3 DIY Americana projects for your homes.

Should call this post a day late and a dollar short, what my father used to say all the time. I was a little behind on the patriotic decor this year for independence day but hey, there’s the Olympics. Flags can be displayed all year depending on your home decor style.

Here are three fun ways to add some Americana to your home. First I like to add something about our flag. It’s so sad that my countries flag has been under attack these past few years. If the American flag offends, then this craft could be used for any flag you love. I’m not trying to stir up that old hornets nest. Everyone has their triggers and the American flag is not one of mine.

I only have fond memories of being American and it breaks my heart to know that some people out in the world do not have good memories of my country. Every single country out there lives under a glass house, best to not throw stones at each other.

If one country starts complaining about another country, all of a sudden, I have noticed that a report will come out about something the complaining country did that was similar to what they were protesting about. A stain from their own history that comes out about them as well. This is why we have to let bygones be bygones. I’m not saying forget and then repeat history by doing so, no, we should remember the wrongs too but move on and heal, don’t linger too long in places that make us angry. Which in the big picture of things turns to bitterness.

When ever my husband and I would travel outside our country, we would always be as friendly and kind as possible to show our neighbors out there in the world, that we were not their enemies. We are all brothers and sisters.

Past history has proven that it isn’t the countries as a whole that do horrible injustices, it ‘s people, we do that. As humans we cause all the heartaches and pain with each other. We start the wars…at least the ones we vote into leaderships do.

Do not put your trust in man

Jeremiah 17:5-8

I wish everyone at the age of 21 would take a year to travel to other countries to see how others live and to know them. This is a way to let the whole world know just how similar we all are. Help our young mature and have empathy for others.

Anyway, we love flags here in my family and the American flag is our favorite, so if it triggers you I don’t really know what to say about that. Most of this 21st century and the way so many are offended by everything is all planed out to me and that plan is to continuously keep hate out there in our environment with ridiculous things. Keeps us all divided. My daughter used to collect flags from all around the world and maps as well, she loves it and it always made her happy. So I hope you all get a chance to add some cheer to your home making what ever flag you like.

First project was made using a piece of wood from a pallet that I picked up one day. Just take a pallet and paint a flag on it then add wire to hang from. These are rustic folk art types of décor. Don’t worry about mistakes or correct numbers of stars. These flags are representations of a flag so they are not exact, just fun making.

An old empty tomato can can be painted and used as a water can for all you artists out there who love painting. You can store pens and craft supplies in cans or even a pretty plant. Make sure to poke holes for drainage in the bottom of can if using for plants.

Take an old shadow box frame and some scrap fabrics like old jeans to create a rustic flag. I used vintage buttons in place of stars. To me, the more creative you get with something the better it looks. I tend to take things too far sometimes.

Careful not to go too far though, then it just looks a bit busy. I may have gone a little over board on this fabric flag. Less is best as they say. Happy crafting everyone.

I am offline from blogging for the month of August. Thank you so much for your likes, comments and visits. I will be back to visit you all in September. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. Stay safe out there and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. My mother had a tomato pin cushion just like yours.

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    1. My Nana gave me hers years ago. I think they are so cute with their little strawberries hanging from them. Although most strawberries don’t make it over the years. Rare to find one with the strawberry still attached.

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