Shopping adventures at an Arizona Farmer’s market.

We are slowly trying to get out more, but safely of course. As you know it won’t be long before we can’t go outside because of the heat. It’s so beautiful right now here in our state, except for the pollan that is. Allergies are acting up everywhere.

This shopping adventure is a recent one. How long has it been since I have done that. Wait, I did do an antique visit but it was empty there so not a lot of people around. So strange shopping in this Corona world. This day of shopping was taken when our governor here lifted some of the virus restrictions in our area. People came outside everywhere to enjoy the sunshine and other people. We now have a policy in place where you choose if you want to wear a mask or not, it’s up to each individual and business.

  As always, my shopping adventures are all about the small businesses. All those mom and pop stores are struggling right now. I am not getting anything for promoting these businesses. Where ever you live, support your local small businesses .

Uptown farmer’s market.

  Emily Bene Vivendo’s edible flowers- Emily has so many beautiful flowers at her booth. She is one of the original salers at this market. I remember her booth from years ago. She doesn’t have a website that I could find but she is on Facebook and Instagram. She had the prettiest flower mobiles that she sold out of that day…good for her.

Southwest Mushrooms ( )- Click onto website and watch the video on how important mushrooms are. I would love for my son to take a tour of this mushroom farm. My husband is trying to grow mushrooms right now. I almost spilled his giant plastic bag the other day when I was organizing. It’s hard to keep up with both my husband and son and their many projects of hydroponics, growing tents and now mushroom bags.

Casita Curated play ( )-  A very colorful and busy table. I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would have liked because of social distancing rules that I try to follow. Lots of tiny ones gathered around, playing and looking for fun sensory toys.

I remember the sensory table I made for my kids when they were preschoolers. I bought an old coffee table from the thrift store that cost $5. Then I painted it white. The top part I painted green. It was like looking down onto a little green village from above. Then I went down to the hardware/home store and bought a heavy duty durable plastic tray bucket. Not sure what they call them. Think they mix cement in them because they are so thick. It was pretty deep so perfect for what I was going to use it for. I sat it on the coffee table so my kids could walk around it while playing in it. Outside or inside it was my kids favorite play station. I filled it with clean and dry items when inside our home and took it outside for messy play sensory time like water, finger-paints, and shaving cream. I even had sand in it for sand castles. Loved this booth, check out Casita’s website and all the fun items she has. I used to also do Montessori style teaching with my children when little. You may be able to pick this up sometimes in the DIY’s I design that I share with you all.


  Tigermountain foundation gardens

     This was the first table I stopped at. The woman behind the table reminded me of my old friend from my childhood neighborhood. She smiled at me while she was working on something with her hands. I think she was knitting. Turns out the woman behind this table of beautiful veggies was in fact from my old neighborhood.

My old neighborhood was in what some from Arizona would call the poorer side of the city. The South side. It was a hard place growing up for some kids .

When I stopped at this table I had no idea the story that was going to be told to me. Tigermountain is about helping teens in the South Phoenix community learn how to grow and eat healthy foods. Keeping everyone happy and busy by learning new skills and being around plants helps heal and lead kids down a better path. I loved this.

I am so happy they are doing something like this. This is exactly what all kids need, all ages.

When I took my veggies home that I bought from them everyone wanted to know how I made everything taste so good. They wanted the recipe on the green beans I bought. I told them, it was the plants. All that love and all those good intentions behind those garden veggies made real food taste that much better.

I cooked up the green beans in some fresh garlic, green onions and a little olive oil. Then added salt with a teaspoon of butter. Green bean French fries I called them. I chopped everything up from the garlic stem and cooked it with the green beans as well.

Absolutely delightful honey  ( )- a family business. They are also one of the first booths that started with this market years ago. A mother started this honey company with her two kids, which are all grown up and running the business themselves now.

When out in public I am always careful to avoid taking photos of people. Giving them their privacy.

Here is a little tip for anyone moving here to Arizona. If you are planning on living here then start eating locally made honey to help you with allergies here. We do have our desert pollen and it is miserable for us all when it happens. There is something in local honey that helps with that. Don’t forget to click onto their website above. They have some yummy recipes on making salad dressings using honey.

 Abbey Lee farms ( ) Neal brooks started this farm years ago and now his daughter Abbey Lee runs it. Neal started growing and selling plants from his back yard back in 1974 when he was 12 years old. In 1985 he bought a 3.5 acre green house that he would eventually turn into a hydroponics center. They now have three farms throughout Arizona. The farm here in Phoenix is open everyday for tours plus they have gardening classes too.

  African Everything ( )

Mary Ogwel started this company before her mother died as a promise she had made to her mom to help woman get out of poverty in South Africa. Her and her children import and sell these handmade baskets from villages where women make them. They are sold  throughout the US and the money helps the women back in these villages. Beautiful baskets in so many colors to choose from.

  Daisy G’s ( ) Oils, candles, and soaps. Her table was an assortments of all kinds of pretty fragrances. She even hand unscented goat’s milk soap. I usually make this for my mother-in-law every year because anything with a fragrance hurts her head.

There were so many booths everywhere.

  Kozie kutie

( Raul’s Cocina)

   French pastries

Above ground gardens.

It was such a pretty day to be out too.

 I bought some fresh veggies, and an African basket. My daughter bought Lavender oil and some French pastries. My son bought a bunch of French pastries and my husband bought tamales. Happy small business shopping everyone. Stay safe out there.

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  1. I asked my husband to pick up some honey for me today because he will be closer to one of our local farm stores. He asked which place he should stop and I said I didn’t care as long as the honey is local and raw. The local, raw honey, is what can help with allergies and they will be in full bloom soon as everything is now budding here.

    So glad to see you and others out and about again. I loved all the different products and all the colors.

    I hope people in our area can get out soon to places like farmers markets, etc. Our state is still pretty well closed up and the governor doesn’t seem to get that keeping people locked up is spreading the virus even more. They need fresh air to breathe in their longs instead of recycling their own air all the time.

    People are still getting the virus, don’t get me wrong, but I really think it would help some if they could get out and move – it might help cases not be so bad in some people. Two people we know were in the hospital and it was such a relief when they were both released and sent home this weekend. There is some good news at times now and that’s been nice.

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    1. I had all these spaces in my comment to make it easier to read and WordPress still smooshed it all together! Ha!

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    2. I agree, people need to be out and enjoy life more. We do have a battle here in Maricopa county and the city mayor and our governor are not the best of friends. Who am I kidding…they aren’t friends at all being that they are both from different political parties. I try to share the positive mostly in my post but there are some people who fight here and since our Mayor took office a couple years now I think ( would have to look that one up), the crime in this city has exploded. Sometimes the local news reports it but sometimes they don’t. The newest battle is the border and mask mandate. Our governor is sending national guard out and leaving it up to individuals and businesses to wear a mask . Certain pockets are very pro masks like Tempe (university area) Tucson, and Flagstaff (up north, another university area) but there are other areas in Arizona where people do what they want and let people decide what ever makes them comfortable. My son and daughter go to a Christian university here in the city and some students wear them and some don’t. Weird how everything seems to have been turned into being all about politics now. When people see someone wearing a masks they think to themselves that they must be on one side and vice verses when they see someone not wearing a mask.
      Family in Italy are reporting back to us that lock downs are extreme, and depending on color zone area they are in. some places can hardly do anything. A friend of my sons lost his father in Italy when they did an elected surgery on him during the pandemic. The friend said he couldn’t get over to see his father though because they aren’t allowing travelers into that area. No one was allowed to be by his father’s side in the hospital when he was alive. His father was an older man on pension over there at the time. So sad that Italy has lost so many of it’s senior members. They are the ones that have lived through world war two so they know things about history. It reminds me a little of what happen here in our country with the nursing homes. Everything is so weird right now.
      My husband’s cousin in Italy is wrapping up his Olive oil business and villa in Tuscany to move back to UK. Things must be pretty bad in Italy if he is moving away from the villa to go back to England. I try to be careful now with what I share with family over seas because I have heard stories that people in the UK are getting into big trouble with anything they send over social media. I also heard the UK is pretty extreme with lock downs too. We are in year two and nothing seems to be slowing down in some spots. I just keep everyone in my prayers and hope for the best. When I am out in public here in Arizona everyone seems okay, some polite, some not, nothing seems different…but then that is a city environment for you. We no longer go out or drive on our streets at night though. Give your babies a big hug from us all over here in Arizona, although your son may give you a funny look like what is that for mom. We all need more hugs for sure. Stay safe.

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      1. I think we must be close in age so you remember the days (you know, like two years ago. Ha!) where people just got their vaccine for the flu or made decisions for their own health, were careful on their own not to get others sick (washing hands, staying home if ill), and weren’t made to feel like the enemy if someone did it differently. The fact we can’t even live our own lives anymore without someone having something to say about it is totally ridiculous.

        And yes, everything is political now. Everything. And everyone wants to one-up each other. I’m so over it.

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      2. I’m over it too. This is why I try to find something everyday that keeps my family sane. I have read a lot of history books through the years and see the patterns playing out. One race is being targeted hard right now and everywhere around the world people can see this. Everyone is so afraid to bring it up, but there are a few brave and courageous one out there pointing out the obvious. I worry for my son and daughter. So many ugly things have happened and so many have gotten away with it too. I am still upset with the nursing home mess. How can this happen? In the 21st century how is it possible that history is repeating itself. I thought the world was pass that, that all nations and all people would know by now, that the best way to live, is to love one another and live in peace.

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    Wow just look at all the stalls bursting with amazing produce. Arizona Farmer’s Markets looks quite lovely and it’s nice to see people out and about. It’s been a whole year without much fun. Ireland is still in lockdown with a few travel restrictions easing on Monday coming. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Aiva and i hope they open up your area soon. It is so pretty during this time of year, best to be outside enjoying it.

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  3. How wonderful that you were able to safely have this wonderful experience! We are so close to being able to get our lives and routines back, but we still have to protect each other, and it really isn’t that hard or inconvenient.
    Wearing a mask is not a political issue, it’s a health issue, and I’m not sure how it got politicized as a right to wear or not wear one, which I find really a sad comment on how so many are not willing to protect others. As a society, we used to have frequent, horrible epidemics and it was common for a house to have a brightly colored notice on your door that no one could enter or leave because of scarlet fever, thyphoid, diphtheria, even measles. This was before vaccines, and we now have remarkably effective vaccines against covid, we just have to be patient until everyone is vaccinated. We are so lucky that we have that technology that stepped up so quickly to get a weapon against this deadly little speck. Keep safe, and enjoy! It can be done in safety!

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    1. Agree, everyone can stay safe if we all do our parts and work together getting through this.

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  4. saramincy says:

    Love the colorful baskets! So fun! Thank you for taking us along on the journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. It was hard picking a basket to purchase, they were all so pretty.


  5. Tanya Kohl says:

    It looks like a beautiful day and fun shopping trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would like to go back, there was a lot to see.

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