoping they will like what I picked. Most times everyone switches things up and grabs a different book then what I thought they would like.

I also found some vintage craft supplies, some floral fabric, a couple of large copper candle vases, a little blonde figurine girl and an old weaving kit.

Wasn’t sure if this fabric was vintage or not, it felt too new to the touch but the pattern reminds me of 70’s floral fabrics.
Once I find a candle for this and light it up the copper will look so pretty through the patterns.

The morning glory is starting to come in around the house. Depending on the rain we get , the whole side of the house gets covered in these pretty purple flowers during the Spring.

You may rememeber a post I did on their vines where I made tiny baskets from them.

Stopped off at the boulders. This area always reminds me of those old cowboy movies my Nana used to love watching.

As a kid I didn’t want to watch them but there was only one television in the house so we all had to share. Now, believe it or not, I like watching old westerns. Is this what getting old is about or is it just that I don’t want to see shows that are all about some sort of hateful agenda? I can’t watch most new shows now days because I believe they are only meant to turn everyone against each other.

We didn’t get a chance to watch the ten commandments that I purchased at the antique store a couple weeks ago. It was only a couple dollars and brand new. As a little girl this was one of my favorite Easter traditions every year. Watching this with my dad. Back then they always had it on regular television every Easter.  

I didn’t have the VCR unpacked and set up, we were tired from the day. So we watched a new episode of what Nicci in Positano Italy was up too. Remember her in my suggested YouTube vloggers to watch. I love the Italian coast.

 There are more people I noticed that have moved into town since the last we were there.

 Next time we are up I hope to explore outdoors some more. On this trip I saw three deer. They always run off as soon as I see them so sorry no photos. I did run across something strange when I was walking around the woods. This shoe in the photo below. My 20 year old son caught up with me when I was taking photos of the snow, he always checks on his mom when we are separated while I shoot photos. I heard him walk up behind me as I was staring at this lone shoe.

“Why would someone leave their shoe in the middle of nowhere.?” I asked my son before turning around to greet him.

“ Maybe it slipped off while they were running?” he said

“ Yeah, but why wouldn’t they come back for it?…and look at how new it is?” I said.

It was just creepy. My husband was back at the truck with my daughter and when we met up with him he said he was going to get out thinking something was up. My daughter even said she felt creepy for the first time in her life at one of our favorite spots to explore, this is our peace place. I don’t know, maybe the city is getting to us. As I got back in the truck I told her I felt the same way. Then I told them about the lone shoe. Later we would all come up with different reason why there was a single shoe in the middle of no where. Some of the reasons were…

  1. My theory- That someone was really drunk and didn’t realize their shoe came off when they pulled over to use the bathroom in the woods or they weren’t feeling well, then hopped back into their vehicle and drove off.
  2.  My son said a big animal scared them off and they lost their shoe while running away to avoid getting eaten figuring they will buy another shoe once back in town.
  3. My husband’s theory was that two siblings were fighting on the way back home from camping and one of them threw the other’s shoe out the car before they left.
  4. My daughter’s theory was too triggering to write here. She had a scary experience here in this state as a child when two women were stalking her one time while out riding her bike at 15 years of age.  Her father and a neighbor were out in their yards when it occurred. The two women in the truck just drove off surprised there was someone there when they stopped their truck as one started to get out. My husband was around a big vehicle so he was hidden while he was talking to a neighbor. My daughter never went out bike riding by herself again, so sad. She noticed the truck stalking her when she was closer to her uncle’s home, he lives in the same neighborhood about a block away from our home, as well as Nonna, who lives about two blocks away.  

   Thinking about all our different theories says a little about our personalities. Me growing up around alcoholism in my family, my theory would be all about people getting so drunk they couldn’t even tell if they had a shoe on or not. To my son’s theory of big wild animals wanting to eat us. As a kid he used to be terrified to go out into the woods. He was not talking a lot then, just a few words here and there. Maybe this is what he always imagined was in the woods but wasn’t able to communicate that to me at that time. My husband never got along with his older brother as a child, always being picked on and physically hurt by him, so his theory centered around fighting siblings. Then there is my daughter, which took her back to a time where something very frightening happen to her. What theories do you guys have?

Later when we drove back to the city my husband said he saw a shoe on the side of the road. I missed seeing it, so it could have been the other pair which would make my husband’s theory the right choice about siblings throwing shoes out the car. Or maybe it was the same lone shoe but now it had been moved by that giant wild and hungry animal that my son’s theory was all about. Guess that shoe didn’t taste so good. I still think it was strange.

That’s it for our short Spring time trip up north. I forgot to take a photo of the chickens we gave our neighbors (remember we want the whole town to have a supply of chickens). They are so pretty. Next time I will do that. We have new neighbors next door but they haven’t moved in yet. They are fixing up their home right now. It’s also an old home, very old like Our Little Red House.

Hope you all enjoyed this trip back with us. Safe travels everyone and Happy Spring time to you all.

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  1. Betty says:

    Thanks for a very enjoyable trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, happy you liked it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I so enjoyed this trip to your little red house! That shoe is something else. I won’t even share my theory about it. But now you have me thinking what my theory says about me! I hope your husband’s theory is right. That wouldn’t be so bad!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it is such a fun drive up there too. I always love being out in the woods where there are so many trees, lakes and creeks. Yeah, that shoe scared me too. First I thought maybe someone was just out drinking, but there were no empty beer cans around. Just weird. So many stories going on out in the world. The shoe was tied too, like it had been on someone, not like a shoe that was packed away or sitting out. It was also in an area where there was still snow and ice, so not a good place to be walking in socks or barefoot. There was also a really pretty cotton face mask laying near the shoes. I think it was floral but I left the area and I didn’t touch anything because I figure if someone did loose a shoe that hopefully they would come back for it and look in the same area. No stories , local stories that is, about anyone missing (going dark now) but then local news now doesn’t really report a lot like that anymore it seems. In fact, there was a man missing up there around that part of the woods (the back end though) where they found his vehicle parked by a popular hiking trail and the family had to come out here to look for him, The news never reported anything about that. The only reason I know is because the family stayed with some friends of ours in town. They never found him.

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