Growing a biblical garden.

I made gardens and orhards and I planted trees in them with all kind of fruits.

                       Ecclesiastes 2:5

This month was world Earth day and I as always I forgot to do a post or a happy greeting on that day. In celebration of world Earth Day I thought I would share with you some plants we have growing in our garden that are mentioned in the bible. My favorite plant is Aloe. Here are just a few we have growing …













Summer time is just around the corner which always reminds me of vacation bible classes when my kids were little. I only went to a couple when I was a little girl. My kids would go to the little church in our neighborhood during the summer months to learn about God and Jesus. Growing plants from the bible is a fun way to keep the kids entertained and busy outside during the summer.

Start a biblical garden yourselves with your children and share those gifts it gives you with friends, family and neighbors. Make small fabric pots with clippings and baby plants from your gardens to give out. Attach paper tags with verses of that plant from the bible along with care instructions and added facts about each plant. Spread kindness out in the world, do something nice when ever you can. Be kind to this beautiful planet of ours and grow more…Happy world earth day and happy gardening everyone.  

 “ To cultivate a garden is to walk with God.”

              Christian N. Bovee

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  1. Pure Glory says:

    Your garden sounds amazing. You have quite a variety of plants. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Thank you and have a wonderful week as well.

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      1. Pure Glory says:

        You are welcome! 🦋🤗

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    Your garden looks quite fascinating. I wish we had more sunshine in Ireland so we can do proper gardening, the naturally damp soil can often become waterlogged, but we’ve learned to make the most of our wet weather garden. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

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    1. Thank you. I am just finishing up my regular garden post that has so many photos from what we did in the garden this month. The Spring is when it comes alive but the summer it is so sad. A blogger I follow did a really cool post on Moon gardens. Plants that come out at night and bloom. We have some cacti that do that and when there is a full moon they almost look like they are glowing, it is one of the coolest things to see. We used to have horses when I was a little girl and we lived by a huge desert and mountains. When the moon was full we would go horseback riding out in the desert since it looked like daylight and all the plants and cacti everywhere looked like they were glowing. I don’t live by that mountain anymore but we go swimming when the moon lights up the sky and the water glows. Like the sea when we would visit our neighboring state California. I don’t know what it is like living where there is so much rain but I do know I love, love, love the rain storms when we get them here.


  3. agardenguy0 says:

    Great article 😊

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