May updates and favorite posts this month.

“ We don’t know them all but we owe them all”

       Thank you to our many veterans and their families for your service to this country. May God bless you and yours always.

This is my third attempt at writing this post. For days now I have been working on writing my monthly updates, when time permits that is, and every time I end up deleting the whole post. I am just dealing with a lot of ugly I am seeing out there in the world, which has made me a bit upset with the whole thing. Then I go off on one of my writing rants and realize that every single one of you is dealing with the same thing. Why in the world would anyone want to read about what they are living as well.

We all see the patterns, we all see the sadness…why continuously point it out. This time I am going to try make this post mostly about the more positive things that have happened. How many times have I written that one before. Here it goes, lets see if I can accomplish writing this post without offending anyone or upsetting anyone either.

May was a pretty good month. If I had a diary, and I rated each month of each year, I would give May 2021 a rating of 5 out of 10. The reasons behind that are because May was a really big month of truths being exposed for all here at Our Little Red House. I am always in shock with some of the things I am witnessing here in my state right now.

Truths, although very freeing, can also be very shocking and hard to accept sometimes. That just about wraps up how May was for us all. A whole month of truths. Maybe I will leave it at that, to go into too much detail may turn this into another one of those deleted and long written rants of mine that none of you really need in your own lives anyway.

Please, and this is a request straight from my heart. Please, stop turning everything into political hate. Please stop judging anyone who questions anything that they may fear or worry about trusting. Please stop judging people for living their lives a different way then you. I’m really not sure who I am writing this to, none of my followers really do any of these things. Maybe someone new will show up to read this…maybe this is for them.

Messengers out there, and there are a lot of you, are actually speaking up and showing real life incidents that are happening, but there are masses of people ready to pounce on anyone that shows these truths. Pouncing on them with hate, and shaming them for telling truths.

This month in my country we celebrated Mother’s Day. I hope all you mother’s out there had a very beautiful day surrounded by lots and lots of love. For Mother’s Day I received a hand made wooden heart, a windchime, a thread organizer, a tiny turquoise vase filled with flowers from our garden, and a strawberry ice cream Sunday. We went out to treat ourselves with that one. We haven’t been out for ice cream for a couple years now. It’s extra special when you get ice cream from a shop.

I now have a place to store my vintage threads.

May was also a month of many projects finally getting finished. It is so nice being able to check off something that has been on a list for a long time.

This bookshelf was finally turned into a cabinet with shutter doors.

I had to redesign a new fish tank since the giant vase we had got broken when the light fell into it by accident. We got into our truck and drove all the way to IKEA to get a replacement.

 I designed a whole tableful of living things. One vase will be for the aquatic frogs, another for tiny guppies, and another for snails.

So far, everyone loves the table of life I designed. It’s so relaxing to watch.

I also had Jury duty this month, which really freaked me out. I was suppose to have gone earlier in the year when our virus numbers here in our state were dangerously high and many people were dying. That’s when they wanted me down there. I was able to postpone it to a later and safer time it would turn out.

I tried explaining how dangerous it was for me to go with all my health issues, that my son and daughter both have ASD disorders and if something happened to me or their father (He has a heart condition) they don’t have anyone to be there for them. These are all truths of course but to prove them all I would still have to go down and show them all these records and find the paper work to prove everything I was telling them was the truth. I have some records on file here in my home but not all. I even asked if I could do this over zoom. They said no, although I had researched that they themselves do zoom in some situations.

 They said I needed a doctor’s excuse which is very difficult to get at this time since our regular PCP left the country right before the virus. He was from another country and was really good about natural remedies more then pushing big pharma health guidelines that are really the reasons behind so many of our broken and homeless on our streets right now. We can’t find him anymore so we are on the hunt for someone we can trust. I rather stay off this subject, too messy, and too controversial in these times.

Anyway, they are calling in people for jury duty here in this city, No zoom, no, nothing like that, just get down there in our little home made or paper surgical masks. Even older people and anyone who is more vulnerable with health issues, the ones who should lessen exposure in high numbers of cases, doesn’t matter.

They don’t protect the most vulnerable in some states in this country. There are many reasons why so many people are moving away from blue states and blue cities in the thousands. Please do your research, no hate for me telling this truth. There are corrupt politicians from both sides but right now the Democrats are winning this game in corruption it seems.

 Me being called into Jury duty during a pandemic was all starting to feel like what allegedly happened in New York, Michigan, California and many other Democratic states where they allegedly put sick people on purpose into the nursing homes which led to many older people dying, even though our president at that time had a huge medical navy hospital at most of these ports to help sick people. This is what we were told. There are several stories out there at all times. Messes with everyone, that’s what it does it. Where are the truths.

The elected politicians in those states didn’t put those infected people with the virus into those navy hospitals, they sent them back into nursing homes to expose and kill many instead. ..allegedly that is. Think a couple of those politicians were able to get their own family members out though, before the infected went back into those nursing homes. Hmmm…seems all planned.

At least it looks that way to many out there in the world who watched this play out. Some of us are still in shock over it, wondering how is this possible. One of those politicians was rewarded in a way by becoming a member of the newest administration in office now. Our newest president gave her a more powerful position. I’ll leave the research up to you guys to do, if you can find it that is. It’s still out there, all this information, just have to work a little harder at getting it now. 12,000 seniors were killed in those nursing homes that this politician was in charge of, that our newest president in office rewarded by giving her a bigger position in our country, even after knowing about the scandal surrounding her and the nursing homes she was in charge of. Think about that, 12,000 people killed by an invisible little man made bug (allegedly man made ), but not this politician’s 95 year old mother, she was removed just in time.

I wonder if any of those moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and mentors to many that died, were veterans. How many of them fought for this country in wars they did not really want to happen. How many fought for this country and the freedoms we all have here…to only end up in a situation where they were not protected by the ones they gave their lives for, the ones they fought to give them their freedoms.

We are living in an upside down world it seems. A world where the good get punished and the bad get rewarded. What is even true anymore. All I know is that a lot of seniors died in those nursing homes…a lot. Who even knows if we will ever know the real truths behind these reasons. I feel for their families who lost them.

Now you know why I was so frightened to go down to the court house for jury duty. If I didn’t show up, even though I never in my whole adult life broke any laws, they would put out a warrant for my arrest.

I have been blogging for awhile now, you all know who I am. I want peace for everyone. I will get hated for speaking these truths though, that is just the time we live in now, this is our history. The people who question and speak up with things that don’t make sense get attacked or censored.

Sorry you guys, just really ugly right now out there in the world and I am in shock with how easy it was to pull this off and get everyone to think a certain way. Well at least half the world that is, the other half sees things a different way. At least it seems that way. What a mess, that’s all I am going to say with that…what a big huge mess. Okay, back to May updates in our home here.

  I actually had a chance to do a dollar day do over this month . That was fun. Eventually I hope to get back to all that DIY stuff soon. I only had a couple days to work on my Christmas book this month. Too much on our plates as always.

My husband taught our son and daughter how to make home made pasta this month.

And I made lots of banana ice cream for everyone. A much healthier way to eat ice cream without all the weird ingredients and fat. Have any of you noticed some of the ice cream out there has a hard time melting…strange food here in my country. I will try to do a post for you all on this recipe later. It is so simple and I have been making it for years for my family. I still love real ice cream but it is better if we don’t eat too much of that all the time.

Here are my favorite blogger’s posts this month and as always, if you are not here and you have something really nice to share please leave in links below.

Fallen stars- about author Judith Kerr. She wrote children’s stories and her family were Jewish that escaped the holocaust. Reading this post reminds us all what kind souls there are and were that passed on their knowledge to many.

Nora at Joy journal did an article on a really talented seamstress. I would have loved to have gone to this event to see the hand stitching done on these costumes. Wow, what a gift and talent Kara Gorden has.

Mel at decor crafts did a fun link with all kinds of bloggers and their sites. So many good ones too, this link party has a lot of great ideas. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Free pintables, denim feathers and flowers to make, and an old trailer turned into a really pretty she shed with Sunflowers being the main theme.

 That’s it for May, my rant and all. Maybe I will keep this post as it is. I keep deleting so many paragraphs with this months post. I have become afraid it seems to speak up. I normally never had issues with that. Think the Jury duty thing really caused a lot of stress for our family. My daughter had the hardest time with it.

Two years ago she thought she was going to loose her old mom here when I had a very large tumor removed from my neck along with one of my thyroids. I have a scar across my neck to show for that crazy adventure we all went on here at Our Little Red House. Some of my earlier followers of mine remember that time. It is something I don’t like to talk about. I lost my voice for awhile too.

 Thank you so much for your visits, likes and follows. I reached 1500 followers this month. I can’t believe it, so thank you everyone for that. I hope you all are doing okay. I really do. I wish I had encouraging words to pass your way. I know some of my followers are not into religion, again, no judgement from me, but if I could pass encouragement onto any of you it would be that I believe that God is always by our sides, that Jesus is with us all. Even though you can not see prayers being answered there are many gifts and blessings and lots of love and kindness being put out there every day.

Sometimes our prayers are not answered in ways we had hoped or we might question why things happen, but I know in my heart that for what ever reason, there are reasons behind that and I accept everything as a learning opportunity to grow strong. I am so grateful for all those things that keep my family safe, healthy and happy.

Do something kind everyday. Smile at a stranger. Or design a mask with a big smile on it along with a hello written across it. Only start up conversation on subjects that don’t have to do with viruses, politics, elections, medical advice, education, mom shaming. disagreements in families, reporting or turning on each other…instead start conversations on happy subjects. Written by someone who just went on a rant above on most of these subjects. Don’t let my mistake be yours.

Prayers this month go out to everyone in the world. That peace comes soon, that the virus is defeated in all countries, that anyone visiting this site and all my followers are healthy, safe and happy along with their families. Thank you to anyone out there who also sent well wishes and prayers to all of us here at Our Little Red House. They sure did get answered this month. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Samburger Hamburger hanging out in the Arizona sun room waiting for the wild doves to fly down in front of the big window.

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  1. I love you! Please don’t change or delete anything in this post.

    My precious aunt died unexpectedly in a Michigan nursing home last August. She was only a few years older than me, brilliant and beautiful. Physically she was very healthy, the reason for her son putting her in a nursing home was because she had several strokes and lost her ability to function. Then they started putting people with covid in those homes, and suddenly she got very sick and died.

    I miss her more than words can say.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my gosh Linda, I am so, so sorry. That is awful. I am so angry with the things I am hearing about what happen in those nursing homes. Turns out that even here in Arizona we had a nursing home where the same thing happened. They put infected into the homes. So many truths are getting exposed everyday. Very frightening with some of the stuff I am learning about.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Linda. Don’t change, and don’t delete. Every one should be free to express their feelings. Isn’t that all we heard for decades “you’re not wrong, you are entitled to your feelings” I was sitting here last night wondering what happened to the virus? Up until a few months ago it was all you heard. Bombarded daily with figures, numbers, statistics, rates, precautions, etc, etc, etc… but now you have to dig to find anything like that. The protests seem to have disappeared as well. I guess, all the issues that people were burning down cities for got resolved too. I would have thought I would have heard about that on the news but if the issues got resolved they aren’t reporting it. If the protests are still ongoing, they aren’t reporting that either. There is a verse that says there is nothing new under the sun. So very true. Happy to see you my friend. I will try not to be such a stranger. Congratulations on your 1500 readers, and here is to the next 1500!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Margarete, I missed you. So happy to see you are okay. I have also been a stranger too for a lot of my followers. Seems the more we add to our lives here trying to get through each day the less time I have to visit everyone and their sites. I barely have enough time now to answer comments. After that post I just sent out by not deleting it I have discovered my blog was hit with almost 300 spams. My daughter said she always gets attacked with Spam like that when she post something positive and conservative. What a battle we have on our hands. I take comfort in knowing that I am on the right side. Stay safe, and God bless you and yours as always. Big hugs to you from all of us here in Arizona.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Let it all out. The people who don’t like it can choose to accept it or not – we don’t always agree with everyone 100 percent on anything but we can still like a person or their blog. That’s how I see it. I agree with what you said, however and I am in one of those states where our seniors were killed and “she” is not a “she”. That’s all I am saying about that because I’ve seen some things here that would make people very angry if they’d stop walking party lines and see the dirty in their own party too.

    Enough on politics, however – I am glad you were able to find some joy about the sadness around us.

    I agree that we need to respect those who make choices different than our own and I need to do that myself so thank you for the reminder! Sometimes I think that if someone else does something different than me then they are judging me and sometimes they are but most of the time they aren’t! Take care and hang in there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa. I know about who “She” really is but I wanted to keep it somewhat tame because you know how it is…people get so worked up now days over the silliest things. Such a strange time right now. I too will think someone is judging me and it turns out they are not. This is an after effect of everything we are all going through with separation from the virus, no longer seeing smiles out in the world and all the lies media is always spreading to distract us. Such a battle I fear although hidden in way now to some out there, it will rear it’s ugliness is person to everyone the way things are going. Stay safe as always and give those babies big hugs from everyone over here in Arizona.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. mel says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning Happiness Is Homemade Link Party which I’m one of the co-hostess. It is a great party for ideas where bloggers can share and get inspiration as well as readers. Anyway, wonderful favorites you got there! And I love to have those yummy homemade pasta. Is it veggie pasta?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome Mel and thank you. I really enjoyed that Link Party. You have a lot of creative friends there.


  5. Thanks for the mention! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the post on dear Judith Kerr. She was a wonderful writer with an amazing gift.

    Liked by 1 person

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