Sunday Greetings and a box of blessings

 Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are all well and having a beautiful
Sunday morning. Today’s bible verse from my friend’s box of blessings

My grace is sufficient  for thee; for my strength is made perfect in
thy weakness.

           2 Cor. 12-9

 Have a great week everyone. Stay safe and God bless you all from all
of us at Our Little red house.

Photos above are from the arboretum. It is so beautiful there and I have taken many photos there over the years. The fire that was man made did not get to this garden where thousands of plants from around the world and little animals were in danger. The firefighters were able to save it. There are still several wildfires throughout our state right now. Since my last post and prayer request update there are now several more fires that have started. Please keep the firefighters and people who have had to leave their homes in your prayers.

Update from one of my last posts…residents are back in Pine Az. and their homes are all there. The firefighters were able to direct the fire away from their town. Strawberry Az. is still waiting to get back to their homes. Thank you to everyone who prayed for the people in these areas. Thank you to God, may he send angels to protect the firefighters and people who are scared and displaced from the fires that still continue. Most forest areas are closed down in our state right now.

Also, I wanted to tell the people of Florida that you are all in my prayers. I don’t watch regular news, I just watch clips on YouTube now and then from people around the world reporting news stories. I was sadden to learn about the building collapse recently. It reminded me of what happened in Oklahoma years ago. Seems like Florida is another state that is battling some sad news right now with tragedies. Stay safe and strong over there Floridians, and know that many people are praying for all of you.

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  1. Gersom Clark says:

    GOD’s grace is sufficient indeed, especially in our weakest moments! A blessed week ahead to you, your family, friends, relatives, and neighbors!

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    1. Thank you so much, always for your kindness and have a blessed and beautiful week as well.

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  2. ruthsoaper says:

    I needed that verse today and in the week going forward. Thank you my friend.

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    1. You’re very welcome Ruth. I will keep you in my prayers, been rough out there lately.

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  3. Lovely photos and I will pray for those wildfires! I somehow missed your last post but will go look at it

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    1. Thank you Lisa, that is a nice compliment coming from an artist like you, your photos are amazing. I always enjoy seeing them. With some of my posts I am deleting them after 48 hours. Just the ones where I share a little bit about the news going on, I don’t know anymore with how things are going on with social media, just being extra careful. I am also so far behind visiting everyone on their blogs. I hope to do some of that tomorrow. I am working on pantry supplies right now and it is a mess. I also need to write up my June updates post…mistakes and all. Busy month as I am sure you will understand with two young kids at home and family to take care of, never a dull moment.

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      1. My worry is that wordpress will be like other hosts and start shutting blogs down that they say are “hate speech” or whatever term they want to use to shut down anything that doesn’t jive with their narrative. The censorship out there is insane.

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      2. That is so true, it is getting insane with the censorship, doesn’t even feel like the country I know and love. Scary times. For now I will try to be careful but I can’t change who I am and what I am witnessing. These are truths that we all are speaking and the more we become silenced either by the forcefulness of covering our personalities and faces with thin little masks (N95’s were always the only masks that worked in my opinion), to shutting down our written and spoken words as well, we have to keep speaking our God given freedoms and rights. This isn’t hate speech that is being censored it’s honesty. Most people are switching to their own websites I have discovered and doing everything by subscription. I love WordPress, everyone is so nice here but I also worry too that things will change here as well. Such a strange and frightening time in our history right now. Think this is why they stop pushing the constitution in history and public school classes and also teaching cursive writing as well. They wanted our children to not know their rights in this country so they could get away with breaking so many laws . The dumbing down of a nation to keep them under control. Frightening.

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      3. Very frightening and you are spot on with your thoughts. WordPress is my little safe haven so I hope they don’t start messing it up too

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      4. Mine too, so many really nice people on here and no pressure like other social media sites.

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