Organizing my yarn supplies.

Well, I finally get to check that one off my list. So happy I got that project finished. I’ve been putting this off for awhile now. It always feels good to accomplish a goal. I use yarn for a lot of my art projects. I had so many bags that I needed to go through, taking out the good from the bad. When I shop estate sales, yard sales, and thrift shops I am always on the hunt for wool yarns and vintage threads in all colors.

I love finding a giant bag of colorful yarns.What I don’t like I donate back to the shops.

A bag of yarn cost me anywhere from $1-$3 depending on the types of yarns. I will occasionally buy store bought and brand new but if I am doing that I mostly look for yarns from Europe and local supplies…I try. Seem to be of a higher quality.

This is why I have so many colors in my collection. Who can pass up on a bargain.

I still haven’t done any weaving rugs with the looms I picked up junk shopping but I will eventually get to that too…I hope that is. I use my yarns for all kinds of fun artsy projects.

Having items organized and by colors makes creating something so much easier. Don’t have to waste time searching for colors when everything is in it’s place.

Here are just a few things I have made with yarn and threads.

Vintage mohair yarns from Italy.
Pom pom blue bird made from vintage Italian mohair.

A little gnome , but I think of them as grandpa’s from the old country. This little grandpa is holding a heart. Remember the movie Hedi, that’s the grandpa I am talking about.
A pink pom pom teddy bear hold a miniature vintage bouquet from the 50’s.

A tiny Alpaca. The glue was still drying on the tiny pom poms I added to this one when I took the photo.

The case I store my yarns in was a birthday gift that I received a few years ago from a church sale. I didn’t buy it, my aunt did, and then she gifted it to me one year for my birthday when her daughter didn’t want it. I love it. Think this case is from IKEA. It’s perfect for all my yarns.

I used to store fabric in this case as well but now I store my fabric in an old filling cabinet.

I use baskets and containers to separate and organize by colors.

This round basket with a lid holds my yarn needles that I use when making my baskets which are next to it in photo.

A round wooden box is being used for the smaller pieces of yarn I have. It still needs to be organized, look how messy it is. I use TP rolls to organize the single strands of yarn that I use for tassels, pom poms and weaving into my baskets.

I am experimenting on different shapes and sizes with my baskets right now.

I’m even working on mushroom designs.

They are perfect for small item storage. I need to work on that some more, not happy with the first prototype. The top needs to have a better form to it.

Now that I have finished that project I have some stenciling and painting to finish outside on the garden block walls. Being creative, although so much fun, never seems to end. Happy organizing everyone.

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  1. Holly says:

    My friend, you just made me smile so wide! These colors are spectacular! And as a woman who loves to organize myself – your space just feels so relaxing now. I agree wholeheartedly with you – there’s no use in having to look hopelessly for something when we should be able to go right to it.

    I also love the storage case your aunt got for you. It’s perfect, isn’t it? Wow! So nice.

    Your creative designs always leave me in awe of the precious gift God has given you, dear friend. It’s impossible to pick a favorite, but I sure do love that blue bird. It’s adorable! ❤️ The alpaca made me smile too!

    Sending so much love to you and your family. I’ve missed you! How are each of you? I pray that you all are staying safe and well. Many many hugs headed your way.

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    1. Aww Holly, so happy to see your visit. It always makes me happy when I hear from a friend. I have been off and on in August but I am trying to catch up with everyone now. We are good, still hanging in there.

      Our city has changed and we are looking into moving. Looking into Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina and even Virginia. A friend of ours showed us a house in her neighborhood that just came up for sale in Payson, Az. It would be nice to stay in the state I was born and raised in.

      We have still have Our Little Red House up around that area in the middle of nowhere, but we are moving out of the city so our son and daughter have a place to be around kind people. My daughter says that where ever God wants us to be, we will be. For now we are here in Maricopa county.

      A huge city in a battle all on it’s own. I won’t go into all the details but I want you to know your prayers and God are looking out for us here. Thank you so, so much for that. Your a kind one and we need more of that. God has blessed you too, your prayers are being answered, even the ones you can not see. All the way over here in Arizona, we are safe in a city that is becoming very violent and that’s so much to be thankful for.

      Please pray for the Americans and innocent people stuck in Afghanistan. There is power in your prayers I have noticed. Too many people are closing themselves off to what is happening. I will continue to keep you and yours in my prayers as well. Stay sweet and don’t ever change that about yourself ever.

      Thank you for liking my little creations too, yes, a gift that I was blessed with from God, to be able to create and share with you all. I hope you get a chance to try your hand at it too, as I know you are creative too. We are given a gift. Stay safe and God bless you and yours. Big, big hugs back to you all too.


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