Arizona antique shopping.

I have another fun one for you guys. This one is a two part post since there are so many unique things to show you all. A couple weeks ago in the middle of July my family and I all went up to the cool woods and mountain areas here in Arizona to check out some antique shops. I love those little towns outside our giant city.

Most antique shops in small towns are old homes that have been converted into cute little boutiques and shops.

They fill their porches with all kinds of vintage home accessories.

Inside the shops they have bedrooms with all kinds nick knacks. Hey, do any of you remember that poem about nick knacks and giving some dog a bone? Every time I hear those words, nick knacks I think of that old nursery rhythm.

Most of the fun is in discovering unusual items being used in different ways, like this old bathtub that was turned into a mini garden bed.

So here they are…grandma’s treasures ready for someone to take home and give them all new life again. There’s some crazy stuff out there everyone. I took a lot of photos for this shopping adventure and still didn’t even cover a quarter of what was around.

This log home basket would be so cute in a guest bathroom with folded up towels tied with pretty bows and a variety of travel soaps.
Didn’t check the price on this wooden Coke tray. I used to collect old Coke items…not anymore.
The tray would look nice though at a kids birthday party filled with party treat bags for the kids to grab and take home.
so true.

My favorite rooms are where they have all the kitchen gadgets.

I used to buy old kitchen gadgets for my kids to play with in their water sensory play table.
The price on this glass milk bottle was shocking to me, it was priced at $25 dollars. It looks modern too. You can still get milk in glass jugs like this. In fact, the store we get ours from (Sprouts) is a whole lot cheaper then this and it comes with milk. We keep the glass bottles and reuse them for other things.
Such a cute cookie tin. This would be a fun one to gift someone with filled with chocolate cookies. During Christmas most people give out cookies in tins that can only be put out during the holidays. Why not get creative and find a vintage tin like this to give to someone for Christmas that can be used all year long.
This was a hard one to pass on. I am still looking at this sign and thinking how cute it would look in a kitchen.

These old suitcases in photo down below would make great storage containers on dressers. You can also use them to stack up with one on top of each other, filled with pretty houseplants in pots. I am sure there are other ways to add these to your home décor. When out shopping the junk shops I always look for items that can be used for other things, especially for storing things. Storage containers help keep our homes organized and clean. All the photos down below are great items for storage. The lunch pail would be an adorable mini garden filled with succulents.

Then there are those items that just have no purpose other then making someone smile or taking them back to fond memories. That is a dangerous way of shopping, especially if you have hoarder tendencies. My husband’s aunt and mother both had some hard moves when they moved from their homes. It was my husband and I and our kids that helped them with their moves because no one else wanted to do that dirty job. It was extremely stressful.

We didn’t have one of those reality show teams to help us either. It was just a horrible experience. So be careful when out there in the junk shops, it doesn’t take much to let things get out of hand. With some items, just enjoy them in the stores like they are a museum or something and leave them be, that is if you have hoarder tendencies.

I’m no professional. I just know what it’s like having someone in the family that collects things for whatever reason. Usually OCD and anxiety go hand and hand with that lifestyle. With both my mother-in-law and her sister there was always one area in their homes where there were hundreds and hundreds of plastic shopping bags that were never tossed after shopping. It was a huge stressful mess. Anyway, here are some photos of items that don’t have any other purpose except to make our houses homes with the warm feelings they bring us.

My grandma had this set. She kept it in her china cabinet.
I collect old toys so this is my weak area.
Thought this was kind of pretty. It’s a paper napkin holder which not many people use anymore. I wonder what other ways this could be used. Maybe a favorite book holder. Can’t be too heavy though.

That’s it so far. Tomorrow I will have a post on some other fun things I came across and also show you all what I ended up buying. Happy junking everyone.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I am taking a break from social media and will be offline for a month but will be back in September to visit and comment back with you all. Have a beautiful and peace filled month, Stay safe out there and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    If we had such amazing antique shops in Ireland, I would most likely wouldn’t be able to resist buying stuff all the time.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, my gosh that is such a problem here. We all have to be careful not to over do it with all the cool items we come across in the many thrift shops/antique shops here in this state. We have a lot of what we call snowbirds that have vacation homes here in our state and they always bring and donate items from around the world to our shops here. I miss the snowbirds. They haven’t been as many back since the pandemic. We are still getting a lot of visitors though.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That lunchbox reminds me of one my dad used to have. He drove truck for a cement mixing company for 28 years.

    I always love your trips to the antique or thrift shops. It’s so neat to see all the items available and how the shops are set up out there. I have seen a couple craft places that were once old houses and were made into stores and then I have seen places that are made to look like a house but have always been a store.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There is a whole historic neighborhood in Glendale Arizona that is all shops now. I think there may still be a couple homes where people are living in them, in between antique and craft stores. Such a fun place to visits and not like Arizona at all with it’s huge mature trees. Usually we have cacti everywhere. My dad was a roofer and iron worker at different times. He also had a lunch pail like that. I have seen them being used now for succulents and plant displays.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sunnyquilt says:

    I love antiques! Wish I could visit this place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a cool little store, you would really enjoy it.


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