It’s country time.

 Took a trip up to the country. We all needed a break from the city.

While there I went shopping for vintage items. I mostly bought books. I also found some little storage containers for organizing small art supplies of mine. An old chocolate tin. I think it’s from the 1920-1930’s. And a really pretty porcelain container with really pretty flowers. There is a stamp on the bottom and a note that said Japanese. I haven’t researched the stamp yet but the chocolate tin is listed online in a range of prices starting from $20-$70, I paid $3 for it and the little floral container was $2.


While up at the little red house I worked on organizing a cabinet where we store bathroom supplies. The bathroom up at Our Little Red House is pretty small. We don’t really have anyplace to really store things. Old homes are like that, unless you have one of those giant old homes. I would always choose older homes over newer homes if I have a choice, even with all their upkeep. I love the character of older homes.

This cabinet was purchased at Habitat for humanity for $30. It has a lot of storage area for all kinds of items. I painted it white and purchased all kinds of baskets, hat boxes and a few country themed nick knacks to display in it.

One basket is filled with first aide items, another hair accessories, dental supplies, fuzzy sock slippers in another, sewing kits and supplies, and another has creams and lotions. There is so much space here that I even have room for sheets and pillow cases. Organizing using several styles of baskets looks better to me then to just stack things in it and on top of each other. Having several baskets labeled makes things easier not only to find things when you need them but makes things easier for children to help put things back. I used to buy several sizes of baskets to put into my children’s and attached Pec’s cards (visual photos and drawings) to the baskets so my kids would know where to put back items when cleaning their rooms. Baskets are the best when keeping an organized home.

I also spent a day painting our attic door. It is just a little hole in the ceiling that we have to get the ladder out to get into for now. I hope to have a better solution with getting into the attic and a better door but for now this is what we have available. The ceilings in Our Little Red House are really high.

The door flew down on our last trip up there when a huge breeze blew through our house and the lid/door to the attic was not on very well. We need to fix that and design something better. It gets very windy up there. The wind pushed it down and it nearly hit me in the head. My husband was the one who warned me that day when he saw it happening as I was walking towards it.

That was a crazy day for sure. You know those days when you feel like you have a target on you. Well I was having one of those days. An old camping lantern I was moving was accidently dropped by me and landed on my foot, breaking the glass and cutting my foot some, but it was a tiny cut. It could have been really bad if the lantern would have fallen in a different direction and landed completely on my foot. It would have broken my foot.

Then I tripped in our mud room and hurt my finger. When I saw my pinky bent back from the fall, which hurt terribly I pushed it back straight, I know gross. It was a long three hour trip back home with a throbbing pinky. But again, it could have been worse. I almost fell head first into a post which would really have caused problems.

 My pinkie is okay now, been a few months since that happened. It’s stiffer then the other pinky, but it bends so it’s all good, to me at least. Think it was a really bad sprain. I wrapped it for a few days while the cut healed and iced it for the swelling. It had a huge bump on it for awhile and my pinky was crooked. You know, looking at it now…it’s still all wonky and crooked looking but it doesn’t hurt and I can move it so I am happy that’s over. What a day that was. Again, it happened on our trip back to the city but while there everything was okay.

The day we drove in for that trip there was a huge cloud over the city of Phoenix we noticed  once we parked our Truck at Our Little Red House. It was a strange looking cloud for sure. Like a giant cloud of smoke. Like a foretelling of what was to come on our many trips back home with smoke always in the distance.

No targets on me this trip up north. It was just a nice relaxing trip. I didn’t do any socializing, maybe that’s why it was so peaceful. Becoming a bit of a hermit with things I suppose. There are some incidents happening in separation with neighbors and friends. Yep, that is happening here too. The ones that stay away from the screens (there still a few out there ) compared to the ones who only watch the screens, well, lets just say, not everyone is as relaxed around each other like they used to be. And it all has to do with those screens. Should call them hate propaganda screens.

Think I just needed some quiet time to myself mostly, except having my husband and kids near by that is. We all needed the peace that the country brings. I made a giant bowl of avocado dip for everyone. We love green onions so I added extra. Here is the recipe if you would like to try making some yourself. Everyone likes their own style of dip and this is what we all love.

Two large avocados

7 green onions, chives and all

2 tomatoes chopped

1 tablespoon of mayo

2 tablespoons of salsa

A half of lemon sqeezed (we forgot lemons this trip)

Chopped cilantro (we also forgot this on the drive up)

Alley cat really enjoyed the fresh clean air up there in the country. She is so funny. She jumps up into the window as soon as we get there and she pushes her face up in the screen to smell all those fresh country smells. She hates the road trip up unless she can watch outside her carry case. She sits in front of the air conditioning while driving up. We have one of those carrying cases that unzip from the top.

She stays so close to me when we are up north. My family laughs at how she lays on me while I sleep like she is watching over me all night long. This is a normal pattern with cats though, being nocturnal they watch over their owners while they sleep. At least some cats do. My little dog we had years ago used to also do the same thing. When I was a child I had a dog that would follow me all over the neighborhood I grew up in and when I would visit neighbors and friends he would walk with me the whole way and sit in their front yard until I would come out their doors to walk me back home. It didn’t matter how many hours I was in those neighbors homes playing with friends, every time I would leave to go home, even when it was getting dark, my little dog was still out in their yards waiting to walk me home. He never left my side. Now I have a little cat that does that.

I love being out there with all that nature and trees. We didn’t get a chance to explore the lake and creeks because the only free day we had for that was a free fishing day here in our state. The creeks and lakes were packed with people. Next trip we will hopefully be able to work in some time in our schedule.

We need to do this more. Hop in the truck and head up to the mountains and valleys. Hope you all liked this trip back to the country with us all. And I hope you all get a chance to go on your own little road trip to nature somewhere. Happy adventures everyone.  

Something a little extra about this recent trip…

The day before we drove up for this trip I told my husband that I hope nothing bad happens on our return back to the city. Like I wrote above, these last trips we have taken up north we have driven back into the city to discover something bad happening (remember those smoke clouds). First time it was a train derailment and explosion. Then the last time we went, which was April 1st 2021, everywhere around the city there were several hit and runs. Exits all over the freeways and in the city were closed down while police were everywhere. Traffic was insane. It was so scary. It was hard getting to our home from all the closures, Guess what… this happened on this trip (photo below) June 2021. It reminds me of the cloud we saw months ago when we got to Our Little Red House.

We were shocked once again to see a big cloud of black smoke the moment we were on the reservation. The photo above was not taken when we were on the reservation which was father away then this photo. We couldn’t make out where exactly in the city it was. The closer we got into the city, the more and more it looked liked it was coming from the old fair grounds. We have an election audit taking place there right now.

Turns out it was a few miles away from that. I don’t know how it started. Over 200 firefighters were there to try and put this fire out. You could see the fire from radar it was so huge. It made national news. Looked like a mile long with several buildings on fire. Anyway, once again we drove home into a mess in the city. Scary times in a place I call home. My husband said “ Maybe this is a sign that we need to get away from this city”.

The photo above reminds me so much of that cloud we saw from our back yard up north. Before we leave this city we will have to wait while our kids get their degrees with the scholarships they have received. A Christian university, otherwise we would look for other ways to help them grow and become independent. I don’t trust most universities now days.

Phoenix is not the same Phoenix I grew up in. I have big prayers going that things start turning back to a better city. Just being honest. This city has changed and not for the better. Maybe, who ever is reading this, has also noticed changes in their own cities too. The only answers I can give you all is to educate yourself everyday on the rights you have in this country. Someone loves the ignorance they were allowed to teach in our schools. Shockingly they were able to get away with this decade after decade. Now, we are all witnessing the outcome from that mess.

This is the city I was born in. God parked me here for a reason. We all have our places and jobs to do with what we were born and meant to do. This is where I was meant to be. I will just try to conteract the ugliness in this city I am witnessing by doing good deeds when every I can.

Stay safe out there everyone. Turn off those screens as much as possible. Read a good book instead or head out to the country. Most importantly, get to know and love your neighbors. Kindness and love are the most powerful tools against hate. God bless you and yours from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    So true, we all need quiet time. I’m on the outskirts of city life but thinking more everyday of heading back to the deep woods. Stay safe 💕

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    1. It is a different world in the country environment. The city is always going, always on. Stay safe out there too.

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