June updates and favorite posts


Worry weighs a person down, an encouraging word cheers a person up.

                                        Proverbs 12:25

Well, June flew by. Is this normal? I can’t believe how fast everything seems to be happening. It’s like everything is being fast forwarded. June was a really hot month, too hot. Each year it is getting hotter and staying hotter longer. Maybe I feel this way because our air conditioning went out this month. The repair man could not make it out until 5 am the next day so we had a whole day and night of baking in our home.

 We are going into our extreme season here in Phoenix Az. At least we only had a day to get through with no air. If it would have taken longer we would have just gotten a hotel room or driven up north. Right now the fires are a concern up north though. You can smell the smoke in the air from all the fires burning in our state right now, even here in the city.

  Our air conditioning unit only needed a few things to clean it up from a year of sitting up there on our roof. New air conditioning units are on back orders for at least two months because of shortages. Our unit is pretty new so it should be good for a few more years. This is getting scary you guys.

This month my daughter discovered a new app. One morning we watched as she went through our house scanning all the food products havng a lot of fun.

“What is going on?” I would ask

She explained through giggles all the fun she was having scanning everything to see how bad it was for us.  

Well, you all know where this was going. So one early morning my husband and I borrowed our kid’s cell phone and went shopping.

Going back and forth between isles, putting items back as people pushed their carts by us wondering what we were up to, we had a blast. We would laugh too. Like when we came across cereal that is suppose to taste like those oatmeal cream cookies.

“Ooh, ooh, get that one…” I would say to my husband when we got to the cereal isle.

I couldn’t reach it…yep, I’m short at 5ft 2inches. He grabbed it and scanned it while we both tried to guess the score. I guessed a score of 0 of course, I mean come on…cookies for breakfast, that can’t be good for you. Score was a single digit, it was 4 which isn’t good. The closer you get to 100 the better the food item is for you.

“ Hey, how did that get a higher score them our favorite trail mix?” I asked my husband

My husband would shrug his shoulders with no answer for me. Seems sketchy to me. But what fun we had. We turned it into a game between my husband and I, seeing how close we could guess each item’s number. People giving us the side eye every now and then when they pushed their carts by us, wondering what the two whack a do’s were up to. Just they wait until they get ahold of this app. People everywhere will be scanning and shaking their heads at scores their favorite food items have.

Another positive thing that happened was we have snails. Maybe that isn’t so positive for some of you but I think they are kind of cute. No, not in our garden, that would be bad. They’re in my little fish aquarium vase I designed.

We started out with two very small spots on the glass. I remember seeing them one day wondering how I missed a spot when cleaning the glass the day before. I got up to clean off the spot and that is when I noticed it was from inside the tank and it was moving very slowly. How did a snail get into my tank I wondered to myself. Must have hitched a ride with the frog. There were snails inside the frog tank that were for sale but they were large snails. This spot was itty bitty.

Now our tank has exploded in snails, well not really, I may be exaggerating some. Last I counted there were about 20. They come in different colors. The first two were a lavender blue color. From this batch it looks like there are some golden ones.

Took a trip up north to visit Our Little Red House. We needed a country break. So peaceful in the country.

I’m still working on my Christmas book but my outside studio where I normally take my DIY photos is getting so hot that it’s hard to go out and stage photos. I have to retake all the photos I took this month because I was not happy with them. This was a rough month to go to a place of creativity.

The church sales are back. I picked up some fun  little things that I will share later in a post when I find some time to write it up that is. The little piggy bank in the main photo above was something I picked up at the sale that day, it was .25 cents and it still has it’s little plug in the bottom. Hard to find banks complete like that. The colors on it make me think it could be from the 70’s to the early 80’s. Almost didn’t get him but he is such a cute little bank.

My daughter made a cake this month, all from scratch. It was my husband’s birthday. We haven’t bought store box sets for a couple years now because of the aluminum they started adding to the kits. Please, everyone, start checking the packaging on everything. They didn’t use to add this ingredient in these kits but started a couple years ago. It was right around the time that ugly old sickness monster showed up.

At first we figured it was just part of the shortages. We figured that everyone was buying up cake box kits when locked in, because one day all cake mixes had been removed from the shelves. At least it felt that way. That same week all new kits were put back on the shelves. When we turned them around to read the ingredients, there it was…a brand new ingredient has been added…aluminum. We also noticed all the little snack cakes and cookies had also added this extra ingredient when they hadn’t before.

Recently, my son started checking the lotions we buy and was surprised to see that they are now adding aluminum to that too…weird. Aluminum interferes with our brains, our memory. I wonder why they want us to lose our sense of memory. Those who don’t study or remember the past are bound to repeat histories past mistakes. The old story tellers with their knowledge are losing one of the greatest gifts God has given them, the gift of their memories. The gift to know our love ones, the gift to create art and make things with our hands, the gifts to tell our stories and share them with others, the gift to teach others.

Start checking those labels everyone. I fear though that it is only a matter of time when even the labels themselves are not honest. I actually believe this is happening now anyway. Best to start simplifying your lives. Start growing and making your own things as much as possible. Buy books that teach about gardening and cooking and homesteading skills. I have also noticed the library here in our city doesn’t carry these types of books like they used to. All these changes here in our city started happening about four years ago.

There was a huge water leak in our city library some years back (maybe 5 years, or less, can’t remember now). First they tried to blame it on a storm then the truth came out that it was a burst pipe, you know, like the one that happened in November during the election at a voting center here in our country that also turned out to be a lie. No burst pipes at that voting center that kicked people out when counting was being done.

But sadly, in our huge city library, the pipes did burst in our children’s area. Took them a whole year to clean up that mess too. Such a long time for one small area …weird. When it opened back up again, and this was way before the pandemic, a lot of the children’s books were damaged and destroyed. The new and improved children’s area now had a very small selection of books in it. Since then there are new books on new subjects that are showing up in the library for our youngest ones to read and enjoy…hmmmm.

Even buying online I would be careful of, best to know the people you are buying from so you know who is making it. It’s easy to stage a story through photos and make it seem like something other than what it really is. I wish this was just the rantings of a paranoid conspiracy theorists but look around everyone, things are really getting weird when products that normally don’t have harmful ingredients now do. Something wrong with that.

This month I also found a cheaper way to add some shade to our sun room this summer. I usually add those expensive and decorative window clings. I have to remove them now because they put off a really bad smell from their off gassing. You can’t smell it at first until you remove the cling to clean or change them out and that is when it hits you. Plus they are crazy expensive and windows are pretty big which you have to buy several rolls for.

 Instead of spending over a hundred dollars to buys rolls to cover windows I found a recipe to make my own stain glass paint. It’s clear school glue and food coloring. When we go back up north I want to paint some really pretty designs on the windows to see how that comes out. I need to replace all those window clings that have faded from the sun. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that, those clings fade. This glue recipe peels off easily if you make a mistake and have to start over.

We did a food swap with our friends. They had lots of apples and tomatoes from their garden and we had lots of eggs. I bring up bartering with my children, teaching them how important it is to know and love your neighbors, helping each other out, sharing news and knowledge with each other. How important it is to get into those patterns from long ago. Checking to see if someone wants or needs something you no longer need. Like clothes, furniture, and food. Trading goods and services between each other is a beautiful way to stay united.

And with my organizing and decluttering, I was able to do a book exchange with items I no longer wanted. I got several books and crafts supplies that would have cost over a hundred dollars to buy out in the world but ended up only costing $4 with my exchange credit. This is a great way to save money and help the environment. The consignment shops we go to have all kinds new and gently used products to buy. I love shops like that and have shopped at them for years now.

But my favorite part about this month was an early morning rain storm that showed up. What a special treat for all of us here in the desert.

 Not wise to swim in storms, but this was a little rain drizzle, not a big deal. It looked so pretty hitting the pool, making all kinds of itty bitty bubbles that popped everywhere. I had to jump in for a tiny bit. What a scene that was. So many drops hitting the water and all those little bubbles were so beautiful to watch play out. The fires up north in the woods needed some rain too. The rain was my favorite gift from June.

 Some great blog posts I read this month…

Virginia from Roses in the rubble- Who doesn’t love roses. https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/24695315/posts/9552

Laura- all the shoes I wear-  A sweet post about Laura’s furry family members


Dorothy’s new vintage kitchen- All kinds of cool recipes that use roses. Rose drinks and rose syrups. This month was all about roses for me.


Our crossings- Stunny, gorgeous, pure beauty, all this and more and it doesn’t come close to how I am sure these walks Aiva shares with us all are like in person. Wow, is this planet of ours a beautiful place to live or what?.


Restless roots- Manuela just finished her book on Emmy, it’s in German for now but she eventually wants to work on an English version. Her and Frank have also decided to foster some puppies. Their home will be filled with lots of wagging tails, and puppie kisses soon.


Extra thanks to Pury Glory ( https://pureglory.net ) Gerson Clark ( https://gersonclark.com ) and Margarate from soul food ( https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/123138941) In this past year, all of your posts keep me strong and keep me focused on what trully is important.

Prayers and well wishes this month go out to my followers, to Florida, to the many firefighters here in Arizona and other states battling wildfires. To the people displaced by wildfires. To all the people who lost their lives this month here in our city to violence. Prayers for Canada, Philippines and all countries. Prayers for my own country. I know there are some out there that hate this country I was born in. A country that I love, but it isn’t the people, it’s only the corruption they hate. Remember that when you hear news coming from a country that is not your home country,. Remember that there are many people in the world that are all the same. They all want freedom, food and water for their families, safety for their love ones, and that’s what everyone deserves.

Prayers and well wishes go out to the many who have truths coming their way, to getting through those truths whatever they may be. We have all been living for decades in a world of lies, and slowly they are revealing themselves. There will be shock, there will be upsets, the truth does that. It also sets us free…remember that and never let bitterness, hate, envy, jealousy, arrogance and pride overtake your hearts. Harden hearts create walls which create broken people that can’t be reached.

There is a recipe being played out right now from decades ago. The broken ones never forgot and their bitterness festered over the years while they distracted us with all kinds of things and now we are seeing that outcome. Research all you can on the years 1920’s to the late 1940’s and you will also see what I am writing about here. That same recipe from long ago, before the majority of you were even born, it’s back and it’s being played. This time it’s two groups that will be the targets. Last time one of those groups saved many. The broken and bitter ones are going to try their hardest to not let that happen again. Such is a the game of greed and power.

Add lots of cheer out there to the world everyone, The world really needs it. Share and help your neighbors, but you guys already know this, I’m just repeating common sense now. Have a beautiful July. Thank you so much for your likes, follows and comments. Stay safe and strong. God Bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Copyright 2021© Our Little Red House

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    Somehow time seems to be going faster while we are going through the pandemic crisis, my days have certainly slipped past surprisingly quickly. I once read that creating memories is crucial to our sense of time perception as it’s one of the ways that we judge how much time has passed. With the month of July already upon us, I am determined to make every day count. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know you will have a fantastic July, it is so pretty where you live. You are surrounded by so much beauty. Have many wonderful days in July and have lots of fun.


  2. Lovely in parts, inciteful in others. A heart-warming read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, such a sweet comment too. Have a beautiful weekend.


  3. Tanya says:

    I love how much you care about what’s in food and other things we buy.❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sweet, thanks. They put so many bad things in the food they give us, that is so wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

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