A whole lot of salt and pepper sets.

  I wasn’t kidding when I posted that here in the Arizona desert there is nothing to do but shop during the summer. And now that most of our wooded areas up north are closed down because of the drought, there really is nothing to do but shop. I guess you could go to the movies, but come on…have you seen anything good coming out from the movies lately that doesn’t have to do with some super hero.I’m not really into that. Too old I guess.

When the forest and camping areas are open everyone from the city usually heads up north to explore. They swim the lakes and large swimming holes, and hike, or even fish. The temps are in the 70’s and 80’s up there but here in the desert the temps are over 100. It’s a nice place to be in the summer. Even with all the forest areas closed, people from the city still head up to escape the heat. It’s another world up there.

 So once again, us summer birthday babies always choose to spend our birthdays up north for our special days. That is where I was Thursday, exploring the shops up north. I will have another post on what I bought and some items I came across on that visit later. This post is just on salt and pepper shakers. I usually have a post every Friday but I was busy with life as they say and never wrote up one when we finally got home from up north. It even rained up there, so nice.

 Here are just a few sets I came across and believe me I could have taken more photos but this post would never have an ending if I did that.

  Do you remember any of these sets that you may have owned at one time, maybe seen them at Grandma’s house? I remember as a teenager, at one of my jobs helping my mother out with her cleaning business, where a client had a huge glass cabinet that was filled with salt and pepper shakers. She wanted every single one dusted. It was a job all on it’s own.

 Her husband was always there when we cleaned and sometimes he would get to talking to me about all the photos on their hallway walls. Framed black and white, some colored, all photos of his wife ( the salt and pepper shaker gal) with many stars. Mostly Stevie Nicks.

 He told me that in some photos Stevie Nicks was thin and some not. That is how you can tell when she was doing the drugs and when she wasn’t. She has talked about it in interveiws and biographies I believe, so no secret there. I believe it goes with the territory of rock and roll..the drugs that is. There were photos of Alice Cooper, and I think there was even a photo of Prince when he was here at a concert.

The owner of this beautiful home was a reporter for the newspaper in our city, a pretty big one. She did all the stories on the entertainers that came into the valley for their concerts. The whole hallway was a shrine to all the times she met one of those muscians. This was way back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

I could tell her husband loved sharing his wife’s stories with me. Poor guy, think he was used to impressing everyone that visited him with all those photos…oh, and his huge record collection in his office, he loved sharing that too.

I tried to act impressed, you know, to be polite. But honestly I never got excited over stars. That sounds arrogant of me, so I hope it doesn’t come across as that. I think I am weird in that way, just don’t fit in sometimes with what would be considered normal behavior. I never got excited over stars…the real ones, yes, the pretend ones…no!.

I can lay on my back at night and watch that night sky for hours looking at all those beautiful real stars above. I still do this late at night in our pool. I’m a weird one you guys, that’s just me. I don’t know why I never got excited over entertainment stars but I just never have. They are just people like everyone else.

Wow, did I ever get off track there. This post is about salt and pepper shakers, not stars…I do that all the time, don’t I?. Maybe I will share a post on that part of my past in another post. People tend to not believe when you start name dropping. Most of the stories I have to tell from my life people would question or not believe.

I have discovered that you have to have an open mind with a lot of experiances that happen out there in the world. Also, it doesn’t hurt to believe in miracles as well…which we all do here at Our Little Red House. God has blessed me and my love ones with many miracles over the years. I should share some of those stories with you all.

 There have also been many tragedies as well. Which is also hard to believe could happen to one family. One of my cousins calls it the family curse, you know like the Kennedy family but we are just the poor K family (Father’s side will leave real name out to protect my family). There is a paper trail to all these events, that prove their truths. In all those tragedies, I have never lost my love for God. It was in those times I felt Jesus by my side the most. Everything in life is one big lesson.

 Back to the subject of this post. Whenever I see salt and pepper sets, I go back to those years when I was helping my mother with her cleaning business. Cleaning all those huge beautiful homes here in this city, and the lady with all those shakers that always needed dusting. Now when I see these adorable little sets I think about dust and breakage. Happy shopping adventures everyone, stay safe out there.

For more on salt and pepper shakers check out these fun vloggers on YouTube at the salt and pepper museum in Tennessee. Wow is this a huge collection from one person. Imagine dusting all these.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, so many beautiful and very creative salt and pepper shakes. My mum, who’s a big collector of shakers, would probably go bonkers over them! Over the course of just a couple of years, she collected hundreds of pairs from all over the world and by now she might even be able to open a small museum.

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    1. That would be so cool. I bet she would have so much fun running a museum like that. We only have one in our country that I discovered is in Tennessee. There are some really adorable sets out there. I would probably collect animal themed sets. I also love miniature home decor items too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Michele Lee says:

    Something for everyone! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

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