Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms and grandmas out there . I’m starting to get my computer problems under control but it still takes awhile to load something. At least now it looks like I will be able to post April updates that I had prepared two weeks ago. Thousands of cookies off, a new browser and trash that I got rid of has hopefully cleared out this old computer of mine. If all goes well you will see my monthly updates and favorite posts from April this Monday. A little behind but eventually I will catch up with it all.

 I hope you are all well and having days of peace and beauty. I have used these two weeks off to work on organizing some more, and finishing up some projects. Been hanging out with the birds and the bees outside just enjoying the Spring. Todays bible verse from my friend’s box of blessings is…

I will be with thee; I will not fail thee nor forsake thee.

                        Joshua 1:5

Thank you everyone for your likes, visits and prayers. Especially your prayers and well wishes. There are many prayer warriors out there right now and you are all amazing. So many prayers are needed during these times. Every day I learn or see something new and my prayer lists keeps getting longer and longer. Stay strong, and stay faithful. Remember there is that rainbow after every storm for a reason. It is shocking to me what I am witness to in this 21st century. Stay safe out there and God bless you and yours from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. Beautiful flowers. Have a wonderful day

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    1. You too and Happy Mom’s Day.


  2. Gersom Clark says:

    Happy Mothers’ Day, Cheri! A blessed Sunday to you and your family!

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    1. Thank you so much and blessings to you and yours too. Have a Happy Sunday and beautiful week.

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  3. Hope you’re doing well and that your tech issues have been resolved! I know how exhausting it can become if you have to deal with this besides everything else that’s going on!!

    I’m sure your children made this day to something really special for you and you know what….you certainly more than deserve it!!

    I also just wanted to let you know that I set up a link to your page in my blog yesterday and hope that’s okay with you?

    There’s you and a couple of others I’ve always been wanting to mention as I really love what you do and how you help people with your blogs.

    I don’t know if you’ve happened to see the post….but it’s about Sweden 😉
    I admit I was thinking about you and realized I never caught which area from there you actually originate from ?

    Anyhow…I hope all is well with you and your family is safe and healthy!!

    Big hug from cold and windy Nova Scotia

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    1. That is so sweet of you. I need to check that out and yes, you can share anything from this site. It is so nice meeting people from around the world through blogging so the more the merrier I always say.

      Blogging is a way to travel now I suppose. I miss my days of traveling with my husband when we were in our 20’s back in the 80’s. I always wanted to visit Sweden. My Nana would share stories with me about my grandfather who came here from Sweden to make a new life back in the late 30’s I believe.

      Him and his brother were given their inheritance early to make a new life in America. They were suppose to stay on the dairy farm but they didn’t like it. My Nana told me my grandfather was from Upsala and at one time was suppose to become a Lutheran minister but that was not what he wanted.

      He moved out here to the desert to escape the cold. Last name Lundgren. My great uncle, grandfather’s brother used to bring me bags of hard candy when I was a little girl at Christmas time and sing me Swedish songs.

      Even though I never got to meet my grandfather in person my family growing up kept many of his Swedish traditions. My grandfather died before I was born sadly but the family kept his memory alive in the stories they shared with future generations.

      My two uncle’s John and Carl I was told looked just like my grandfather. I am closes to my youngest uncle though. We are only 12 years apart, so he is like an older brother. They look Swedish and I take after my father who was German with dark hair, although the older I have gotten the more blond has come out in my hair, along with grey of course. My husband and I laugh about that, guess we go backwards as we age.

      With my dark hair and my husband being Italian our children did not match us in looks when they were little with both of them being very blond. My daughter also has the Swedish eyes and people always ask her if she is Asian.

      Because I grew up with Swedish traditions since it was my mother’s side and we lived mostly around, I never got to learn about my father’s German family that much until after he died. My mother did not encourage our connecting with them much. Mostly we would see my German side of the family during holiday events and when my dad would take me with him when he would visit his mom. Long , long story there.

      Anyway, you are so sweet including me…thank you again. I hope you all are okay over there. Here in America we hear stories but who knows what is true anymore. I just keep everyone in my prayers and well wishes. It will be nice when everything hopefully gets back to being somewhat normal. It is warming up here but nothing with storms. Today there are reports of several wildfires everywhere and that is weird too because we haven’t had any lightening or anything in our dry conditions. Maybe it is so hot it just started to bake the grasslands.

      Stay safe over there and I am so happy you are back. I hope to see something on YouTube too. It is so beautiful where you live. Big hugs back from Arizona to you both.

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      1. Wow, what family history you have!! Well, if you read my blog at least you got to see a bit of Sweden 😉

        We had to drive through Uppsala and go up more than 400 km further north to get to our place, but it’s actually a nice thought, maybe having driven over ground that your family lived on. I know a bit far fetched, but still nice 🙂

        Good to know you’re all well and healthy and yes, over here in Nova Scotia the situation is the worst it’s ever been. But, there’s nothing we can do but sit tight and stay in the woods. These are the moments I really see the bright side in the way we’re living here.

        Well, I better get going, wish you a wonderful day and am looking forward to your next blogs 🙂

        All the best and big hug right back at you all!

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      2. Oh my gosh, my husband and I were just talking about your 100 year old farm. I am sending him your link to read later. He was laughing about how my grandfather left his families farm in the Uppsala area to move to Arizona and ended up working for awhile in a mining town which he hated. He would become a plumber and start his own business after that. When I saw those old grandfather glasses I thought of my great grandfather’s farm and how his sons instead of staying there and continuing on with farming life would want to leave to America. I always wondered about what a farm in Sweden looked liked and what kind of a life did my grandfather live when he was a young boy growing up there. I remember my aunt telling us she was embarrassed as a child growing up by that desert mountain my grandfather bought property on because he had an outhouse he built back then and everyone else had plumbing but out by the mountain where I grew up they didn’t have city hook ups to the sewer line until I was a teenager. We had septic instead. All your photos took me back in time. I will have to share them with my son and daughter. I need to figure out where my grandfather’s old farm was. maybe look into that site So many questions and what a fun way to learn about family from the past.

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  4. Such beautiful images! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you Dorothy, some flowers for all the moms out there.

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