Sunday Greetings and a Box of Blessings

  Happy Sunday everyone. I’m having some computer issues once again so
I didn’t get to post my monthly updates Friday. I will probably be off
for awhile until I can figure this out hopefully. I will be re-posting
some DIY’s from last year for you all until then. This is all being
done off my daughter’s computer. I hope you are all safe, healthy and
happy. Today’s bible verse from friend’s box of blessings is…

 The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the just runneth to it and
shall be exalted.

        Prov. 18:10

  Have a beautiful week everyone. Please send prayers and well wishes
to India. Also send prayers to all the countries that are in extreme
lock downs, that they are able to open up safely soon. That people can
get back to their lives. Please pray for my county here where I live,
It’s Maricopa in Arizona (rumors going on right now here ). Pray for
the most vulnerable and innocent,  pray for the sick that they get
good doctors, caring doctors. Please pray that the whole world comes
together united as one, in love, peace, and freedom.

Hope to be back to posting soon. I am not happy about these computer
problems. Might have to look into figuring out another way to do
social media. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red

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  1. Gersom Clark says:

    Praying for these petitions, Cheri! Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. Thank you so much. I am sorry I haven’t been online as much lately. I am having so many computer problems. It’s slow, it sticks, it doesn’t load. This is the second time I have been back to this site to answer comments because it kicked me off or it stuck from loading so slow. Some sort of virus maybe, maybe too many cookies. I don’t know. My husband is going to look over it later but we might need to buy a new computer and the last time we went shopping there was a shortage and no computers available at the two stores we went to. Hopefully they finally got their shipment in. Thank you again for the prayers. I will keep you in mu prayers and all my followers and the ones I follow as well. Have a beautiful week, stay safe and blessing to you and yours as well.

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      1. Gersom Clark says:

        Cheri, you have to check your storage if it is not low. Check also your system through any anti-virus program if there are malwares and viruses that cause the slow. Also, you have to clean your disk for temporary local and internet files. And just check programs that you don’t need that might cause the slow.

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      2. Thank you, it has been frustrating trying to figure this out, My husband just spent the day checking for viruses and cleared thousands of cookies. My daughter is going to try and post my monthly updates from her computer later tonight. So far it is still not letting me post, it just doesn’t load and it’s just blank on screen. My son and daughter brought up Firefox as a browser so they are switching to that later to see if that helps. It also takes forever to load other blogger’s sites too. It’s so frustrating to get on the computer right now so I have taken the week off. At least it seems I am able to comment. Thank you again for all this helpful advice. I love posting, it’s my hobby and I try to visit everyone on Sundays, catching up with everyone. Okay, off now, have laundry to finish and fabric to go through that I am donating. Stay safe and have a beautiful and peaceful weekend.

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      3. Gersom Clark says:

        Maybe, uninstalling and then reinstalling your current browser (if it is google) might help. Also, disk cleaning is needed and it can be found in the administrative tools. Likewise, a blessed week to you and everyone! Stay safe as well.

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  2. I hope you can figure out the issues with your computer soon and yes, we need to pray for all those things.

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    1. Thank you Lisa. Took a couple days off from this computer. Seems it only loads certain things. For now I can comment back at least but I can’t download, paste and get into posting. It’s a mess. Looks like I will be shopping for a new computer. I hope they have something available. The last time I went to the computer stores they were all out and waiting for shipments. All the shelves were empty. What a time we are living in. We are living in historical times. Keep the prayers going I always say, we all need them. You guys stay safe as always, have fun out there and God bless you and your family.


  3. ourcrossings says:

    After the hectic week, Sunday is for relaxation, spending time with loved ones, and mostly about taking the day out to have a good day! May this Sunday be full of blessings for you. Wishing you a blissful weak ahead. I hope you get to sort out your computer problems 🙂 Aiva xxx

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