In the garden…The bees are here, new baby chicks and creating art for the garden.

“ Even to the smallest creatures, we should have care and respect. They are here to help us not hurt us.”

  May was such a beautiful month here in our garden. We got some cool breezes and a few drops of rain this month, which I totally took advantage of. I spent a whole day outside working on mosaics when a nice cool day just blew in one morning. A special treat for us Arizonians. It felt like Fall again.

This month in the garden was me mostly working on putting a dent into all the piles of colored glass I had stored around our garden. It was given to me years ago and I never got around to finishing art projects with it. Then along came Covid…sounds like the title to a bad 80’s song.

Should have added a color to the grout since the white doesn’t seem to bring out the colors so much. I still need to sponge clean and seal the grout.

I finished a small table. I need to add a frame around the table and weather in the base.

And I also finished some pieces to hang around the garden. I don’t normally do mosaics. Just thought I try my hand at something new and I had so much glass. I might need to go over some cracks I have discovered. This was a messy craft project .

Still working on the chicken area. When the heat hits our city everything slows down and sadly we did not accomplish this goal. I wanted to pretty up their coop. Paint it, add whimsical things. They have a swing and new laying boxes and we added fresh straw this week but there are still things I want to fix up. In the city they have these chicken tours of really pretty chicken coops and I always love how they make them look so cute and whimsical. For now, our chicken coop is practical and functional but not so pretty.

We got new chicks this month too. Our neighbors went out of town so we watched their eggs and sure enough a baby hatched one day. Such a cute little fur ball. I didn’t get a chance to photograph our new babies The photo down below is of our neighbor’s chick that hatched.

Looks a little grouchy.

We also got our bees in. So far everything is going good. I can’t believe how calm these bees are. My bird bath is getting used a lot. The birds aren’t the only ones sipping from it now.

I will go outside to work on my art projects and the bees will buzz around me when I water the plants. Those bees are so sweet, they will fly up and land on the grape leaves when I am filling their water bowls waiting for me patiently. Once the water bowl is filled again they fly back down and drink away. I added lots of pebbles that I collected from the creek up north so the bees have something to crawl onto so as not to drown.

 I believe these bees came from North Carolina. I will have to ask my husband where he ordered them from. Anyway, these aren’t the salty Arizona bees which are nice too but they have a little bit of mean in them sometimes. I wonder if this is how Arizona is too. A little nice but can get ornery too, so don’t push too much. Hmmm…anyway, these bees are so cute. I know weird and maybe a bit nerdy of me but they are sweet.  

We were ready for them, having planted lots of flowers for them to enjoy. I hope they are enjoying their new home here in our garden. I feel bad for the bees with all those poison’s out there in the world. I write about this over and over. We have so many areas we need to work on with how we are treating this beautiful planet we live on.

The baby cacti I planted a couple months back have grown so much that I now need to transplant them to bigger pots. I can’t believe how fast they grew. The lizard eggs never hatched. I am keeping them in the glass jar just in case they are the type of lizard eggs that take several months to hatch. It isn’t looking good. Just don’t think there are baby lizards in there.

Once the baby cacti mature they will produce these huge pink flowers.

The trees we worry about the most. It gets deadly hot here so we will have to bring them into the Sun room to keep them out of the direct heat. We have UV lights when this happens, so we grow things inside. Any young trees planted in ground we add shade to . Shade cloth is a very popular item here in the desert.

We ordered hundreds of trees. Many will be going up north to Our Little Red House. They are babies so they don’t take up much room. Just a bunch of little twigs right now. We are doing all this to teach our children. My son is learning as much as he can about growing things and how life works. At his university there doesn’t seem to be as much hands on learning like his father and I are trying to give him. He’s no longer a child, a young man now, but my husband and I have discovered that home schooling never ends. Children, even when grown up will always go to their parents for advice and life lessons.

Our garden in May is a time of new flowers, doves, sparrows, cool evenings swimming in the pool, and the sweet smells of night blooming Jasmine.Hope you all enjoyed this visit to our garden this month. How are your plants and gardens doing? Happy gardening adventures everyone.

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  1. Tanya says:

    I love your beautiful mosaics, and the chicks are so cute. The cactus flowers are awesome too. You reminded me to set up my bee baths!!

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    1. Thank you Tanya. I never heard of that, calling them bee baths, that is so adorable. I leave out extra water dishes during the summer because so many birds and bees come to the garden for water in this dry desert. I always leave rocks and pebbles so the bees can share too.

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  2. Your mosaics are gorgeous! ❤ You've got me wanting to try now… Your garden is very pretty as well. And I never knew bees would come drink out of bird baths LOL! 😀

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    1. Thank you. I picked up a mosaic book a year ago for my son and there were all kinds of ideas in it. YouTube has some really great Mosaic artists that vlog and there are really cool ideas there too. I need to do a post on that. Wear gloves when grouting because it is messy. Very relaxing when gluing the designs on though. The bees during the hottest time of the summer will be all over the bowls with water so it’s hard for the birds to get to them. I always leave extra water out when that happens.

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      1. Thanks for the mosaic tips! 🙂

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  3. Betty says:

    Love the mosaics! Good luck with all your projects!

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  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your pictures are stunning, as always. I love your beautiful mosaics and your property and surroundings look so peaceful. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, that is so sweet of you to say. Makes me happy that others get to visit through the photos. I love plants and little live things, they always bring peace. Have a great weekend.

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  5. I’m just sitting here in front of the fireplace and enjoying the breeze of summer you’re bringing into the living room 🙂

    Wow, your artistry and eye for details is unbelievable and I love your mosaics!
    But I’m totally in love with your chickens and bees 🙂 !!!
    This is awesome and I can’t wait to see how this all turns out!
    I thought you already had so much on your plate…but there you are and just load on more!

    Hope you all are doing well and wish you a wonderful weekend! Stay safe and hugs from me to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comments and visits always brighten my days. I hope you all are well over there. I hear stories about lock downs and people just wanting to get back to live the way it was. I hope this happens soon for the whole world. We are a little burned out with all these new projects we took on and now we are trying to simplify our lives and create a more structured environment but the heat has hit and that makes things a little hard. The chickens are such characters and the bees are really sweet and gentle surprisingly. Wild Arizona bees are aggressive here sometimes which can make things annoying when out walking but these bees we bought are not that. Inside the house I created a whole aquarium zoo of sorts for the family. Tool some large IKEA glasses vases and added filters and air stones with lots of live plants and guppies, water snails, and fresh water fish. It’s now putting everyone to sleep when they sit there to read and watch this show of life in glass vases…kind of cool. I am only using non aggressive fish. That’s it over here. Can’t wait to see your videos again, so beautiful and peaceful where you and Frank live. Stay safe and have tons of fun living everyday. Big hugs from us all back.


  6. askitalks says:

    Wow wonderful 💓🥰 especially the Art 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, that is so kind of you to say,


      1. askitalks says:

        You always welcome ☺️ God bless you 🙏


  7. Everything you are doing are wonderful. I like the Mosaic table. The chickens are beautiful. And the trees are growing beautifully. You know how to beautify your little red house. Good Luck in everything you are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, that puts a smile on my face. We have some new baby chicks today, I will have to take some photos to share with everyone later.

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