An early morning church sale.

Awhile back I was able to visit a church sale in my city here. We haven’t really had a lot of these since that mean old sickness bug showed up, ruined a lot. Made everything a mess, ugly old bug. Anyway, I now have a chance to share some of that with you all. Here are just a few photos from that sale.

Didn’t buy this cookie Jar but I thought it was really cute. I used to have a pig ceramic cookie jar that I made at one of those pottery stores. It was broken years ago by one of my kids when they were little. In this family we have the worse luck with pretty cookie jars.
I bought these faux flowers for $3. They look real. Nice detail to them.

I didn’t take a lot of photos because one of the volunteers at the center was very nervous about my camera. At one point she wouldn’t even allow me in with it but I couldn’t leave it outside in the truck because of the heat. Her supervisor came over and was really sweet and said it was fine, that I could have it as long as I didn’t take photos of people…which I’m always careful not do to when I record my shopping adventures. This has never happened before in all the years I have been coming to this sale.

Sometimes when out in the city I see images that are shocking to me and want to pick up my camera and show the world what is going on. This is the life of a non cell phone user…you get judged more them the sneaky cell phone photographers out there. Being old fashioned and going against the norm can be hard. I love photography though so I will keep taking photos of what I see when I can.

I didn’t pick up a lot of items this shopping trip. I feel like our old 1950’s home with very little storage is already packed enough. I’m trying not to over do things. If we bring things in, we have to take out the same amount in older items. We always have a donation pile somewhere in our home every month.

I got this glass Murano piece for $2.

 I’m not sure what it is, a cat, a dog, or maybe a bear cub…maybe a mix of everything.

I only have three pieces of Murano glass. Two were picked up when I was visiting Venice in my early twenties. A tiny chicken and a broach. The other was a gift from my husband’s aunt when she was visiting us from Italy one summer. It’s a little paper weight with a beautiful flower in the Italian colors. I thought this little piece was so cute. If purchasing your own hand blown glass make sure to turn over and see if the bottom of your piece is very smooth. I have heard there are fake pieces out there, copied verses that have sloppy details like bumpy surfaces on the bottoms.

I picked up some art, you know I love my art. Look at this painting, not a print this one…an actual painting.

I don’t know the artist. It’s dated 1973. Maybe the original person who owned this painting had a friend who was an artist, or maybe they themselves painted this at one of those art classes you take. The mystery sometimes is part of what makes something special.

When my husband saw this he said he will be taking this later. His funny way of saying “It’s mine, now get your own”. I was thinking of him when I purchased it and his stories of Colorado during the Fall when the maple leaves are so pretty

I still haven’t found a place to hang it so for now it hangs above our kitchen sink. Some day, I would love to have a kitchen window above a kitchen sink to look outside while doing dishes. The painting was $3.

I bought this unusual glass piece below with my son in mind. He is studying micro biology and I thought this would be a fun way to grow some plants in it for him.

I stuck some clippings in it and they took off.

My husband gave me some aquatic seeds and they are growing too. It’s really pretty to see the whole process.

 I love how the roots from one plant are stretching out to connect with the roots of another plant. This little glass vase was $2.

I found another basket. I know I have a serious basket obsession but they are so pretty and practical to me.

This was a nice sized basket to store some stuffing in my sewing room.

Most items were $2. I didn’t try to talk them down because I thought these were reasonable prices and besides, the money goes for children in the church for their summer programs. It’s all for a good cause.

This glass jar was perfect to store some of my dried Jasmine that I collect through the summer in my garden.

I’m not sure what I am going to do with this pail. Or is it called a milk jug? I’m from the city you guys. Didn’t they use these pails on Little House on the prairie for their lunches when they walked to school. I wonder what they put in them. Maybe a hard boiled egg, some fresh baked bread, a hunk of cheese and an apple. For now, my little pail holds some faux flowers.

Some other items I purchased were a large wooden shelf($5) which I will be using for up north. I am trying to redesign our mud room area…or make one that is, I might use the shelf for that area. An extra large cutting board ($5), some faux flowers for ($3) a bed sheet that was padded and quilted, looked brand new too ($1) books (hardbacks were $1and paperbacks were .50 cents) and a little vintage piggy bank for .25 cents.

This little piggy bank had it’s plug still in it. It’s hard to find vintage banks complete like this. I didn’t know it had a tiny chip on it’s ear until I got home. It was only a quarter and so adorable. I just matched the paint color and sealed it with some clear polish once I saw the chip. I pick up a lot of vintage items like this for photo prompts.

Oh and this really pretty floral dish. So dainty and pretty with flowers on it. This dish will be used for DIY photos and cooking photos.

There were also some free items that some of the volunteers just gave me. The Christmas room ( there were several rooms to explore at the church) is the room where they gift shoppers with little gifts. I had the coins to pay but the woman packing my bag just added them to the bag and said “This is a gift” she was so sweet. I will be making some adorable little DIY’s with these Christmas supplies. All they need is a little update and they will be trendy again. They will be tied to gifts this Christmas to gift to others once I dazzle them up again.

It was a good sale, a little low on items but that was to be expected.  The volunteers were so sweet too and I always recommend going to our neighbors. These are strange times and everyone is still trying to figure out how to get back to a new type of normal or living style. The churches were closed for awhile, well some that is. Donations were low when things started back up again. This year’s sale after a year of no sales, made things a little skinny you could say. There was no furniture at all. That’s something I’m always on the hunt for. One of my favorite hobbies is repurposing or fixing up vintage furniture.

This space outdoors in years past used to have several large pieces for sale. In photos below you will see some of those furniture selections. They were really nice pieces too.

Guess the shortages aren’t just in retail stores but everywhere. At least here in this city.

Church sale from 2017

I bought this chair.

What I purchased that year…

All these wooden ornaments were a dime each.

Church sale from 2019…

I bought the red school house in this photo. I use it for photos.
I should have bought these but didn’t know where to hang them.
This stuffed toy looked so real.
I had a bad nightmare years ago before I had children and it had to do with several of these characters. I grew up loving all the cartoons and shows as a child but that dream, which was weird, really stuck with me. My children would not grow up watching that channel but did watch some of the classic movies. The dream involved many doors. I was walking down a long hallway with many doors. There were all kinds of doors in this hallway that were made from different materials. The large door at the end of the hallway, was where the largest door was. It was different then the others. It was covered in all kinds of jewels and the door was solid gold. Some of the doors in that hallway were broken up and just made with sticks and twigs. I remember the door covered in jewels reminding me of a pirate’s treasure chest. There were carvings all over it too but I can’t make out the designs now that I think about it. I didn’t open the door in this dream, I didn’t want to. The door opened on it’s own for me. There were two doors that opened actually, They opened from the center, You know… like giant doors to a castle entrance. It looks like one door but turns out to be two similar doors side by side. Behind those golden and jeweled covered doors was a tiny room filled with shelves. On those shelves were row after row of these characters, just toys. They were fuzzy and cute just like the ones you buy in the shops that look so friendly. Then slowly their faces started to change into distorted and scary faces with sharp teeth and they were angry. I woke up then . That dream has stuck with me all these years, The beautiful door, the innocent toys and then the monsters they would turn into. I only shared that dream with my husband. Most people get bored hearing others dreams. After seeing that weird dream, I was very careful to not allow my children to get too close visibly to those fun fuzzy and smiling characters.
This is more like a door I would rather see then a solid gold one. This hand craved wooden door sold for just 100 dollars. It was stunning in person. Who ever bought this got it for a bargain price.

What I purchased that year …

I didn’t find any wooden ornaments this year at the sale.
I bought these for my neighbors little girl along with a book. The book was Goldilocks and the three little bears.

That’s it, hope you all loved this shopping adventure with me. I believe people are shopping this way to avoid mass produced items that fall apart, that could be one of the reasons behind second shortages. Buy local, buy used and buy hand made as much as possible.

 Happy bargain shopping everyone.  

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  1. mel says:

    Love your milk jug and those wooden houses on sale, super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mel. The houses were really cute. Someone had quite the collection going on there.


  2. ruthsoaper says:

    That was a fun shopping trip. I love the pail. I would have taken that home for sure.

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