10 favorite vloggers we watched this month.

 Thought I share some fun shows we enjoyed watching on the big screen, that is the big screen in our living room. I miss good old summer movies at the theater. Just haven’t seen any that I might be interested in lately. I have been going old school with my entertainment. Actually, here at Our Little Red House, we all have.

  1.   Two Orphaned Baby Foxes Go Nuts When They Meet For The First Time

Says it all in the title doesn’t it? This is so sweet and so adorable. I love watching animal rescue shows. These little foxes are so wiggly and bouncy. They don’t like to stay still. You are going to love the cuteness that comes with this clip. Careful with some of those animal rescue clips. Some seem staged. Frightening what people will do for follows, likes, and money in the social media world.

10 simple and beautiful paper flowers to make. If you have a lot of free time on your hands and you need something to do that is peaceful and calming then you will love this video. Who doesn’t love flowers. Also, for anyone on a budget with this sad pandemic economy we live in, making pretty flower bouquets to give to the ones you love will brighten their days.

3. Schokoladenkuchen wie in der Kindheit… in wenigen Minuten fertig! Ohne backen! # 60 – YouTube

Delicious chocolate biscuit cake ready in a few minutes. My son and daughter are going to make my husband’s cake for his birthday and this is the cake we decided to surprise him with. I will let you all know how that comes out.

46 Ideas for Miniature Gardens With Water Features

I always do several mini gardens during the Spring. These are so much fun to make. I love this vlogger’s style.

I have been watching Life uncontained for over a year now. Been watching this dream of theirs play out and enjoying the whole process of their container home coming along. They have a really great way of making the viewers feel at ease and they laugh a lot together. Even when mistakes happen, they giggle and laugh about those learning opportunities of what some see as mistakes. A beautiful family.

Just started watching the Crafsman. What a character. My husband loves watching this too. Gotta love those artist out there, they keep our world full of colors and excitement. Crafsman (misspelled on purpose) makes his own molds, sculpts, felts, 3D printing, drawing, robots, loves Star Wars, and is a big thrifter and antique collector. There is something for all ages when watching this fun little sock puppet character called the Crafsman create in his little shed studio.

I shared this with the whole family one day. What a sweet story too. Poor little guy had an accident but he came through stronger then ever and his story helped not only his owner heal from pandemic times but the whole world smiled after seeing this dog walk around like a human. What beautiful spirits and kind hearts our animal friends have. We could all learn from them.

This week my husband gave the kids a lesson on how to make cheese. Then on Sunday we turned on one of our favorite vloggers and saw it was all about goats and goat’s milk cheese, perfect timing as they say. Nicci’s DIY comes with beautiful views though. Gotta love the seaside. We also watched her most recent vlog where she visits a friend’s castle. Both are really great vlogs to watch.

Georgian English country home tour. Since I have been making my miniature plaster cottages to paint for my mini gardens, I have been watching a lot of country cottage vlogs to give me ideas. I loved this country home in England, what a pretty place. The views from the window. The softness of the rooms. The rustic fireplaces and inviting kitchen where many yummy meals will be prepared. This is a really beautiful home.

  1. (2) Pipe’s Journey – YouTube

Restless Roots has the cutest little creature they rescued a while ago. Super sweet. You can read the blog for more info on this story and then watch this fun little clip of this adorable little guy they saved. This one will definitely leave a big smile on your face. You have to see how adorable he or she (not really sure) is in movement. Manuella has an artist eye. Her photos are always beautiful. Seeing movement makes you want to snuggle with this fuzzy little character .

That’s it for our favorite vlogs this month. If you are not into YouTube ( no judgment from me, I have a lot of things that I’m no longer into since our invisible war started ) then here are some suggestions from some other streaming channels we watch from…

HBO- (paid subscription)The great pottery throw down. This is a fun one. I am starting on season one so it is weird seeing no masks and hugs with one another when greeting people. I have three favorite artists in season one so far they are still in the show. I have one more episode before I get to season two.

Hulu-(paid subscription) Bloom, It’s Australian I believe. About a little plant that makes people young again. It also turns them bad with how far they will go to stay young. The only down side to this series is that they portray Christians in a negative light. Seems to be the trend in this 21st century. I know there are bad seeds out there, but there are more good then bad in my opinion. Anyway, there are bad seeds in all walks of life. This is not a movie for children. There are some parts that I would have totally changed if I had something to do with this story. Actually, there would be a lot of scenes I would have removed or just not included in the story. I don’t want to ruin it and tell you just in case you decide to watch it. Lots of things I would have written in a different way but then the 21st century way of movie making would not allow that I don’t believe.

Amazon- (paid subscription)A sense of wonder. About a mother who owns a farm that she might have to sell to make ends meet and along comes this very unusual character that she hits with her vehicle by mistake. It’s a beautiful movie with lots of scenic country scenes. The old stone farmhouse is so pretty. I am a big watcher of movies that take me to another country, I have always been curious as to how other people live in their countries. Cute story and happy ending too.

Watch The Sense of Wonder | Prime Video (amazon.com)

Netflix-(paid subscription) We no longer have this streaming channel. When we did, which was about two months ago I watched a really good series called Magnolia sisters. I have the book but I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read lately. Now I am waiting impatiently for season three. I really loved all the characters in this one.

We switch out streaming channels by the month. It would cost way too much to rent them all and we would have to spend a lot of time watching them to keep up with the selections. We are busy with keeping up with life, no time for hours and hours of unlimited movies. Most movies here in the U.S. sadly are very violent, gruesome, or about wicked horrors. Really hard to find a good show if it was made after a certain year here in my country. This is why most people are going old school and watching shows from long ago or collecting DVD’s everywhere. I am not getting anything promoting some of these streaming channels, just letting you all know what shows I liked. Hope you all find some great movies to watch too and if you do please share, we all need suggestions.

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  1. Pure Glory says:

    Enjoyed watching a. couple of them. Enjoyed the orphaned foxes. I get fixes in my yard at times. Earlier todayI had fox run parallel with my car and cross the road behind me. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would have loved to have seen that in person. Sometimes when we are up north in the woods we come across all kinds of wildlife. The elk eat the berries from our back yard and we have seen a mountain lion. fox, skunk, and lots of deer. So nice to get away from the city and it is so clean up there with all those trees and nature everywhere. I bet it is beautiful where you live. Peaceful out there for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pure Glory says:

        Yes, live in Alaska about a 100 miles from the Arctic Circle. It is the land of the Midnight Sun in the summer. Moose, fox, ptarmigan, geese, sandhill cranes, owls, hawks, etc. are common. It is peaceful.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sounds stunning and beautiful. What a gift from God.

        Liked by 1 person

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